[RLCS Worlds] Wildcard Stage | Day 4 of 4 | Live Discussion

  1. Expected better from KCP to be honest, wasn't their greatest showing. Hopefully SSG can recover though so they still give us their best RL to enjoy.

  2. Yep, but they would have gotten Moist during the next round if they beat Endpoint. There are no easy matchups from here on out. Going to be top tier gameplay 👌🏽

  3. Beyond excited for KCP for next RLCS season. Those bows are CRACKED. And I think they could take a major next year

  4. I think they can compete for sure. Consistency is an important thing to work on, but at their best I think they're really, really good.

  5. Kcp have been improving as the seasons gone on, they'll only get better. Looking forward to what they will do next season. Ggs

  6. Only reason I dislike swiss is that a lot of series don't matter as much as this one did, makes this one one of the better ones for sure

  7. Aside from the Dig series, SSG had a bunch of great series this weekend. That semper series was probably my fav of the wildcard.

  8. It’s great experience for them. Everybody wants their favorite team to play “easy” matchups, but this is how you get better—compete against the highest level of competition. It only gets exponentially more difficult next week.

  9. By far the best series so far, the story line of a hurt ssg fighting the fight of their lives to qualify and arsenal is the one to finish it off. Wow, congratss ssg

  10. It had to end like that. Arsenal with his Jordan flu game scores the series winner and then likely runs to the restroom

  11. KCP win would've been exciting, but after the season SSG have had, I just feel like they need to be at main event. Great series to end wildcard.

  12. Man I was sweating, that match was intense - hate it for pioneers, they played so well, scrub is a menace if they could just finish some shots

  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeagueEsports/comments/wigeb4/rlcs_worlds_wildcard_stage_day_4_of_4_live/ijczpy2/

  14. Daniel in defense and Arsenal's aerial 50s felt like about the same contact rate as me in C2 this series, although I have to say I don't usually feel that way about Dan's defense

  15. Daniel whiffing a lot of very important balls. Feels like he's responsible for about half of pioneers' goals...

  16. People are putting too much emphasis on Daniels miss: it’s very hard to see if that ball is gonna go in or not, and what the bounce will look like if it hits the post.

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