CRL 2022 | World Championship - Day 2 of 3 | Event Thread

  1. Tigreee deadass got EU regionals moved back just to not make regionals and not even make CRL playoffs Lmaoooo, fr tho happy CRL is getting the views it deserves

  2. I wanted an na edge... but not like this. No eu representation in the top 8 is no fun, even worse only 1 series taken over na and even that matchup got rerun and flipped the result. Really wanting the eu regain next time

  3. Tuned into this tournament for the first time when that series was mid game 2. Why a series to start on. Sheesh

  4. Shame for the EU teams, they played well, but they just seemed to crumble under pressure. Stiill a solid performance from them, looking forward to seeing them at the next CRL Worlds.

  5. What are the odds an EU university would offer even partial scholarships and recruit an RL team? I know higher education works completely differently than in the US, but I do not know the specifics. Is it lack of desire from a money standpoint (i.e. they think it's a waste of money)?

  6. I mean, it is the first time EU higher education competition was gotten significant support, and the culture + emphasis on it is far more pronounced in NA, but hopefully for the sake of (what I hope will be) an annual world championship's competitiveness, EU teams go out and actually scrim going forward? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that both Portsmouth and Berlin coming last is not only wild, but disappointing at that.

  7. I mean it's not a surprise to anyone that college sport is non existent in europe. The creation of a crl world championship won't change that. It still a surprise to me that people are willing to watch something that even in NA, where it is takken seriously, would be a tier below rlrs if it's still existed.

  8. The trash talk in CRL is always so much better than rlcs. There's like 3 or 4 players in all of the pro circuit that talk any trash at all, let alone in post-match interviews

  9. Well I guess having offensive pressure means nothing when you can’t break down the defense and slot your shots. RIP Berlin. Another EU team on the chopping board

  10. Really wanted to root for the German teams, but holy shit is this disappointing. Rarely seen such deserved losses. KIT whiffing everything and forgot how rotation works and Hamburg is just either double committing or never committing. Those are not the teams I've seen in the European qualifier.

  11. All the teams trash talking are kinda shitting the bed. Maybe putting too much pressure on themselves?

  12. Ahh yeah, of course this thread is dead silent. Buncha EU fans in this community and we're seeing how far apart the two regions are in terms of mechanical "depth."

  13. Its CRL... who cares? University sports are not a big thing in EU at all, so the lack of interest probably follows on from there. It sure does for me.

  14. Bro, your country has over 300 million people and therefore a lot more good players than smaller eu countries. Of course you‘re more likely to have 3 talented players going to the same college in a big city rather

  15. NA has had CRL for 5 years, EU has only had grassroots support and the highest prize pools are like 5-10% of what NA gets. No wonder NA has stronger competition. And, like the other commenter said, collegiate sports aren't really popular in EU anyway

  16. Seems to me you’re confusing absolute apathy for CRL with something else unrelated. May come as a shock to Americans but EU doesn’t really care for university leagues or sports and this extends to esports.

  17. He’s a really great talent. My (slightly biased) take is Endpoint has a knack for hiring great broadcast talent before they get super popular, maybe Tylacto will be the next such caster.

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