Furia are expected to part ways with CaioTG1 after failing to qualify for Rotterdam.

  1. Jstn, the player who doesnt want to play the game anymore. Combined with yan, the player who doesn’t comm if he doesnt feel like it. The prospects of this team environment seems sus

  2. Listed as 'Unlikely' on Liquipedia. 'Exploring jstn addition' might simply refer to scrim tryouts. It'd be kind of dumb not to try out a player of his calibre if he's a free agent atm, even if theoretically he isn't the optimal replacement for Caio.

  3. exploring jstn means... he's available? Or open to being available? Was there some big NRG news that I missed somewhere?

  4. idk he might speak Spanish he's since Puerto Rican but even then that only makes the barrier more manageable rather than erasing it


  6. aint no way. the disrespect of having the man move to NA for 2 months, just to send him back to brazil? i would take that so personally its crazy

  7. I mean it‘s a job and if he doesn‘t perform then being on the chopping block should be the result. He should have been aware of that happening if they failed to qualify. All 3 Furia players should have.

  8. Honestly in regional 1 especially Caio seemed the most consistent/adapted. Feel it's so harsh on him tbh. Rip The Great 1 I guess

  9. Jack just mentioned in chalked cast that he was using half the boost per minute of most pros. He was sitting there doing nothing this split. Like actually

  10. Seems like a pretty harsh move, Furia didnt play terrible this split, but also not at their best of course. But you would think Furia would give it a little more time before making a move.

  11. Genuinely shocked by this. Caio looked really good this split. Jstn replacing him too?! Could be seismic shift for NA.

  12. I’m curious if he knows Justin knows Spanish. He is Puerto rican. If he knows Spanish they might be able com since Portuguese and Spanish are understandable to each other. But at the end of the day it’s not too hard to learn “mid” “you” “I got” etc.

  13. Daily reminder that all roster moves are not only depending on objective performance. Doesn't matter how good the person you want to kick is playing if the vibes are gone. The moment a player is even considered for replacement it WILL only get worse, because the mentality within the team is already broken.

  14. This is a great decision, the best part is that they have realized something needed to change and are showing the courage to make the change early instead of wasting too much time and then ending up making the change anyways but being too late. Truth is if furia aspire to be the best in the world Caio had to go eventually, might as well make the change early. Justin next to Yanx and Caard is a dream team, I would love to see it happen.

  15. NRG can pretty much buy any player they want and as they've shown in the past, they're not opposed to taking top talent from other regions

  16. Rapid pendulum between falling to my knees at Walmart (devastated for my boy Caio) and rising from my feet in Walmart (elevated by the prospect of Jstn + Yan)

  17. Honestly that would be lovely to see, although anyone in general would be exiciting. I just want to see how this changes Garrett's and Squishy's playstyle with such an aggresive player leaving. Hoping Squish steps up to the plate and finally goes above supersonic speed like we know he can

  18. NRG without Justin are done, imo. Squishy and Garrett are no longer top 5/10 players so interesting to see who they could possibly get to replace one of the best players to ever touch the game

  19. Jstn on Furia would be hype, but more than anything it would be nice for NRG to breakup, it'd be a shame to see them waste another split chasing good money after bad. Those players are all have significant legacies, it would only prolong the anticlimax of their fall from grace.

  20. I had to check multiple times if this was the right sub and if this was a real tweet. Just unbelievable

  21. Honestly might flair up for whichever team Caio lands on. I get that his mechanics might be a bit dated, but he often came up so clutch for that team.

  22. To me, this is similar to Kronovi leaving G2. At least on SAM's scale, CaioTG1 is their Kronovi, maybe even more than that. I truly hole he finds a good new home if he ends up leaving FURIA

  23. I know everyone is freaking out about Jstn potentially joining Furia, but my question is how are they gonna do comms? Do the Furia boys even speak english? 💀

  24. Justin might know Spanish, because he's part Puerto Rican, and Shad is Argentine, and plays with two Brazilians on Krü. Make of that what you will.

  25. Does Jstn even fit what Furia wanted out of Caio? I'm guessing they'd want something like a Mist/Torment to let Caard and Yan do his thing.

