[RLCS Major] Moist Esports vs Team Falcons | Grand Finals | Post Match Discussion

  1. Joyo is so fucking wholesome up on the post match interview, 100% deserved. My man showed up so much on the biggest stage despite any nerves

  2. I've never wanted both sides to win as much as I did in this series. Moist just wasn't gonna let two major grand finals slip

  3. Moistcritikal hit his all time peak viewship during that series, that’s sick. GGs both teams, great LAN

  4. I hopped over from the official broadcast in the last minute to see his reaction. What an amazing climb this team has had.

  5. "I didn't believe it, but I should've, because that's what I do" - Joyo on what he was thinking when he hit the goal of the tournament

  6. I assume he’s talking about the air dribble ceiling reset double tap off the ground. I can’t believe I’m even saying that. We still only can hold 100 boost in the game, right?

  7. Here's hoping this will be the last time we see a team completely bean the kickoff in a situation where the stakes couldn't be any higher. I'm not even an SSG fan, and that kickoff caused me physical pain.

  8. If I were Charlie over at Moist e-sports, I'd be throwing some serious $$$ at Johnny not to coach the team to... well, analyze things for the org and produce content. Hell, I'd still let him do RLCS broadcasts, so long as he is on the Moist stream for the boys. :)

  9. damn, I didn't actually connect that SSG ended up going out in game 7 to both finalists, that's as best a 5th-6th finish as you can ask for

  10. Any other results of the LAN and it wouldn't have bothered me (like Falcons going out after securing maybe 4th or 3rd spot in this LAN), but this exact results also makes a part of me think this run is scripted too lol

  11. Moist 4-0’d the only team they lost to in the tournament and then beat the team no one else could twice. God tier run

  12. One of the last rough patches of RL esports production imo. Everything else since Season 1 has gotten astronomically better.

  13. Honestly I dont expect it to ever improve lol, the fact that most of the players are in their mid-teens just means they are nearly all awkward.

  14. Moist completed the best lower bracket run of all time and proved themselves as the best team in the world right now. However, Falcons still deserves a lot of credit for making it all the way to the grand final in their first ever full strength tournament.

  15. Cloud9 season 6 run was ludicrous too especially with the bracket reset of a dignitas squad who had won everything for two seasons in a row.

  16. I like to imagine that when Turbo was putting the medal on him he asked if he could hug him and turbo said no but he did anyways lmao

  17. If everyone will now excuse me, I'll be reliving highlights of today for the next several hours. So happy for Moist, Falcons, V1, KC, NRG, and everyone else who had a great outcome from this event.

  18. I really wanted Falcons after their 9-0 season and their upper bracket run to win this major to finally quiet all of their doubters.

  19. I mean, if their doubters still aren't silenced after placing literally 2nd in their first LAN ever then I dunno if they ever would be

  20. Falcons have been a top team in their region for literally 5 years and haven’t quit the game despite the major obstacles and not given a chance for so long up until now. If we talking about deserving I don’t think any team comes close to them.

  21. This series was incredible, even though Falcons got swept after the reset, it was because Moist were playing so damn well. An epic major for Falcons, and an even better one for Moist. GGs to both.

  22. falcons looked devastated in the end there. hope they bounce back for words. congrats to moist they deserved it since forever

  23. I caused the falcons to lose, I didn’t watch any of their other games but as soon as I turned into the grand finals, they bracket reset and got swept so this is my formal apology to all falcon fans

  24. Tbh I think Joyo comes close second to overall MVP after Vatira, but the cast probably went for Joyo because of the storyline and/or because Vatira was an easy pick for defensive MVP and they didnt want to give 2 mvps to one person. And if it wasn’t for Vatira, I feel like the defensive MVP should have gone to oKhalid. Offensive I had Ahmad or Yanxzx

  25. Fantastic Lan for Falcons, but they were unfortunate in the sense that winter major rise decided to show up in the final. Joyo and Vati were already peaking and then rise decides to peak too, it’s just too much. Best team in the world, not close.

  26. 5 teams played in Major Finals this season. 4 of them won 4 most recent RLCS LANs. 5th will win Worlds *copium*

  27. Cant be debated anymore, Falcons are one of the best teams in RLCS. Losing to a peaking Moist team is rough, but they will learn from the experience and come back stronger.

