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  1. I'd say by the looks of this event, Veloce probably makes it out of wildcard at worlds, maybe even 01, Dig looked on form, losing 0-3 to a Dig that's playing well is not embarrassing for any team in the world

  2. I wasn’t able to watch the Orlando pirates series and I’ve never seen them play before, how did they look?

  3. No game 5s today but no doubt the juicy matchups are all tomorrow so im expecting a LANDON-esque turn around to the event lol (that Falcons vs Dig match in particular has me salivating). Overall fantastic production quality, solid interviews, active crowd, great desk segments and a thoroughly enjoyable event so far so hopefully we can keep it up.

  4. Guild v Complexity went to game 5. I'm with you though Dig vs Falcons is a long time coming and Dig looks in solid form, I'm super stoked.

  5. Yanxnz is actually a different beast, the way some people on this sub still downplay him is actually insane. The mf scored 30 goals in 22 games in London, if anyone from NA or EU did that people would put them on GOAT lists.

  6. Just because this event is pretty much a showcase of Mena teams vs international competition. Here's each Mena team's 3s records so far: (aka, early reactions on where they stand internationally)

  7. Not choosing AyyJayy to play Rw9 is just stupid. AyyJayy had so much 1s training lately against eu players. Rw9 is a beast.

  8. There is a good chance FK was quietly scrimming AyyJay and the likes in private matches. Vitality did it back in the Fusion crew battles and Fairy Peak won the whole 1v1 event (scrimming Alpha privately).

  9. I agree that AyyJayy should've played with his recent form. FaZe can't really win though, if whoever they choose loses people just say why didn't they play the other person lol

  10. Crowd seems pretty energetic, not sure why they have it muted. Hopefully they'll turn up the volume tomorrow

  11. Because of the in-arena speakers which are used for Arabic commentators for the crowd which can be a distraction.

  12. When are people going to stop predicting Faze to win things. How many times do they need to go out early in order for them not to be 'one of the favourites'.

  13. "Early" in Faze's case is usually top 4 or so. Which I guess can be disappointing for a team with the ambition to be #1, but it's better than most.

  14. To be fair, they are one of the best suited teams to the crew battle format. Ironically, the recent format change to make it more 3's orientated actually hurts them, since they are a lot more flaky in 3's.

  15. I mean sure they haven't met their lofty expectations but going out early Is hardly a trend. Top 4 in the first two majors and top 4 in all but 2 regionals including 2 wins. They are the NA 2 seed for a reason

  16. Bro we get it, no need to keep shitting on psyonix. Why does everyone feel the need to compare this to rlcs all the time

  17. Gamers8 is run by people and hires people who know what they are doing I guess. RLCS is just an amateur team with a professional budget.

  18. Initially I was mad dig and falcons were in the same group but at least it guarantees that the earliest they face each other in the playoffs would be the finals

  19. Jack did an interview recently, said they're all motivated and have been grinding recently. Also mentioned that Nick has had a big positive influence on them already.

  20. MENA are clearly on par with EU and NA. This tournament is making Falcons winning 9 straight regionals look even more impressive.

  21. F16 didnt play rlcs this season. If they did, falcons would have been less dominant. Outside f16, all of mena has had the expected results. In conclusion, we cant say all of mena is on par yet. The top of mena is really good tho

  22. The depth definitely needs to get better to be full on NA/EU level. I think it will happen with more talent consolidation, this was just year 1.

  23. I remember Johnny saying in one of his streams that one day people will realize how impressive the 9/9 regional wins from falcons is. That man is never wrong.

  24. To be honest, Rw9 is an elite 1's player. Beating him while not being particularly active in 1's would be a decent achievement for anyone (though more so in a full length show match). It's part of the thing that made Fairy so special.

  25. I don't think Firstkiller was a bad choice to put in. But I felt like Ayyjayy should have went in I felt like he had something to prove. Oh well it's just one game of ones so it's not like it means much in the grand scheme of things. Firstkiller is still quality 1s players. He was just forcing the goal too much on Rw9 and it led to easy goals ggs tho.

  26. Ayyjayy might have scored more than Fk but he would have conceded more with his playstyle to Rw9 counter attack

  27. ayyjay could get destroyed harder not cuz he is bad just cuz of playstyle Rw9 is a god tier defender and ayyjay goes for aerials theres only 1 way that can go

  28. Yeah, it felt like FK tried to force it a bit early and then just kept going all in on his offense.

  29. Yeah the scoreline exaggerates how this match went. FK kind of had to force the matter once he was 3-6 down, and rw9 exploited that to run up the score even more

  30. Where tf are people who called MENA a 1 team region even if the tourney doesnt matter even if nothing matters u cant watch the games from F16 and say its a 1 team region

  31. Opinions can change when new information and data comes to light, and that's ok. In the grand scheme of things in MENA history, F16 (and Cola too) are fairly recent revelations

  32. While I don't think MENA is just a 1 team region, F16 isn't really a good example because they didn't play all season.

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