Theory: peoples opinions about certain teams are influenced by their region

  1. While C9's worlds was in the closed era and people generally seem to value open era majors at around the same level as closed era worlds, worlds is still worlds. Worlds is where you lift a trophy. Worlds is where your name gets hung up in the rafters. Where legens are made. (Psyonix, put me in the promo video with all the pros.)

  2. Good analysis. I did go for Moist honestly because I think making a run like that is harder in general now and the level of play is much higher. But I hadn't considered the perception of teams. Most thought that Moist was top 3 to win this major and had already proven they were capable in the last major. C9 was a clear underdog in comparison. I also think it's important to include that C9 beat the long time Dignitas dynasty that literally no one could beat. In this season we really haven't had that there are a lot of comparable teams fighting at the top. You have swayed me to C9.

  3. You honestly think Moist's run was easier than Cloud9? They put away Liquid and KCorp who reverse swept G2, the previous LAN beast and overall NA monster. Liquid in my eyes, and KCorp, are teams that you wouldn't be shocked if they won a Major. Then add V1 on top of their game, with SSG having Arsenal and Retals popping off.

  4. Moists run was certainly not "easier". Get a time machine and put S6 C9 up against Moists bracket. It would not be pretty. The skill level and consistency has just improved so much that a C9-like run will become harder and harder. I wouldn't be surprised if this Moist run will be unchallenged for a very long time (at least on LAN). Simply because of that reason (and the fact they almost did it in Winter too) imo it's more impressive.

  5. Personally, Both runs are extremely impressive and show insane resolve, but the fact that C9 were not even close to favorites is what makes their run more exciting.

  6. The thing is I started following RLCS after season 6, so this Moist run is the greatest I’ve ever seen by default.

  7. Tough call, I think moist’s run was definitely more difficult given how close modern teams are to each other skill wise, but Cloud9’s could certainly still be considered “better” because of the historic feat of taking down Dignitas.

  8. I think taking down Dig is the sole reason why C9 will always be considered better, no team in this recent major was anywhere near the level of Dig at the time.

  9. C9 literally beat the greatest team of all time, a team that was on a winning streak of like 16-0 in RLCS. And they did it twice to become World Champions, a title almost everyone thought would go to Dignitas again.

  10. This is not even close, C9's run was the most impressive lower bracket run in RL history. I am from EU btw

  11. I think any run today could be more difficult than back then. I could see every team outside of 3-4 taking last major. RLCs is so competitive.

  12. My opinion is sometimes affected by watching on YouTube and twitch. Like watching AppJack compared to Retals on YT I get confused why Dig is not in the grand finals lol... 3s I guess. The quality of gameplay for 1v1 and 2v2 on YT in EU looks more spicy than NA. I'm trying to add a few more NA players to my playlist, like ayyjayy and such

  13. One problem with this poll is I've always been an NA fan, so I have NA bias, even though I'm from EU. Instead of asking where people are from, it would be more accurate to ask which region people follow/support the most

  14. To me, NA teams are equally as good as EU teams. A team is a team no matter the region. The Falcons proved that and they're neither from EU or NA but they played just as well, even better than our teams.

  15. These comparisons kinda lack, it’s kinda weird holding the amount of games or the bracket against c9, what they did for their time and the obvious lasting impact it had on the community really shouldn’t define how we see what moist achieved. Both runs were incredible in their own right and the significance they had are just based around different factors. Maybe they just doesn’t need to be a definitive answer to stuff like that. It’s like comparing pele to messi or Ronaldo.

  16. Imo if moist won winter it would have been the greatest LB in rl history purely from the fact that it was their first ever lan and their first season as well and had played an insane amount of games and to prove that LB runs in lans can still happen. especially because everyone was saying that LB arent like the seasons before[which is true imo] but still that would have been an iconic run

  17. These polls dont really make sense considering this sub has a lot more NA people than the rest of the world. Not to mention this was posted at 2 am for most of europe

  18. I think you're definitely right in saying where we are (to some degree) influences how important the two runs are, however there's definitely more to.

  19. Maybe nobody cares, but I think you need to account for whether people have actually seen C9’s run or not. I personally did not and I think that has more influence than what region I’m in.

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