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  1. PSA: Us mods won't "officially" do post-match threads for the early rounds of the major, but everyone is free to post them for (hype) matches they feel like worth discussing/talking about.

  2. So when they do it to every other team its fine? Nah man, tbf they deserve it, I can't imagine how many hype men Team BDS had backing them to win the event(which they still could) but they hard threw, Secret were just shutting them down and capitalizing on every single mistake. After the performance at the Winter Major and now a performance like that at the start of this Major, they deserve the shit talk. It's either call every losing team washed or no one at all and people prefer the former, it's not like people only purely hate on BDS, it happens with a lot of teams, why should BDS be left out of it? And they make a good point, at this pace, they trash at LAN.

  3. Fr, they do bad in one event and then entire chat was "monkey moon's washed" or "eu has always been worse than NA" etc. etc. Like, huh???

  4. My COPIUM had me bet my channel points G2 would lose to Karmine. I just had a feeling playing GG first would lead to worse play later.

  5. your point would be valid if they lost in anyway that was not a reverse sweep. I do get the point but it's clear by the fact they won the first two that it wasn't the case.

  6. Karmine Corp were meant to be one of the EU titans but just fell off until Noly joined. The talent and potential in this squad with Aztral and itachi has been no secret it just hasn’t translated in competitions for a while.

  7. idk where you got that from. Ofc its super unlikely, but if 3 EU teams still get top 4 and Falcons lose 2 series in a row I think they overtake.

  8. Uh oh. I think EG needs 4 EU teams to do better than the 4th best NA team or something like that, and it is not looking good for their hopes...

  9. Assuming BDS beats pioneers, BDS and Moist are going to play each other Friday to make it to top 8 and play in front of a crowd

  10. Not to take away from any of the upsets because they were all deserved, but how much do you think Worlds being right around the corner plays into these upsets?

  11. None. No one is scoffing at $90k when it's right there. Especially for good teams like BDS, G2, etc who know they have a very real shot at it.

  12. So as the bracket stands I think v1 and Falcons are going to fight in the upper bracket final. Falcons are just goated and v1 have a playstyle that I think will counter KC. Its really difficult to guess who will win between Falcons and v1, but I think Falcons has the edge because MENA is undemoable (sorry Comm). My prediction for the finals is Moist vs Falcons and I think Falcons will take it. But to be fair this major is too unpredictable.

  13. I predicted bds over falcons in finals for my bracket, would be great if falcons made finals so i can have 1 finalist correct

  14. That's a crazy take, in no way is MENA NA/EU level much less better. It's a one team region and while they are better than OCE, SAM's top 4 is overall better better than MENA's. You're also ignoring the fact that Furia had a really good run last major as top 6, losing in close series to G2 and Queso.

  15. Nah falcons just far above the norm in mena but that doesn't mean the entire mena region is on the same level as na/eu yet way too soon for that.

  16. The top few teams anyway. MENA has done a really good job of consolidating talent into their top 3 or 4 (4 or 5 depending on what happens with nwpo, Rw9, and killeerz) teams.

  17. The wildest thing for me about watching Falcons today is seeing how chill Khalid is. Dude sits there looking like he's checking his emails until someone lets him know the match is over and he's like "okey dokey" and gets up.

  18. Obviously he's still got his playing career but CJCJ is such a natural on the desk. I hope he becomes a regular after he stops playing.

  19. I'm having a blast but something that bothers me is that though it's only been 1 day, we already know that one of V1 KC SSG or Falcons is extremely likely to win it all due to how insanely difficult it is to complete a LB run. 12 teams already have extremely slim chance of winning, after 1 day out of 5.

  20. Totally agree! Once you got to the lower bracket, winning the lower bracket or securing worlds is the only end goal

  21. Im pretty sure they had an SRG decal in the works and about to release before the organization kind of disbanded. Super unfortunate, that's an all time legendary name in the scene and would have loved to nag that decal. Now with Falcons in it's obviously gonna take a while to get a new decal going as it often does with psyonix

  22. The pacing of this tourney is utter trash. 12 matches today, then 4, then 4, then 6, then 4(5). I'd rather they do one less day and make it 12, 8, 6, then 4(5).

