The arrival of RL esport goal explosions was revealed at The Game Awards, during Psyonix's Season 7 content trailer

  1. Hope the teams are given creative freedom. Would hate to see all the same goal explosions (and hear) with just different logos in the middle.

  2. I agree. It will would be a shame to see the in game esports content team regress to the copy-paste wheel designs we had. I'm a little optimistic the effort put into team decals will carry over here as well but the styling behind that G2 goal explosion does not give me warmth.

  3. It would be awesome for sure but the one in the trailer definitely looks like it's set up to be a template rather than something unique to g2. Logo fade in and then the two colors used in the effects will be adjusted on a per team basis.

  4. Seeing as how they are still given freedom as to their car design, I believe they won't be forced to use this goal explosion.

  5. wonder how much credits they will cost, 100-200 credits would be fair as they are probably a bit generic, but i expect it will be more like 300 credits like the team decals who offer far more different options though.

  6. as much as i hate to say it they are prolly closer to 1000. seeing as the wheels were allways 500 back when they were around, i dont see why these woul be cheaper

  7. Although this will never happen, just imagine a Moist Esports goal explosion that plays the soundbite of MoistCritikal yelling "WOOOO, YEAH BABY!"

  8. Orgs don't have enough baked-in revenue streams atm, especially in rocket league. They need these goal explosions

  9. Which is why Esports should have its own tab permanently in game (like the live now button but always) with the live broadcast (if applicable) streamed into the game (imagine the viewership potential!), schedule, results, item shop, and social links.

  10. I came back to RL after a couple years and god damn there's a lot of intensely annoying goal explosions now. Meanwhile I'm rocking my sub-zero

  11. I think it would be cool if teams that's won worlds could get a team goal explosion but ig that wouldn't work with goal explosions

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