  26. In what way is Garrett similar to mist and torment? He's always been this NRG roster's most aggressive player.

  27. I think Justin would be a really good mechanical third man and his play style is very flexible already, still have a really hard time actually seeing Jstn on Furia

  28. In my opinion a player’s playstyle on their old team doesn’t matter nearly as much as just raw talent/skill. For example, Atomic doesn’t play nearly the same role as dreaz does, nor did G2 expect him to. But he’s a clear upgrade from dreaz in every way.

  29. NGL I think NRG Caio could lift the team and might be the change that they need to the system that has failed many times

  30. Well from watching Forky 's streams he thinks Jstn is the problem for NRG looks like we might test that theory.

  31. It's entirely possible that the team's mentality could drastically improve with a fresh face and someone like Gregan coaching them. Fuck it throw WondaMike in there and see what happens

  32. Damn jstn and yan on the same team sounds insane... I wonder how well they can communicate? Does jstn speak brazilian portuguese? Either way I hope there's enough boost to go around...

  33. I know everyone is freaking out at the idea of JSTN teaming up with the Brazilian JSTN, but what do people think about the decision to drop CaioTG1 instead of Caard?

  34. Imo, JSTN is a bad idea, he’s still got talent, but he’s not on the level of FK/Bmode/Dan, and he clearly has a mentality issue at the moment. I feel they’d be better off picking up someone from SAM or pulling a GenG and picking up a talented player with less past success but good prospects (aqua or sosa for example)

  35. How someone feels about NRG depends entirely on what you expect of them. Garrett and Squishy are definitely players that belong on a top 10 NA team, but they haven't shown anything better than that in a while even though I'd like them to. Imo that still makes them good players, but your comment suggests that they'd fit on a potential lan winning roster. I disagree.

  36. Furia did this to themselves. They essentially had guaranteed major spots if they stayed in SAM but wanted to move to NA to be more competitive. I refuse to believe it's strictly due to salary reasons, given this announcement.

  37. So, assuming this is true, what do you think this means for NRG? Garret and Squishy find a new third or the team just breaks up?

  38. They find a mechanical third. Unless they retire I don’t see any better teams for them to go to. Especially since NRG is rumored to be paying very well and they would lose their points.

  39. Not sure if I like the move for either team to be honest. I get that Furia wanted better results, but I believed that part of their move to NA was to have harder competition and grow as a team even further. And with NRG, I'd be very surprised if they just let jstn go like that. There are very few people that you could put in his place that would even keep the team where they are, nevermind elevate them, and all of those players are probably off the market right now. Overall, it's very weird and I'm not sure it how it will all play out.

  40. Caio to optic could be a pretty good move imo, or a team outside the top 9 would definitely pick him up

  41. Jstn should want this if he wants to compete. If NRG does poorly and starts making changes, he probably can’t guarantee he will immediately be on a top level roster.

  42. Feels like NA is so stacked right now that teams shouldn't see it as too much of a failure if they don't win regionals or make majors. So many top teams and some will inevitably miss out. If all teams start roster changes because they miss a major there could be a problem.

  43. RL needs non-RLCS LANs so badly right now. if 3 majors + worlds are the only things teams have to play for in a whole year, the top player shuffle is never gonna end. the competitive scene is just gonna choke out everybody into early retirement. for what? NA regionals are starting to look like international tourneys right now. the fact that placing 6th-8th in a split is considered a "bad performance" is kinda mind boggling. a couple bounces go another way and anyone 3rd-8th in NA could swap places.

  44. I know this is an unpopular take but surely any ORG investing in JSTN is not the best plan looking forward. I feel that Furia will stay. They do need the motivation of maybe being replaced.

  45. FINALLY. I’m so glad jstn is finally leaving NRG. He’s still one of the best players in the world overall but he was kind of wasting it away on NRG. Sure garrett and squishy had their moments, but ever since Winter Major it’s seemed like jstn was their only source of goals and single-handedly kept them in some series they were about to lose. Jstn + Yanxsz together is going to be a crazy combo if it happens.

  46. So it is not a possibility at all that Squishy and Garrett shift their playstyle to fit with Justin and could still do damage with a mechanical player? My take is that NRG plays well when Squishy and Garrett are making plays. I love pop off Justin as much as the next guy, but the Squishy/Garrett slander is kind of ridiculous.

  47. Caio had an awful split if we're being honest. None of them looked great but Caio was straight up whiffing a lot of the time.

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