AAA Super Challenger Event Day 2 | June 19th | 1pm EST | Event Thread

  1. Just like I wouldn’t put much stock in things if NRG won this whole thing with Mist, I wouldn’t put much stock into them losing with Mist

  2. NRG about to go on spring revenge tour. Swept to lowers in regional 2 by torrent and regional 1 by ghost.

  3. I didn’t realize how much I liked hearing play-by-play until this event. Geeking over the gameplay is nice and all, but it’s mostly just opinions being thrown out and long “analysis”of past plays that seem to go on forever.

  4. I'm looking forward to NRG winning this tourney where the best team they'll beat is NA #9 or a team with Alphakep on it and then hearing about how "The General is back in business".

  5. John, what’s rank X? Casters say Hey Bros are rank X, but I haven’t seen anything from them before now they’re getting curb-stomped by NRG.

  6. Squishy had Father’s Day plans already and garret asked them last minute if they wanted to play. Originally Justin wasn’t going to play either but they needed 2/3rds roster for points I believe

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