  23. i think 4-6 matches per day is perfectly fine, i like that there's only a b-stream on day 1 and i also don't want to spend my whole day in front of the tv

  24. Ok falcons get main event top 8 and so 01esports make wildcard…can 01esports make a roster change and pickup nwpo? Because 01esports with nwpo beat falcons last week in a Saudi LAN

  25. SSG, for two reasons. One, beating Falcons with how they've played today will help stop people saying because they got KCP and TS they got a mickey run. But two is because if Falcons go lowers and win then that means none of G2, Moist, BDS or Liquid make top 4.

  26. Nah im fucking exhausted now. Watching rocket league is such a draining experience but the high of seeing your team win on the big stage is unmatched

  27. Nothing wrong at all with SSG here, but this is the second major in a row where they have had a fortunate path to the top 6. Can only beat the teams in front of you though so good on them!

  28. Nah If they played bds in that same day they would easily win{bds looked lost} and they had to reverse sweep again to advance so not an easy path for them,. I would say in the winter major there run was kinda in their favor compared to a g2 or a furia run

  29. Yea last major they had it easy because a team dropped out of their group. This time there are no handouts - just BDS getting upset HARD.

  30. Still credit to them, they beat the better team today between BDS and Secret. Not their fault BDS sucked.

  31. And KCP choked and got reverse swept against them and then Secret went from slaying BDS to math not hitting a single double tap. Very fortunate

  32. So MENA and NA all but secured their spots. Which means it's all EU vs SAM now to fight for the last available spot.

  33. At this point, V1 and SSG are pretty much dead even. In their last 3 matches, V1 has the better record with 2-1 (between last major, and regionals 2-3). They’re about as close of a matchup as NA has rn.

  34. after that day 1 falcons will be heavy favorites. falcons beat two way stronger teams, ssg had a fairly easy run so far and still struggled a lot

  35. I love SSG, but their performance against KCP had me scared lol. Seemed like the teams they went against slumped HARD. Hoping they can pop off Saturday, cheering for the boys, just not entirely convinced. At least they have a good record against V1 generally.

  36. It took SAM how many years to get top 6? how many years for OCE to get top4? MENA is not a "minor region". Other regions take what they have for granted but Falcons isn't just playing for money,or fame. They have a NATION on their back and they are coming out swinging

  37. Imagine thinking the roster of TRK, Okhalid and Ahmad is not the most talented roster in the world. They do soo many double commits and make silliest of mistakes yet look beyond everyone else in the lobby.

  38. BRO ikr when I saw them playing against liquid and faze and I was why is there so many double commits that end up turning into crazy goals😭

  39. They do a crazy amount of double commits for pro players, yet they get away with it most of the times. Moist and Falcons are undoubtedly the most individualy talented teams in the world

  40. People who was thinking falcons fans are annoying. Lmao it wraps for you guys falcons got results now we about to be more annoying now

  41. Lmao we were called delusional fanboys all along. Seethe harder haters, Falcons are one of the best teams in the world just as us 'fanboys' have been saying from the beginning

  42. Made top 6 with a sub and people on this sub somehow thought they were overrated and didn't deserve to be rated so highly as if oKhalid isn't a better player than Senzo

  43. I think they’ll struggle for a while. falcons have been together a long time and they’re still considerably ahead of the other mena teams

  44. And one of the best teams in the region (very arguably second best) won't even have the chance at wild card... More MENA major spots when?

  45. Having no crowds for the few days of LAN is fine with swiss format, but with double elim it's such a shame that SO much is on the line and all of that is happening without the fans.

  46. Welp, falcons will beat ssg or secret no question, and I don't see why they won't win against v1 or karmine the way they're playing right now. So there's a really high chance they're gonna be in the grand finals. Here's hoping for a G2 bracket reset for peak storyline.

  47. NGL I feel like even with Senzo they could have reached it here however I do not think it would have been as dominant

  48. I was worried Falcons wouldn't make it to the weekend. If they stay in this form, I don't know who could stop them.

  49. Ah man I'm so happy for Falcons, regardless of how they do for the remainder of the competition they've done themselves so proud.

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