Game Breaking Hack Client in Rocket League (+ Additional Context Behind Exposing the Cheats)

  1. What happened to the other guy's post about this? This post is good as a first warning, but the second guy's post was important to actually inform us what we were up against, and I find it very unfair if it has been taken down...

  2. It was removed because Psyonix has buried their head in the sand on this subject for Rocket League's entire existence. They got away with it because of the naive nature of the community. It's in their best interest if it stays that way.

  3. It was probably removed because it wasn't ambiguous enough. Google-searching part of the release notes linked to a forum where the tool was sold.

  4. You guys can look at my profile since I'm a game cheat developer for a while (haven't hacked rocket league though) What lawler says in the video early on is usually true for any game , the notion that the server controls the important stuff as always for example in cs go u can't just hack your money to 99999 to buy the AWP (most expensive weapon in the game) in the first round. Likewise, u can't hack the boost in an online game or go 8 times the speed of supersonic etc, HOWEVER, hacks will always be possible no matter WHAT the game is simply because hacks can be made for whatever the user has control over. I'll give some examples: In CSGO the user has control over his aim , therefore aimbots and triggerbots will always be possible.

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone. This is something we're looking into. We want to remind players that using programs like this violates the Rocket League

  6. Trust me, I want to put it all out in the open, however Nyte was nearly perma banned from the rocket league subreddit for posting the report. And there are many YouTubers in the community who do not wish to make content on this because they’re worrying about the implications of letting the masses know about a cheat that works.

  7. I've already begun to lose motivation for this game since it seems that I have hit my ceiling, and now hacks being a available really makes me sad, hope that issue is fixed soon a d doesn't ruin too many's time with the game

  8. even if they weren't using a hack client to play, there's a very real chance your_mom543 is just someone on their nth number smurt/alt account because making alt accounts in this game is stupid fucking easy

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