[XB] [PC] [PS] [NA] Looking for older or Mature RL Players

  1. I’m about 40. D1 in 2s, can only really play at night after kids are in bed during the week, is that the norm in this group?

  2. Haha absolutely bro. We have people on at different times and I'm the same way. No requirement of when or how many times to be on. I'll message you!

  3. I just joined this group about a week ago and everyone has been good solid dudes. I’m horrible at RL but they helped me a ton so far.

  4. Do you guys ever do custom maps/modes? Either way, I'd probably be interested. Mid 30's and Plat/Diamond.

  5. Nah we are a small group of players that hop on the game when we can (since we all have busy lives) and looking to play with some chill and mature people instead of solo q

  6. I’m 26, am I too young? Because this sounds awesome and chill. Plus I need help I’m diamond 1 if the boys are able to help me grow

  7. Interested. In my 30s and almost always solo que, would be fun to meet and play with others around my age group. Currently champ 2, NA west.

  8. 31 yo, champ 1 - I’m interested. Also my brother who is young enough to be my kid plays too (and who’s also better than me, lol), so not a RL parent, but I feel like it some times.

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