[RLCS Worlds] Wildcard Stage | Day 3 of 4 | Live Discussion

  1. V1 and TS not playing up to standard. Hoping for more from TC. SMPR doing well while OG also being consistent.

  2. As an NRG fan and V1 having to verse the club tmr with the highest won games. That makes them highly likely to play V1 first round. I hope the boys are ready…

  3. Let's time travel one of these minor regions teams into the past, what do we think is the latest RLCS season they win/are big contenders to win? IMO they win up to season 3 and probably even 4 and 5. And after rewatching a random minute of the S6 finals I think they might be even favorites there too? I'd say they fall off after S7

  4. They win S8 easily. S8 to RLCS X was probably the greatest growth in skill we've ever seen in Rocket League.

  5. Senbei strikers win s8 imo, they're pretty good and the game has progressed waaay too much since then. The others are a bit far behind and id say up till s6 or s7 maybe for them.

  6. While not as impactful or impressive as the SRG boys, ReaLize finally getting an RLCS LAN win is equally cathartic IMO. The least that guy deserves for his contributions to RL :')

  7. Pure unadulterated happiness in that mans face every time they scored. Love he got his chance and hit one of the coolest shots at lan!

  8. I think it will be close, Veloce are the more well rounded team but Secret has the pop off potential so it depends if secret plays how they played against BDS or played how they played against Renegades

  9. Realize has very impressive mechanics, one of the APAC players that I don’t think looks out of place mechanically in comparison to NA/EU

  10. In an overall mechanics tier list, where the Aztral, Moist and Yanxnz like players are S, ReaLize is like low C and Maxeew/LCT are high D imo

  11. Even though they lost a huge step up in performance from Veloce, I hope to god they regain and go through, senzo was playing really bad and missed a goal in the first game his touches were shaky, Im just imagining what rw9 or nwpo would've done had they played in senzo spot, I don't think v1 would have won that.

  12. I'm pretty sure the matches would be Optic Dig, SSG renegades, and v1 the club. Since there's a rematch, they probably swap opponents for the first two

  13. Anyone advocate for dropping Torment basing it off of V1’s online play in spring looking silly. Who cares how he does in qualifiers, he shows up on LAN without fail and keeps V1 alive in situations they should by all rights be getting scored on.

  14. This isn’t very biased casting, just because the casters react to close chances and one team is getting most the chances doesn’t mean they’re biased

  15. Veloce need to take another game this series, a win puts them at at least -2 game diff, and above Team Secret and 01, thus guaranteeing they play APAC or SSA Round 4 while 01 and Secret play each other

  16. I never thought Reddit recency bias would be so bad that we're rating Wildcard swiss over the last 6+ months of RLCS but some people can't help it I guess

  17. Yea but. Thats like right now. Today. How teams are playing at this point in time. More important than how they were 6 months ago, no?

  18. IIRC Stax and dazz also casted SSG vs Queso in the winter major and that was some of the most biased casting ive ever heard. So yeah they are pretty NA biased

  19. V1 don't look great. Even against Pirates they didn't look that great, and against SSG, no words. Need to pick it up.

  20. If v1 loses this series the could easily get the 7th seed from Swiss and at that point we whould have v1-g2 and furia-karmine in one side of group B

  21. No telling yet. All comes down to tomorrow. If you want to root for someone, root for Veloce to reduce the odds of V1 making it out of Wildcard at all.

  22. Well I mean yea? There are more than 8 really good teams ofc a lot of good teams won’t make top 8. It’s not “unbalanced”. The auto-qual teams are in the positions they are in for good reason

  23. That would be the case if MENA sent their actual 2nd and 3rd best teams but in actuality they sent their 4th best team and arguably not event their 5th best team.

  24. Somewhat, definitely in Fall Split, less so as the season has gone on, but Cola already and F16 next season will kill that narrative

  25. SSG can finally beat EU for the first time since winter groups where they beat… checks notes… DIG in a reverse sweep

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