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  1. We have seen this top tier performance from trk in gamers8, and ahmad in the spring major and today. BUT DAMN I don't think we've ever seen okhalid this insane lately. Feels like he does most of the work behind the scenes. The man is a wall at defense, he sets up beautiful passes, fast challenges, and even snipes a couple of goals every now and then.

  2. He always knows exactly when to challenge. he's really improved his wall game too, he was beating out dig players pretty consistently with perfectly timed touches

  3. Upper bracket matches are tomorrow so that no teams can be eliminated before the big crowd shows up on Friday

  4. As disappointing as endpoint have been at LANs, they did qualify for all of them. I'd consider SMPR more of a fraud fall major point team

  5. Imagine making your name saying that you kill scrubs, but then your nickname results in everyone calling you a scrub

  6. Made the mistake of looking at twitch chat and they're still all just complaining about Faze Clan lmao

  7. Fr. People don’t realize that complaining and sending hate towards the players won’t change anything. Yes it’s unfortunate for the club, but it is what it is

  8. Tough to see dignitas go down, but they played well just falcons had another gear. Don’t want any of these teams to be eliminated.

  9. Dig showed some fight, I still think they’ll make the last 8… but wow that 4th game was relentless from falcons in OT.

  10. Furia I don’t think is a bad matchup for them at all and they could very easily take it if they were playing like they did today against Falcons.

  11. Dig made some silly mistakes still, if they won the OT at 2 - 2 they would have took the series I’m sure but Falcons gave probably the best OT performance we’ve ever seen.

  12. Man how can you not love TRK... kid just seems so stoked to be a part of this. Infectious energy

  13. Most likely them or faze vs falcons gonna be the last match. But the could suprise us and give us bds vs v1 last lol

  14. Yeah great energy but she fumbled one question bug time 😅. TRK was asked something like: how did you feel about the series they just played. The interpreter asked TRK: how did you feel about the game. Which is more a general word and he answered: it is the best game ever it changed my life. He clearly understood her question about how he feels about RL in general and not the DIG series.

  15. Ah well, ggs Falcons, it was nice seeing Dig make a go of it though. There were points earlier on when they were stuffing every Falcons attack early and making them look pretty average, but once those Saudi lads upped the pace and stole all the boost those challenges started getting made further and further back. After that they just had to wait for Dignitas to crack.

  16. I think this is the series I've seen the most bizarre takes from. Dig played pretty damn well, falcons just seemed unstoppable once they got the boost steals going

  17. I mean Jack got on 100 boost, so did Joe. Jack got 50ed into oblivion, while Joe flew off somewhere. Scrub had already been boostless for at least 15s before that and was left alone on defense

  18. Well if dig is gonna lose might as well lose to a team that’s absolutely incredible and seems to be at the highest level of rocket league ever played. Ggs!

  19. People are always gnna hate on scrub solely for the fact that he was basically RLs first young star and has a big personality. He’s an absolutely fantastic player but I think there’s this mob mentality in RL that believes that the longer you’ve been pro; the more washed you are and I think he always finds himself subject to scrutiny from that. People forget just how young he is and how much room he has for development as a player. I think scrub is the anchor on dignitas. He’s also my fav player in general tho so I’m pre bias ahahaha

  20. His mechs are looking really on point. Largely underrated threes player IMO but Okhalid is the best third man to touch the game

  21. His defense was sick game 3, didn't see a single whiff when he was doing it every game in wildcard, he was decent don't get the hate

  22. I think we saw them having better boost management by having Khalid playing further back than usual and always having boost, he's great at contesting and slowing the play down when needed, I thought the team was much better at getting out of pressure, but yes Moist are looking scary.

  23. They looked better than they did in all of Spring and the Winter major, so yes I'd say they are. They were never world beaters, I'd say they're back to their fall level 🤷

  24. is it only me or falcons look better than last LAN , like their weakness was fast transition from defense to attack when they are pressured and they did not face this problem today.

  25. Damn jack had his controller down with zero, picked it back up when the ball came near him, then was taking his headset off before the last goal even went in. I get that it was over but still...

  26. No way, Jack was better than Joreuz today overall and Scrub was huge on defence. Honestly it was probably Joreuz who played the furthest away from his peak.

  27. Dignitas aren't even looking all that bad, Falcons just too damn consistent and fast. What a series though!

  28. Falcons offense is just amazing. Teams who have worse offense have to turtle up in net and hope the players' mechanics are off. And not many outdo them in offense.

  29. Falcons boost control is exquisite, it must be brutal trying to withstand their attacks when you've only ever got 11 in the tank.

  30. There was a play in that last game where one of the Dig players was air dribbling and I literally did not see Trk challenging until the ball was flying the other way back down the field. He just blended right in.

  31. Can’t say I agree. He played incredible defense most games, and I don’t think he should have to be responsible for all offensive pressure when Jack and joreuz are his teammates. Simply didn’t generate enough pressure compared to falcons

  32. I don't think Dig will clutch it out but with this performance I think they have the advantage over the club. They look insanely strong, but Falcons are just a monster right now.

  33. Is it just me or has Joreuz been quiet this series? Edit: guess I willed that goal into existence lol

  34. Falcons likely taking this series but Dig really showed flashes of brilliance here, if they could keep up their game 1 or 3 form they could really make a deep run.

  35. Every time someone on Falcons does a crazy play, Johnny does some weird noises lmao, this man is so happy to see these guys doing well

  36. Dignitas had the talent to win but their mentality holds them back. Which is crazy since they’re all insane 1s players

  37. Yeah its 2 valid strategy to beat falcon. First you either become gods in defense and catch them in counter attacks like v1 and now dig. Or you straight up challenge them mechanical like moist.

  38. Wonder what's the psychology behind close overtimes going into the shootouts the next game. Like, do players relax a little too much after being in full focus mode for a long time?

  39. Please show that you’ve worked on closing series out in the time since spring major/gamers8 and close this out in 6 🙏🏽

  40. Dignitas are putting up quite the fight ngl, I am one of them who wrote them out but I am glad that they are not getting stomped against one of the tournaments favorites

  41. Dig's slowed down a lot. Feels like Falcons is beating them to every ball this game when their speed was what gave them the edge in previous ones. Let's see if they can come back.

  42. Fucking hell, Falcons are relentless. Dig desperately need to get the ball up the other end just to relieve some pressure.

  43. I'm getting more and more worried about championship Sunday, crowd here already seems exhausted and we only had four series today

  44. Before this series, my spreadsheet currently gives EU a 47% chance of having a team win the event, NA 31%, MENA 14%, SAM 8%, and OCE 0.2%.

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