[RLCS Major] Day 5 of 5 | Spring Split | Live Discussion

  1. They were amazing! I bumped into a dad with his two sons who were 10/11 (Plat 2's in 2s they said!). He said he had no idea really what was going on but yet he could follow it vaguely and preferred the atmosphere over a football game.

  2. Word. Was sat next to a mum with her young kid who was having the time of his life. She was so happy he was having fun, didn't look like she was thinking of herself at all.

  3. That was an insane major overall. So excited for Worlds after these last 5 days. So many teams going to be gunning for revenge.

  4. Who do you think deserves to win? Imo G2 deserves it the most, not just from a personal perspective but also a objective one. JKnaps has been pursuing this dream for 5 years and if there is a player still at the top who is truly worthy of the title " world champion " then it's him. Chicago has been pursuing this dream for 3 years too and to see this duo finally lift the trophy would be an even more inspiring version of JSTN and GarrettG's story.

  5. Their 1st proper LAN (okhalids first) they were phenomenal.. their emotions and inexperience just got to them after the reset.. cant fault them for that at all. The crowd was great though.. from the first second we were all behind both teams.. every goal had huge receptions, constant singing and chanting etc and moist were class acts towards them as well. Some great sportsmanship and respect from them at the end. Looking forward to seeing them at worlds (though sadly back on my pc screen)

  6. They really need to work on their post game interviews etc. That was a final ffs. Deserved a lot more.

  7. they’re awkward kids lmfao not much u can do, and there aren’t even real question to ask in a RL postgame. “how did it feel to win?”

  8. Glad Subie didn't press too hard in that emotional state. What an incredible, heartfelt sendoff, I can't help but be less bitter about the Falcons loss.

  9. Exactly this. People keep moaning saying they should have interviewed them properly but my god you could tell Joyo was gone emotionally and even Rise and Vatty was on edge.

  10. they've already proved themselves as one of the best teams, in rocket league history. they really have it all, at only 15-17, with 2 LANs under their belt.

  11. They are all so humble, it’s so great. Normally it’s just one player, but it’s all of moist and it’s the greatest thing ever

  12. I can see why nobody likes these interviews. That question was just confusing and very specific. What if I’m a coach and I’m not trying to calm down my team?

  13. Have they done a falcons player interview at all this major? I haven't seen any; I wonder if the players deny the request, or if they don't have a translator or what

  14. So both times at the copperbox we manage to get 2 bracket reset wins. In almost similar fashion as well. LANdon 1 went 4-1 ad then 4-3, This one went 4-3 and then 4-0

  15. Falcons did their best this time. They have proven they belong with the best of the best. This is the time for them to gain experience, prepping for more mind breaking performances at world. For Moist, they finally finish what they started in winter major. They gain the experience there to become the best in the world right now. What a major

  16. Falcons have just looked far too nervous, they’ve whiffed really bad in these finals. So many crossbars. Unfortunate, Moist are the best team in the world.

  17. Falcons proved to everyone they are world class idc. Nothing to be ashamed of for them. Moist deserve it just as much too. G fucking Gs

  18. the fucking redemption. moist eSports, it's so hard not to love them. but wow, falcons are incredible, they didn't disappoint, they've set the stage for their worlds run, but right now it's moists turn.

  19. Fucking hell. Devastated for Falcons, but what a series from Moist. Jesus. They've just outplayed Falcons to bits. Well deserved win.

  20. 9/10 in Grand Finals is a phenomenal season that we probably won't ever see again. They definitely showed us here they and MENA are here to compete and it takes another level of Rocket League to take them down.

  21. This has been one of the best series of rocket league ever. And I see no reason why worlds won't have something better when these two teams are in it.

  22. Proud of Falcons regardless. First lan as a full team and they make it to the grand finals. Sad to see them lose but hopeful for worlds.

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