[RLCS NA] Fall Invitational | Day 3 of 3 | Event Thread

  1. Incredible to see GenG win here. So glad for the boys, they play phenomenal together. Extra props for Chronic, who would’ve thought this kid would become so good in such a short period. Also really glad to see Jack making it in such a big way after Dig and grinding this hard. Same goes for Noly. It’s so easy to root for this team. Hope to see them take the major live in Rotterdam 🙌🏻

  2. What is up with NA teams attacking with one player at a time with 3 defenders just waiting for him

  3. G2 looked like a bubble team and got annihilated. Faze series was extremely close in games 2 & 3, but they got washed in the other games.

  4. what a team! GenG is them. I'm surprised by Chronic's performance. possibly top 10 palyer material. Happy the team and especially for AppJack. Well deserved.

  5. GenG are a pleasure to watch, they're such a great team and this was a super well deserved win, insane consistency getting to all 3 finals too!

  6. I had to look at the bracket to double check that the only NA top-5 team they didn't get to demolish was SSG, who got knocked out by Faze.

  7. Just when you think you have a firm grasp on what to expect, shit like this happens and you can't help but smile at how insanely remarkable it all is :)

  8. Not the most exciting day. 13 total games on championship Sunday. Kinda nice to see 3 different teams win events in the split though

  9. You can tell from Chronic’s face that he realizes he’s about to win his first regional and I love it

  10. iirc, Mist said he didn’t like to play a 3rd man role. So while he may be defensive-minded, he might not be a strict third

  11. Gen G. just swept the 2 teams considered to be the best teams in NA, without breaking a swept. I think this might the beginning of a new NA dynasty.

  12. Noly and Jack really showing how much a change in scenery can help you improve. Jack was good last season, but he looks like a completely different player now. Same for Noly from Guild to KC as well.

  13. Some bubble players are good, some just aren't quite ready to take the next leap in their career and need time to adjust.

  14. Unfortunately I doubt it I imagine most top teams in NA will see picking up a bubble player as a risk reward situation and thus keep the status quo.

  15. I swear I’ve said “how is he already up for that” like 20 times already this series wtf

  16. GenG understanding of when to slow the play down or speed it up is the best in the world, they always know how to find each other on their defensive plays

  17. Chronic just turned on his cam and decided to start looking like the best american player one geng lmao

  18. We went from App Jack being the clear best player on GenG in regional 1 to by regional 3, all 3 players look amazing. Noly impressive for sure but Chronic, I actually cannot believe how good he looks

  19. That game 3 was one of the highest sustained level of play i’ve ever seen. Faze played immaculately but GenG is transcendent rn, it’s unbelievable what they’ve been doing today

  20. Just look how deep both teams are sitting. No matter who has the ball both teams have at least 2 players right on the goal. Geng always sit deep, but I don't think I have ever seen faze sit back so deep even when in a favorable position. I don't know if it's a good idea for faze to try to beat geng in their game.

  21. GenG play so well connected. There is always another player ready to follow up and extend the play.

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