[RLCS EU] Fall Invitational | Day 2 of 3 | Event Thread

  1. Wow a lot of people talking about solary being “bad”. They made top 8.. Unlucky they had to play KC, who is un debatably the best team in EU if you ask me

  2. Was the same yesterday, Solary did well against both Moist and Quadrant, then KC demolished them and they played poorly the rest of the day

  3. can’t say i’ve watched many solary games, but what does kaydop even contribute to this team that any other pro could

  4. Assuming you want a non-meme answer, he's had quite a high offensive output whenever Solary plays well well - his shooting is still exemplary when he's on form

  5. Their fundamentals are on point, they just have no mechanical creativity. They'll likely make every regional because they'll be able to punish lower teams who are more prone to mistakes, but I don't see them contending for top 8 much. At the moment when they come up against better teams, that are both fundamentally strong and mechanically creative they have literally no way of competing. Everything they can do, the other team can do and more.

  6. Vatira always looks so locked in, that my belief in him is unshakable. But facing off against Virtuoso? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already having panic attacks about it.

  7. Chausette is basically a wall on defence. He's like the Three Gorges Dam, it shouldn't be possible to withstand such immense pressure.

  8. id love if, just for this series, chausette randomly starts pulling out his old 1v3 solo outplays for 4 games straight. it would really just be the cherry on top of this already fucked regional

  9. This whole season I have predicted against any team I want to see win and I have lost so much fake money Lmao. Atlest the teams I'm rooting for are winning

  10. I don't have faith in Solary taking a single game but as they should be very familiar with the french players on KC, maybe they can counter them

  11. G1 had underperformed previous regionals they deserved a result like this finally, I'm sad they have to deal with KC in semis to qualify while the other leg is so easy, but well... C'est la vie

  12. OXG are a full team of streaky players, when they're all on no one can beat them and the rest of the time they lose badly

  13. Oxygens strategy for the major needs to be all out aggression (like regional 1), it won't work against the EU teams that are used to it by now, but it might throw everyone else off.

  14. I don't think G1 can get the EU3, cause if they lose grand finals they'd be tied for EU4 but if they win they'll tie Oxygen and I think they'll have tiebreaker, so get EU2

  15. Cloud 9 used to deliberately let the opponent run up a score once they felt they couldn't come back. They took the time to regain, while the opponent would start getting confident running up a score, next game, they'd normally win.

  16. I think half of oxygens goals have come from Dorito just missing a pretty simple read in his own half

  17. You really think G1 can beat KC? I don’t see it. Even if they somehow pull it off Moist still gets a tiebreaker. Moist will clinch.

  18. i will be so sad if g1 wins this just to get demolished by kc anyways because they got dealt an unlucky bracket

  19. Agreed, even though that's the nature of swiss, they are playing incredible right now and I want to see this team at a major

  20. Pretty sure Moist have guaranteed themselves a tiebreaker at the very least. G1 losing would clinch them though

  21. Solary needed WR to make it to finals to have a chance at making the major I think. They're out because both EG and TL can't finish 3rd or worse

  22. Bro I play worse in scrims then I do in tourneys 🤣 nice to see people still think I’m a choker though 🫶

  23. No I think that they need to go the final and then there might be a tiebreaker or moist is out depending on who gets there and who wins

  24. We talk a lot about Marc, but if G1 wins this I hope people will remember to put some respect on Atomik’s name, man’s been cracked since the Queso days

  25. I also do appreciate the occasional slugfest to be fair and more than anything, I like seeing different playstyles succeeding.

  26. EG are like the Burnley of Rocket League. I probably wouldn't want to watch them week in week out, but things are more interesting because they exist.

  27. Bro feel gutted for WR there, they really could have taken it but 2 kick off goals in the first ~20 seconds will stop you in your tracks

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