I’ve never seen this can’t boost bug before. The fact that it happened twice seems like absurdly low odds if that even is a bug.

  1. It’s been said in a few places that the bug happens when you hold down the boost button before you’re able to move on kickoff, causing the boost input to not be registered until you release the button and press it again. It is a bug, and not an intended feature. Correct call.

  2. In the first person clip you can see that he couldn't use boost for like 10 seconds after the kickoff. You're telling me he didn't let go of the button and try again the whole time?

  3. If it is a game side issue Psyonix should be extremely embarrassed. Do you know any other examples of this happening?

  4. Sypical very clearly threw the kickoff on purpose without boosting convincingly for no reason other than to redo an OT that hadn't started yet, you're all 5heads

  5. I don't think it's a bug, but rather a controller issue, hence the controller switch after the second failed kickoff. It's a bit of an absurd one that the boost button on that controller only failed during the two kickoffs that Sypical was taking, but sometimes it just happens. It's an unlikely situation, but it is what it is.

  6. If it is a controller issue it should 100% be on the players to bring working controllers and backups that have working boost buttons

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