[Xbox] [Giveaway] Time To Celebrate My Reddit CakeDay And This Absolute Shitshow Of An Update With A 1000 Credit Giveaway!

  1. 880 :) the update honestly hasn't affected me in a negative way, it's helped getting some crated items out of my inventory for a pretty good rate

  2. 418. Honestly I don’t mind this update because I love the Golden series trade ups but I know how tough it is for new traders now

  3. 446 Pogchamp My friend (who is extremely into trading) got mega-fuked when he update happened. I hope changes are made to trading. Rocket league is becoming more and more of a cashgrab by the second to epic

  4. 17 - I only have 1 account so idm, but it actually helped me as now I can grind many accounts to level 30 and not have to buy credits on them to trade my twitch drops to my main.

  5. 464 is my number. I honestly don't know if I'm screwed by the update yet, but I'm casual enough a player to be a high enough level for trading requirements that suit me, and I trade for fun anyway so it's not like I'm worried about locked items or any alt accounts. I'm just here for cool stuff and good times. Thanks for the giveaway OP :)

  6. 357. And nope, I’m luckily unaffected (so far) Well, except there’s a bug right now that ruins my TW Octane when I wear it with Dune Racer (which is my main car)

  7. 290 didn't screw with me too much cuz I use my only alt for tournament rewards and free drops so some leveling up was necessary. But now itll be excessive

  8. 17 please, I think they are just lagging the game I'm getting lag and I don't even have that much so I can only imagine how bad it is for a long time trader

  9. 551? Ty for doing the giveaway man, and it turns out, I haven’t been directly affected by this update. But it definitely feels like it’s gonna be a net negative outcome for all of trading and I might have to eventually give up on what has brought me a lot of fun for a long time :(

  10. 564. I chose my number based off my acc level, so this update didn’t fuck me over, but sending condolences to those that did get screwed by epic.

  11. 401, my alt didn't have too much but it was locked because of a glitch from 2fa and now this. I only had about 2k on that account so it could've been alot worse but it's frustrating none the less.

  12. Relatively new trader. 2 mo. I enjoyed trading and would jump in an a casual. match waiting for trades. then leave the match to make a trade.. thus earning no xp. I could make dinner and trade at the same time. Cant grind 200 levels and have a life....

  13. 307. I have the thing that happens every update where it’s stuck at 100% and I can play the game but it freezes every 10 seconds and I have to pause the update to get it to keep working :(

  14. Not just this update. Pretty much every update since the season one refresh. You won't BELIEVE what my matches are like. Honestly I'm playing way below my skill bracket with people that whiff goals like a pro.

  15. I got screwed hard since I’ve never played a game on PS or PC and I had lots of ATG trades lined up

  16. So.....not only did it screw ALL of us trading wise, but I got gc for the FIRST time EVER after 5 years.....and I got a boost.

  17. 407, update didn't screw me, luckily, but it will be screwing over some of my friends who I would've liked to give some of these shitty RP items to.

  18. 55, and I'd be, uh, very happy to help you grind that alt account up to 250, all I need is your account login.. and credit card would hurt... 😏

  19. Number 5 I’m just happy I cleaned my alt accounts out Bc I’m lazy and want all my items on one account

  20. 683, I'm over level 1k and I have only ever had one account, so I'm completely unaffected.

  21. I'm guessing 200. Cause I'm pretty sure that's how many keys you gave me when I first started trading and sold u a tw dom rlcs I paid 2 lime rocket pass wheels for..... lol almost 2 years ago maybe.

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