Need help with my air dribble. What seems to be my problem?

  1. Don't try to run before you can walk, get your aerial control and setup up to par before trying to air dribble, will save a lot of time in the future

  2. Disagree, practicing air dribbles helped me with my air control. Sure it’s frustrating, but practicing 2 in 1 is super efficient.

  3. It kinda looked like you’re trying to go for a flip reset there in a few attempts tbh. Anyway, try to hit the ball from a lower position in order to keep it up, also jump as soon as you hit the ball, like a few milliseconds after you hit it. That and also working on controlling just the car in the air.

  4. I agree. Those take offs where you hit the breaks and then jump off the wall are setups for flip resets but even then you are aren’t popping the ball high enough. Keep this set up in mind for when you are ready to try other mechanics but for now his advise is solid. No need for air rolling if you are trying to learn the basic air dribbling just yet also

  5. Hit the ball higher but not too hard. Get to it quicker so you can continue pushing it upwards before it starts descending. Improve your car control.

  6. Pop the ball underneath around the half way line, the further away the more angle of projection needed, tap break before you jump off the wall Pop the ball just above banner

  7. If you look at your technique you’ll see that you’re actually turning on the wall and hitting the side of the ball last second because you’re offset to the right too much. Try lining up more behind the ball on the ground. Some offset is okay on this particular set up to get the ball moving towards the left and it might be easier to line up with ball cam off. This should also help get more height on your set up.

  8. The closer your car is in speed with the ball on the wall the closer the ball will stay to your car when you jump. This applies when hitting the ballin the air too. Try to stay the same pace as the ball.

  9. You have to leave the wall with the ball— jump at the same time you hit it. Looks like you take a half second or so before you get off the wall

  10. U need to improve car control and match the speed of the ball as ur going going up the wall. if u dont match the speed of the ball it will get too far away from u.

  11. Not an expert but i have noticed this has helped me: when the ball is going up the wall and you're following it, try to slow down a bit (usually by letting go of your throttle) so that you don't hit it too hard. Hitting it too hard will cause you to forcibly play catch-up with the ball through out most of the air time you can get with it. Instead, by hitting it with less force, you can keep it close to you for longer and maintains the possession you need to dribble it

  12. Focus on that set up homie. Pop it higher, give yourself more time to find the area around the ball and figure out where your car should be.

  13. U have to hit it higher in the air. Youre doing a good job at feeling out how to catch up to the ball.

  14. I'd practice control of your car first as Thanovic says bro, you'll get there ;) it's a case of having the setup perfect, key for aerial play.

  15. You hit the ball all over the place, oftentimes too far forward. Maybe try to slow a little already before the pop soits easier to get the hang of. Tapping the break instruction i'd like to excange to grazing it gently. The combination of hitting at high speed and almost full breaking before jump gives the ball too big of a headstart.

  16. You might want to try setting it up yourself rather than a training pack. That can help you out in the long run. Gives you a feel for it.

  17. Generally you are going to need more control. In the air and off the wall. It’s just practice. Took me about 100 hours before it started to click. Start out with a training pack so you don’t have to worry about the setup. Learn how to carry the ball in a straight line then start using air roll to get better touches and angles. Boost feathering on approach is a key thing to nail. Once you start slamming your boost to get in position it’s over.

  18. It looks like you’re looking up to record this. For me, it’s a lot easier to control the car when my head is level with my monitor/tv. If you can’t move what your playing on, try adjusting height to compensate.

  19. Your monitor is leaned back too far in the video. Totally changes the gravity of the game. Fix that and it’ll be ez

  20. Listen dude, all these homies telling you not to air dribble are wrong lol, if that’s what you want to do then you practice air dribbling, sure it be easier to get down ur car control first but if you want to learn air dribbling go for it

  21. When you are driving up the wall slow down to just let it go with the inertia instead of accelerating. Try doing things softly first and adjust speed as you get comfortable. The idea is to stay stick to the ball

  22. If you are on PC, get another 10-24 hours of rings practice in. If you are console, go to free play, take off ball cam and pick a goal to start from. Jump from the goal line and Ariel from side to side and try to only land in the goals and on your wheels. Once you got that do it with air roll. Once that’s down try barely hitting the ceiling so it throws your car off a bit then make it to the goal, then you can get more advanced stuff like ceiling resets, delayed flips while doing this. The whole point is people try to rush into air dribbling before getting car control, where you are trying to learn two things at once, air dribbling and making contact with the ball. Once you get car control the whole awkward car movements to try and touch the ball will disappear and you’ll see immediately how much easier it is to air dribble.