  28. Question now is for how long has this Falcons team been among the best but just unable to compete officially

  29. Welp just like the european invitational this is gonna feel crushing for a bit but once you sober up and get back in your senses it'll settle in how crazy this run was. Falcons are amongst the best teams in the world and if they couldn't make the run here (in their first rlcs LAN!) then hey, that's what experience is for. Regain champs, the world championship is your destiny and you've known it since the very beginning

  30. This is probably the first time I would’ve been happy no matter who won, but I’m so happy for moist. One day I hope Falcons can win an RLCS event too.

  31. This is exactly how the crowd was, we were all cheering on everything from falcons and moist. We would be chanting moist then falcons get a goal and everyone would cheer, we were also chanting let's go falcons, let's get wet. It was absolutely amazing to see 2 finalists being cheered on together and equally.

  32. Yeah at first I wanted V1 in the finals but 100% preferred Moist vs Falcons. Having the whole crowd simply cheering for both was the best atmosphere for real

  33. Well deserved win. Worlds is gonna be super spicy if Falcons can keep up their form looking for revenge.

  34. cant decide whether to be delirious at moist's win or cry at falcons loss. amazing run from both of the teams, falcons proving all the doubters wrong and moist proving themselves the best in the world now

  35. It's ok to shed a tear Joyo, but you could've hidden it had you worn the sunglasses! He's my 2nd favorite pro after Chicago now (Chicago has been #1 since S7 for me)

  36. I didn’t care who won. Happy for moist. Falcons have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Up until game 4 of the last series every game was close and intense. That was awesome. GGs

  37. 100% deserved. Can’t lie. Falcons looked lost the entire second series…Moist have been something else today.

  38. So happy for Moist, would've been heartbreaking for them to lose 2 bracket resets. Falcons are way better than I thought they would be. Great tournament all around

  39. Falcons did their best this time. They have proven they belong with the best of the best. This is the time for them to gain experience, prepping for more mind breaking performances at world.

  40. I'm so sad they lost purely because their rlcs record would have been 10/10. Still mindblown though. By everything. This was the most insane lan

  41. I really wanted moist to win as they came so close last time but I also wanted falcons to win because imagine going to your first lan and winning against people who have been going to them for the paste 5 years and not having a competitive region"

  42. I didn’t get to watch live but didn’t spoil it and watched the whole stream till 4am my time. Just finished. Man I was so crushed srg lost in game 7. They looked so damn good, albeit a little nervous at time but there was not a single other team who could’ve held them other than a peak moist team. I’d been saying the whole tournament that the only team I don’t want them to play in the finals was moist, and hoping for a choke. But I knew that they would win after the last major and eu regional. After waiting this long for all of falcons to get here, I think I shed a tear. But damn I’m so proud too.

  43. It's kind of the opposite of what happened to G2 at the Winter Major. First set they were dead even with Queso. After the reset the came out and just outpaced them.

  44. Best team in the world? For sure. By that much? C’mon, they were an SSG choked kickoff away from being knocked out earlier.

  45. Glad Moist didn’t give us back to back incredible loser bracket runs just for it to end in heartbreak both times. Sad for Falcons though, would love to see them win worlds!

  46. Just wow! That lan! It was soooo amazing to see 2 crowd favourites in the final and everyone was just cheering on both sides together and equally, I'm not sure if that will ever happen again!

  47. You see, England and France are absolutely OP when we work together, that's why it's important for the rest of the world that we hate each other.

  48. Man, I wanted another game 7--but I'm not sure my heart would have liked that. Watching Turbo give the boys the medals was perfect. <3

  49. The best team won :( falcons had to finish it in the first series (the were leading in game 7), but when you lose to a team that is better than you, you deal with the consequences of them gaining confidence. Great run by falcons and what a way to put MENA on the map.

  50. I wasn't going to own up to it, but after seeing you post this... yeah, I did too. We're spoiled with storylines in this amazing e-sport. :)

  51. This moment has to mean so damn much to Joyo, he fell in love with this esport 4 years ago in this very arena. Holy shit this is amazing.

  52. Bracket reset game 3 was so frustrating to watch from Falcons POV. Forced to defend for so long, and just couldn’t break through. Happy both teams made it to the grand final.

