[RLCS EU] Fall Invitational | Day 3 of 3 | Post Day Thread

  1. Four of the five EU teams going to LAN have not made it out of Swiss in one of the regionals lol

  2. Tbf only 1 team in whole EU made all 3 play-off brackets and they made finals all 3 times - it's just ridiculously close atm, so many solid teams.

  3. Huge congratulations to the players, but perhaps even more so to Team Liquid as a whole! They've been so patient with their support to the RL scene, this is well deserved.

  4. Well the 1 LAN they've played at they lost to Falcons (who came 2nd), beat PWR and then G2 before losing to Moist who won the event. So good looks

  5. What a weekend, absolutely disastrous predictions in Swiss followed by 7/7 playoff predictions. The liquid belief paid off, glad to see them remind everyone how good they are.

  6. Eh, I think without the disastrous Swiss lol, they would’ve finished how they have been this split, but this bracket was kinda made for them haha

  7. I've followed every iteration of TL, even before they were picked up by the org, since the beginning and I've never been prouder to be a fan.

  8. I hoped on just after you, i kinda watched the scene but had no real intrest because i didnt know who to like. Then TL joined and i was like oh, i am eu fanboy now.

  9. Actively being a Moist fan has surely taken years off of my life. Merci Vatira and KC, they spared me a couple today. I don't think I would've survived a tiebreaker lmao

  10. As a SSG fan (now Optic fan) last season, I can tell you that last season's tiebreaker was hell for me. All the Twitter banter and trolling of Retals after the series had me salty for days lol

  11. This liquid team is insane, I don't think there is a single team in the world with 3 mechanical players like this, maybe faze with ayyjayy from last season. But I am afraid it's only a matter of time Atow goes to a full french roster.

  12. Overall happy enough with the teams EU are sending to the Major. An in-form BDS would have really bolstered the roster and I would have loved a Vitality appearance, but it is what it is. There are at least 3 EU teams capable of winning the Major imo, and a 4th if Moist can get it together.

  13. I think shutting down opponents constantly before they can do what they want in the air, or ground, is underrated as a tactic. Just like TL in the second half of that series constantly challenging and never letting KC get comfortable. That playstyle forces doubt, makes you feel pressured and play faster than you’re comfortable playing. Depending on the player, you could over think everything, or not think at all, both are detrimental to success in most aspects of any competition. This is how TL used to play iirc, but would get countered a lot, and heavily criticized for over extending. I kind of want to dive into replays now to see what changed, because KC looked smothered, yet TL were always back on defense for quick counters.

  14. The problem with the play style is it just can’t work consistently, unless it becomes meta (somehow). No matter how good the players are, they will make mistakes and leave themselves vulnerable to those counter attacks and lose momentum. You are also relying on your mechanics popping off, and that’s why liquid hasn’t made it out of Swiss without all 3 popping off. That’s why teams that play like this dont win majors and worlds.

  15. I believe Oski was the key. He supported Acron more by not extending so much and challenging on the midfield more.

  16. Well, I have been saying that Team liquid is such an overrated team but clearly that's wrong now, I guess inconsistent is the worc

  17. Dunno who already said this, but this isn't Liquid peaking, it's literally them playing to the level of their talent finally. No other team comes close to the level of peak Liquid mechanics and it's good to finally see them win an event

  18. No. They peaked in a bracket so free that they could see the grand finals from Swiss. I think they played their game and good job to them, but it only worked as well because the only hard team they played was KC lol. And you literally said they had peak liquid mechs so you think they peaked too lol. I’d still like to see them against other top teams and not 9-16 teams in the playoffs lol.

  19. I talked shit about Liquid's bracket (and it was pretty mickey let's be real) but what a performance against KC, leaving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they deserve to go to Rotterdam.

  20. I still think there's a conversation worth having about using single-elim top 8 for major qualification. Glad that we didn't see that situation play out today, though

  21. They beat a team who made the final last regional, another gatekeeper top 5 team and the best team in the world? How is that mickey?

  22. Nah I don’t think so, Mickey bracket to the grand finals against a team who was obviously worn out isn’t major qualifying imo. They played extremely well but let’s not forget their other placements 💀.

  23. His improvement arc has been crazy, i’ve been putting stock into him for a couple of months now, absolutely my prediction to be the best player itw by the end of the season

  24. They were, end of story. Mickey bracket + all 3 players popping off is a peak performance and your blind if you don’t think their bracket was…. free. It’s literally the definition of a peak performance lol.

  25. Did team liquid even tweet about their rocket league roster winning a regional? I saw that the main account only retweeted the players and coaches tweets. Really thought they would want to give more exposure to their roster and rocket league as a whole. Just my thoughts.

  26. Long time coming for AcroniK, he already showed he could be one of the best in the world during RLCS X, now he finally has two insane teammates to prove it with

  27. Saying any team is any spot in eu other than Kc #1 is not valid lol. We though oxg were the top team at the start and look at them now. Bds are world champs, look at them now. Moist should be top 3, look at them now. Eu is just in shambles, don’t disrespect Kc and put liquid anywhere near them. No other team in eu is anywhere near Kcs consistently good play style.

  28. Acronik noted that they tried a new playstyle and it didn't work. Are there any examples where a team tried a new playstyle and it worked out?

  29. G2 playstyle that was developed throughout season 7 after Chicago joined, was refined by worlds and got them to a top 2 there and it’s been continuously refined for the 3 years since then leading to plenty of successes

  30. Holy shit how about vatira completely breaking down into another crying fit seconds after they lost. You can see it swelling up and then the explosion of baby cry after he covers his face. I wonder if muted his mic or if his mates had to hear that lol

  31. I'm not trying to be intentionally inflammatory but I really have to ask, was France really dominating EU at all? It's only KC that's top French speaking team, and out of the 5 teams going to the major, 6/15 of the players are from England (+2 if you're counting Appjack and Noly). Even top 5 aside, the 6th team in points is Spanish, 7th is German, 8th being BDS, so we basically only have 2 French teams in top 8 which poses the question: are French achievements highlighted more? is it because BDS are world champions and the French community is huge in EU rocket league? if so that's fair tbh, I’m just curious whether that’s actually it

  32. BDS and Vitality placements are low and can be expected to be higher next split. And in the history of RLCS, French players hold the most World Champion titles than any other country in the World (7). So no, it's not exaggerated, but it's close enough that an overall "bad" split can happen. It happened before and it will happen again.

  33. g1 hot take - it kinda looked like dorito and atomik were carrying while marc by 8 looked lost about 80% of the time

  34. g1 fortunate they didn't get on the side of the bracket with the team who beat them in swiss and the eventual regional winner, but unfortunately not quite enough for them in the end

  35. Liquid still not top 8 imo. Well, idk actually because eu in shambles. I think that they peaked today and played their game perfectly in a bracket that was made for them to win. Literally a bracket where they only had to play karmine as their hard matchup in a bracket where most of the top teams didn’t make it out of Swiss. Their play style is too inconsistent to call them great yet, but then again Kc is the ONLY consistently good eu team rn LOL.

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