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  1. I don't understand what happens to digs collective brain in 3s. They have so much talent individually, but together it all goes out the window. At one point in game 4 (right before optics 1st goal) Jack just booms a ball down the field to Optic with no pressure at all. It's very uncharacteristic of him to not want to control in some way, or pass. Plenty of boost.. I can't figure it out. Maybe miscommunication with tm8s, idk, but it ultimately led to a goal.

  2. Maybe it shouldnt, but watching DIG play makes me kinda mad. Just their attittude towards the game, all the time in those team vlogs should be spent on the game.

  3. Fr. I love everyone on Dig, they're awesome. I like their content and their vlogs, their personalities etc etc. But jeez, they have been such a let down. No need to spend so much time on vlogs if the current roster probably doesn't survive much longer anyway.

  4. So cringe to blame content creation, as if that’s the issue. How do you know their mindset? How do you know it’s not a chemistry issue? How do you know their attitude toward the game? Or any other sort of thing.

  5. I know it's easy to discredit optic for sweeping dignitas given digs current form, but I was extremely impressed by how they played. some very creative passing from allushin opened opportunities, and mist and dreaz were deadly in offense. that save by mist against one of the best ones players in the world has to be the best save so far for sure and definitely of the best of the tournament when all is said and done.

  6. I don't understand how they can be this bad. The backboard was as free as possible throughout the entire series. Low boost players over committing without bumping ball/opponent and then getting beat to boost. Not to mention the most open net misses I've ever seen.

  7. im excited for either SSA vs APAC for one of the regions to get their first RLCS international series win

  8. tbh i think each region will win one. senbei bravado will be good but i think apac takes that one and ssa probably takes down gladiators with a sub.

  9. Struggle to understand how anybody can be shocked about Dig’s performance in any series here other than being shocked if they go far. It was clear that this roster won’t last ages ago, and the last wake-up call for people should have been Gamers8.

  10. Optic just looked like a single brain playing. The follow ups on each other’s touches were unreal. Ggs to them. I had low expectations for Dig so I can’t be too bummed.

  11. Its especially impressiv when you remember that after first adding allu they were double commiting so fricking often

  12. Joreuz doesn’t play the game, Jack tends to get very nervous under pressure, scrub while solid hasn’t been playing exceptionally in a very long time

  13. Joreuz being terrible at threes is definitely not helping. Jack had a few whiffs in there, but joreuz seriously looks like he is way way out of his league. He doesn’t know what to do and ends up sitting there for ages, then when he finally goes he gets beat immediately

  14. It's such a weird case...feels like their confidence becomes lower with each LAN they play. Very good players individually, but they just don't seem to click together anymore

  15. If we’re being honest, Jack was just the best of a bad bunch. He didn’t play very well either. Can’t believe how far this roster has fallen, I had such high hopes

  16. Swept by OG. Pathetic truly. They just have nothing going, you can see it on face cams. They gave up by game 2. Jack ain't a LAN boi, Joreuz has been MIA since Fall, and Scrub has lost it. And the sad thing is that tomorrow I'll be watching the stream with a tank of 100% hopium #DigWIN

  17. Joruez needs to go or start putting in long hours simple as that. Jack's putting this team on his back right now and it's not enough

  18. Well no surprise Dig were losing all the scrims, that was absolutely pathetic. How can a team with this amount of talent be so disappointing event after event, there was not 1 minute of that series that they looked good for. They need to disband now, i don't think they have any chance of beating any NA or EU teams or Falcons or Furia for that matter

  19. Literally just freestyle, go mad on every ball- ball chase- have fun. What’s the point in trying any strat or doing anything set up- it’s not worked for months so why would it work now?! Might as well have a bit of fun and if it works then great if not then they’re in the same position they would have been with full strats!

  20. Disband or at least drop joreuz. I think scrub plus appjack plus anyone else would be better. Having a player on the field who is leagues below the others really damages everything.

  21. Regain, you are not out of it yet. The last time they lost a series they just fell and didnt get up. The mental game needs to be top notch now. But man, this series was painful to watch as a Dig fan

  22. Fun fact: with this win, right now Allushin is officially the most successful NA player against EU this season. He’s tied with Ayyjayy and Fk for wins with 5, but has only one loss to Moist compared to their two losses against Queso in LA.

  23. People hate on Faze for not dominating despite their roster, but Dignitas are literally the exact team they’re describing

  24. If you take a couple minutes to peruse the comments section, you will definitely find plenty of people hating on Dig for not dominating despite their roster

  25. I mean this happens in pro sports too, teams have hot starts and then lose badly, but their early season advantage drags them to a playoff spot where they get destroyed by hotter teams

  26. I can sympathize with this take; it's only natural the game and the players will evolve so much over a whole year and it does take away the glory of each LAN win being world's.

  27. I don’t understand how dig were the favourites in so many peoples eyes. They haven’t really been good in like 6 months and Optic just got top 8 at a major.

  28. Dig are actually just awful. They would legit be a much better team if they stopped just booming the ball downfield every single time they clear the ball. Roster change impending....

  29. I didn't watch the series that much, but what i did catch was joreuz being slow to a lot of challenges.

  30. Wow.... once again disappointed by a team that pretends to be confident and then can't properly hit a ball.

  31. Keep making Vlog videos Dignitas 😂 that's the only thing you'all are good at. These guys are Tourist's not pro players lmao

  32. Except they’re getting paid tens of thousands every year to play games and travel to different countries whilst you’re sat at home on Reddit consuming their media and getting them paid. Absolute chump.

  33. Dignitas looked pretty bad, but still credit to OpTic for completely neutralizing the few good plays Dignitas were pulling off.

  34. Yeah, I think this is it. A shame , but it happens, and all of them still have a good career ahead of themselves

  35. Tough to think about the season as a whole. Dig's first split was great, they were a serious contender for best team in the world. But if you take just the past few months... Yeah, Dig has been the greatest disappointment in this game

  36. Team that got multiple 9th-12ths in Europe and has been trending downwards for 8 months loses handily to team that got top 8 at the major and multiple top 6s in NA.

  37. It seems inevitable at this point that dig will flame out (if not in wildcard then early in the main bracket), and will make a major roster move post worlds

  38. Doubt Noly would leave KC, Eekso could be an option in any potential moves for Dig, assuming things don't pick up for them.

  39. Hate to kick a team when they're down, but performances like this just make me resent the fact that teams can ride on their points from nearly a year ago, despite not even being in top 12 form regionally. Would have loved to see Liquid here but it is what it is

  40. Really cool to see OpTic playing with a brain after the spring split where they were just ballchasing as much as humanly possible and hoping it worked out

  41. This is genuinely my first time actually watching Optic and damn they don’t deserve any of the hate they got, they might not have that player but their playstyle is just so good, positionally have to be one of the best teams and will take a 50/50 on the goal line without a hesitation. I genuinely think their playstyle is the future of RL. Teams need to take a note and not hard clear in defense when they don’t need to and stop giving away the ball when they aren’t being threatened

  42. this optic roster has really gelled more and more the longer that they are together. you can tell how much trust they have in each other compared to when they first started

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