You have $9 to build your team for Worlds from players not in attendance

  1. Picked the same one, I think alpha and cata compliment each other well and Reysbull developped to a very well rounded and reliable player.

  2. It was hard putting him at $2, but I think $2 just ends up being a stacked category relative to what you might expect from $2. Alongside that company I think he fits in.

  3. Literally insane to take Lionblaze over Catalysm, who is literally twice as good and you can afford, IMO :).

  4. Idk, LB has some pretty dope defense too. One of the most memorable 1v1s of all time is his vs a peaking AyyJayy, and he was able to block some of the most impressive shots I had ever seen up to that point.

  5. Honestly i'd say Lionblaze, kash, and reysbull. Lionblaze is a player who i feel is quite underrated, and i feel like the playstyles between these three would align quite well

  6. LJ: probably the next big star of NA if one of the top teams buys him out over the off season (or rogue rebuilds around him and aqua) so much talent and potential for him next year

  7. Aqua/Kash/Catalysm. Partly because somebody already said Alpha/Reysbull/Catalysm, which is the actual best team.

  8. Alpha, Aqua, and Reysbull. I will use my extra $1 for either Deevo as a sub or a coach who won't be there. Who's the best coach who won't be there? I know Ferra and CorruptedG. Any others?

  9. It’s difficult to say. Currently in RL, we have an open format that makes it very easy for new, very talented players to immediately rise to the top. It seems that NRG (squishy, jstn., garrett) aren’t bad, but they are getting left behind a bit in the last several months. They are all still very talented, but I think a change to their playstyle as a team is clearly necessary.

  10. Acronik deevo aqua, idk man this could be fun, I’d like to see aqua and acronik first and second man

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