  23. Problem is that you are trying to learn how to air dribble in Plat. It's not necessary and too hard for you with your current aerial skills. I'm in Champ and I can't air dribble, so it's not what you need.

  24. Just from that clip it seems that you're taking too long to leave the wall after popping the ball off of it. Try to do this a split second after, almost as soon as you've touched the ball on the wall. It's like you're watching to see how you should approach rather than just going and making anything corrections in the air. That will at least allow you to get closer to the ball to practice your aerial control that others are mentioning that you should work on. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

  25. The way I get the best results is to match the speed of the ball, coast slightly going up the wall and then tap boost to contract the ball and then jump immediately after.

  26. your car is pointing upwards during the first touch. that is good. when you air roll, your car becomes directly inverted, resulting in your car pointing down. you need to correct for this by turning opposite your air roll direction as you air roll. other general air dribble tips are also useful, but this seems to be a common theme.

  27. Hit the ball from under it instead of the side, both on the setup, and when ur actually air dribbling it. Right now all ur doing is trying to catch up to the ball and then pushing it out of ur reach.

  28. Touch the ball from underneath, not the side, and do it pretty lightly. As soon as you touch you need to jump. In this particular scenario you need to air roll right a just a bit after popping off the wall and then air steer.

  29. Late jumps, not enough height, and not matching the ball speed are the problems I see in the clip. But more than that, what I see is lack of aerial control. I'd suggest to work on those

  30. A air dribble does nothing if it goes into the ground ( eg.. aim for a double tap, not aim for the goal. youll end up only reaching the goal anyways)

  31. Get the handle of aerial control, learn how to do setups, work on training packs that deal with shooting the ball in the goal from the air like backboard reading packs, fast aerial packs, wall aerial packs, or just simple packs that force you to aerial to score.

  32. Match the speed of the ball as you hit it off the wall. Jump instantly as you pop it off the wall, and start feathering boost straight away. And for god's sake stop braking when you hit the ball!!

  33. Don't wait 10 seconds on the wall if you're gonna bang it so hard. Hit it softer, mor underneath and not so much from the side, and follow the ball when it leaves the wall, don't wait so long to jump and chase after it.

  34. Hit the ball at the right angle, slow down/break before hitting it, and you hitting it and getting off the wall should be a smooth transition. Here, you hit it, jump off the wall and have to catch up, hitting it further away.

  35. Set up, the 1st touch the most important. The closer car's speed and direction matches the ball's the easier to air dribble.

  36. I would say the first step being jumpind DIRECTLY after you hit the ball, just to keep the distance. It's amazing what a good start can do for you, it can basicly (if you are lucky) complete the dribble itself.

  37. The issue is, by the looks of it you need about 150 more hours played in order to have your mind work with the mechanics of an aerial. Everyone in here could tell you step by step how to aerial perfectly but that still wouldnt matter because you still wouldnt be able to do it. Play the game at least for 50 more hours and then come back to doing an aerial.

  38. Get closer to the ball, pop it up more instead of forward. Jump after hitting it to keep car closer to the ball. If you give me this training pack's code, I can make a video of it for you.

  39. You either jump off late or dont hit the ball with enough power to give yourself enough time to follow it. Try a tighter angle and drive a bit more on the wall before jumping or just jump with the ball off the wall. Try different styles, they all work for different situations.

  40. Just stop practicing it You're only like gold or plat you have absolutely no control of the ball, or your car on the wall ground or air, focus on other things

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