  53. Anyone else think we’re due for a shift in the META? Kickoffs have turned RNG and Johnny made an incredible video about this.

  54. Passing and demos have always been meta. I think it just comes down to speed and who can perform all of it the quickest. We saw a perfect example of this in the last series of the grand final. I hope something new develops as far as kick offs, or maybe pros just wont cheat up too much and just set up for challenge/defense when it doesn’t go their way

  55. Man my heart aches for Team Falcons. They were leading in that game 7 too but lost the lead. They were SO close to winning, SO unbelievely close. GGs to Moist though, they looked unbeatable.

  56. The tournament is double elimination meaning you have to lose 2 separate series. Falcons had not lost a series until the grand finals. So, they have to play another series (bracket reset), which Moist ended up winning again. If Falcons won the first series of the grand finals then that would be Moist's 2nd lost, so tournament ends there, and no need to play again

  57. moist absolutely stomped that second series...I wouldn't be surprised if falcons struggle at worlds as teams make adjustments (teams started amping up the physicality / boost starvation) after seeing them for the first time, but either way they're very impressive and this LAN was amazing all-around, every region has plenty of reasons to be proud.

  58. The perfect script would be that G2 beating Moist created the beast that defeated Falcons in the bracket reset this major... only for Moist to accidentally create the beast that wins everything at worlds.

  59. I'm not going to sit here and hide my disappointment that Moist stole game 7 from Team Falcons. I was really rooting for them.

  60. Moist is absolutely insane, just stunning to watch, that Joyo goal sums it up perfectly. If they continue on this form I don't see anyone beating them at Worlds honestly.

  61. Well...finished how we started, with a sweep. Falcons looked not at all like themselves. So hesitant and shaky. GG to Moist.

  62. It felt like Moist was faster to every. single. ball. Falcons couldn’t string together more than 1 touch before a Moist player would interrupt.

  63. How can you even crown an mvp in Moist? Literally every player on that team is insane! Vatiras insane defense, Rises unbelievable clutches, and Joyos offense. Man, they all deserve it!

  64. Just home, awesome few days. Couldn’t ask for a better two in the final, I really didn’t care who won, both deserved it.

  65. The biggest shame of the whole tournament was Falcons not getting interviewed after the finals. Like, off course Moist won and everyone wants to hear from them, but Falcons came in 2nd and did exceptionally well at their first kans as a complete team.

  66. I am utterly shocked at how consistent Moist has been playing. I knew they were good, but man they were looking like a championship team out there mopping V1 with V1's own gameplay. LMAO

  67. Building a time machine to tell TRK not to miss that open net and Khlaid to not overcommit. The last series had me in physical pain but ggs to both teams

  68. I honestly thought falcons were gonna win, but I was rooting for moist the entire series. Was never into esports until Charlie bought the team and I haven't had so much fun in years as I have in watching this series.

  69. Fully deserved for Moist, so happy for them and even happier for Falcons despite losing, making finals in their first LAN? Other new regions have been at it for years and never even came close. This is just beyond anything I expected of them

  70. MENA 1 > NA 1 right now we'll have to see how the rest stacks up in the gamers8 tourney and when mena gets more teams in next RLCS season

  71. It's so sad as a Falcons fan. Moist were one good kickoff from being eliminated against SSG to give Falcons an (arguably) easier matchup. And just now Falcons had the lead in game 7 to win it all. They just needed to close out. But once they lost that they just fell apart sadly. Every close game they lost in the second series. But fair play to Moist they made hardly any mistakes all day and Vatira fully deserves MVP. The man was a standout even on a team with a peaking Joyo/Rise.

  72. Congratulations to Moist! What an unbelievable run by them, they earned it, even in a 4-0 Falcons gave them a hell of a time. This was their revenge for LA, glad they could finish it off.

  73. I agree with you, the implications of cloud 9’s run(world championship and fall of a dynasty) were insane. If this were the championship I would probably have to go with the moist run though

  74. I can see this happening similar to complexity almost, but I really hope this is just falcons normal/peaking team rather than never to be seen again. I also semi think that other teams might not have put the time in with practicing against/reviewing falcons. But I REALLY hope that falcons continue this performance.

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