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  1. Yeah, V1 has been figured out. They have nothing beyond demos. I've been saying it for a while now, and we're seeing just how true that is. When a team knows V1 blows and all they can do is demo, all they need to do is demo them right back and beat them by being equal in demos and better in all other areas of the game. Expect SSG to be the next in line. Good riddance, both teams are absolute cancer for competitive RL. Nobody wants to watch their style of play.

  2. seldomly does a goal come solely from a demo play. you can’t be at the highest level of competition if you can only demo. just watch a single series and tell me they can’t score without demos, and even then it’s a legitimate strat your favorite team uses

  3. to see multiple top teams as simply demo reliant is so wrong and 1 dimensional. I just wish people like you without common sense couldn’t speak.

  4. Seems like you're not a fan of Comm or Retals. Calling them cancer seems a bit much. SSG may not move the ball like G2, but they can definitely pull it off considering they have one of the best passing plays in Rocket League.

  5. Retals and Comm both demo a lot but I don't think their playstyles are that similar. Pretty sure SSG has much more offensive pressure in most of their games while V1 sits back and counter attacks

  6. Everyone's going to be doing it to V1 from now on. Their entire playbook has been figured out, and their abilities beyond that are so limited that they have nowhere to go.

  7. I don’t want to hear how much V1 underperformed, V1 do that against EVERY team, they camp net and teams can’t score and then eventually V1 do, BDS completely outclassed them and that’s it

  8. Wait but I thought BDS were the 13th best team at this event based on months of bad results.

  9. Recency bias is so strong, calling BDS washed after 2 bad events, but then also also referring to how Chausette played at dreamhack years ago as if its still relevant

  10. Wow. Bds were insane but I think the fact they're shushing the crowd and flexing is funny, they were double swept out of London, but wow they were impressive

  11. Yeah that was super lame overall. Pretty much complete domination from the teams you'd expect to dominate, except Falcons and Furia were trash. Either way, not entertaining. But it happens.

  12. Yep, there were some fine goals but, as you said, aside from Furia- G2 the level of competition was pretty meh. I've been enjoying the tournament so far though and there's usually at least one day that's a damp squib, I'll bet there will be some seriously juicy matchups going forward.

  13. correct, and my predictions for those lowers are nrg(smpr if it wasnt for chausette covid), ssg, falcons and furia

  14. he never really showed up on lan until today, hes not a lanboi yet, but hes now shown he can still play on lan

  15. Finally a good result after everyone else I wanted to win today got battered. Who knew BDS could actually play this game?

  16. BDS, Faze, Moist and G2 all playing absolutely incredible rocket league. Championship Sunday is going to be complete madness

  17. Gotta be V1 they had nothing going and multiple whiffs. Was painful to watch. Falcons looked good and kept it close the first 2 games before falling apart.

  18. Lmao last time monkeym00n flexed after a goal was when the where getting smoked by secret I think lmao

  19. two of those overtimes were the best LAN games ive seen to date. so intense. the final result is a little misleading for how close that series was at times.

  20. Rooting for BDS is a weird feeling, especially LAN times. They can show up and do really well, they can be perfect swept another time and destroy your heart. You just never know lmao.

  21. so it looks like we have one finalist out of BDS/Moist/Kcorp/Falcons/Optic/Dignitas/Furia/Club and the other finalist will be G2/Faze/V1/SSG/NRG/Renegades/Endpoint/Sempr. it's actually unfortunate for EU because they have done quite well in this tournament but now the top teams have to fight for one spot in the final against each other and top of MENA and SAM. and it's quite likely we will have one NA finalist, as I don't see Sempr Endpoint or Renegades going the distance on the top NA side of the bracket.

  22. Comm worried about other teams trolling scrims. I think he should be more worried about his team trolling World Championships lol

  23. I know people praying V1 don't score again so they can post their "the 1 in version1 is for how many goals they can score" jokes

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