Feer 1v1 - Fall 5k: North America | Day 3 of 3 | Event Thread

  1. I'm gonna be honest, I still think daniel and first are better players than jack, but my man jack just wanted it more and is passionate about 1's so fair play to him. Maybe I just want to watch a blend between competitive freestyling and 1s where the defenders challenge but it's still creative and pushing the game forward, but Leonardo's Low 50's comes to america and wins everything ggs guess we go SSA

  2. I think Daniel and Firstkiller have a slight mechanical edge over Jack, but Jack is the whole package. If he manages to start putting in performances in 3v3 LANs that match his online 3v3 and 1v1 succes he's on his way to cement himself as one of the greatest to ever play the game.

  3. In my opinion appjack won because he is simply a robot. Doesn’t matter what the score line in the series or game is, it almost never affects his play. Maybe we’ll see him crack a bit at LAN under pressure like he did a couple times with dig but when it comes to 1s he’s the most unshakeable player since lethamyr and fairy peak

  4. Jack might be the most offensively explosive player so far this season. Which feels odd to say when compared with even just the players in NA, but I’m halfway to believing it

  5. He dropped out of Goldmine before playoffs, so he lost that tournament but didn’t lose because match losses. Besides that however this is his only tournament loss

  6. I genuinely think if firstkiller and daniel were switched in the brackets it would be a firstkiller vs. daniel final that daniel would win. Now Firstkiller probably gonna win

  7. Take nothing away from Jack he played a very clinical game from 3-0 down but holy fuck would it kill Daniel to try something different on the kickoffs. I swear to God he must've lost half a dozen in a row in game 6/7 and just kept playing it the same way every time. Jack either scoring directly off the play or getting control of the boost and eventually playing it round a 0 boost Daniel. Even at the end he brings it back to within 1 goal 45 seconds left and then instantly concedes a direct kickoff goal. I understand why he's tilted.

  8. Nah don’t say that dude, Daniel got like 5 great kickoffs or more in game 6 and all of them were goals (thanks to his mechanics, but its just an extended kickoff goal)

  9. Missed the first match and see FK 4-0ing ayyjayy. What happened? From what I remember ayyjayy has been clear better for a while now.

  10. First two were really close the whole way to the end, last 2 AyyJayy was up 4-6 goals and just conceded tons of goals without scoring any.

  11. I fully expected firstkiller to absolutely pop off in the playoffs so this doesn't surprise me. Also he's never lost a game on feer's stream and it would be a shame to end that streak in just the semifinals

  12. I Have always seen FK and AyyJayy being a who’s best on the day match up. Both excel at different aspects of 1s and depending on pop off can trade wins. Also I don’t think AyyJayy has ever been clear ahead of FK in 1s.

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