Item Shop Daily Items (2021-04-17)

  1. My first thought was they decided to sell this to make some extra $ amid the negative publicity on the esports scene. Could be completely unrelated but that was my impression.

  2. Usually I don’t buy anything from the item shop because it’s wasted money but man.. I had to. It’s like the cheeseburger you eat after training. You know it’s wrong but it’s the best cheeseburger of the week

  3. I didn't use Dom when I bought the Striker TW Dom from the shop, but I'm glad I did bc I'm maining it lately.

  4. At this point you just have to hold onto it. It could either be like tw mainframe (which has recovered nicely since it was in the shop last May) or tw zombas (which never came close to recovering after that Christmas Day shop in 2019).

  5. Just give it a few weeks you'll be fine. Last time TW fenk was in shop the price came back, they'll be lots of people who missed it or new players wanting it

  6. Considering it's been about 10k cr a week ago, it'd imagine it'd still hold some value. Don't immediately sell, give it time and the price will inevitably start to go up again as it's the second/third most sought car in the game.

  7. Guys those black flim flam inverteds are such great value for money, otherwise everything is a complete rip off

  8. Yes! I started playing properly after F2P and have been waiting for this. Just need the Dominus now and I’m happy

  9. Tw dominus probably won’t be back for a while. The first time it was in the shop was January 2020 and then again just before F2P went live back in September 2020.

  10. I had a guy offering me 19k for my Striker TW LITERALLY 20 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOP CHANGED ! My dumb ass turned it down hahahahahahah

  11. Striker tw and tradeable is still valuable. I paid about 19k for mine a month ago and don't feel bad about it. It'll be back up eventually and even if it never fully recovers at least I earned mine purely through in-game trades and enjoyed the grind to get there almost as much as the item itself

  12. I 10000000% called this - they are routing players away from trading and towards their shop. That’s why they set the limits and have been having really good cars in the shop lately.

  13. Is there a chance unpainted Fennec will go for 500c? I've never tried it and don't feel like spending 800c on something untradable because I might not like it

  14. That’s hilarious you think epic gives a shit about “traders”. I personally collect sets and already have the TW Fennec but I’m glad all the people that want one to actually use can buy for cheap.

  15. Bet 5 £ with a friend that the tw fennec gon be in the shop, idk why I thought that. Just had a feeling, just like with my Purple Emeralds I just got today, hmu with offers.

  16. So glad I hold on to my regular fennec a while back since I got it from trade ins. Now I'll just wait to sell that for this same price and practically get a free tw fennec.

  17. What’s a good price to pick one up on the market? I’m guessing the market won’t come crashing ALL the way down, thinking about picking up a tradeable one for cheap

  18. I have a TW Fennec and was planning to buy a TW Octane today but I guess not, would it be smart to sell it now and lose my TW Zombas or wait a few weeks then sell without the zombas for the white octane?

  19. Is there a way to "make profit" from this, if I didn't already have a white fennec? Like I had literally 0 items in RL, this was my first purchase. But I would kind of like to get more of these somehow...

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