Would a Grand Champion still win without using boost or jumping against noobs?

  1. Noobs? What do you classify as noobs? Someone that literally never played before? Because if so, even a diamond or plat without boost and jump would likely still beat them.

  2. They won't even be able to hit the ball 99 % of the time. It's safe to completely ignore them, except to avoid bumps.

  3. I'm only diamond and I flipped up on my hood and just used boost to move around. It was tough but I certainly won 😁

  4. Let’s just say a team of 3 silvers vs 1 GC. They can jump boost do everything, but GC cannot. I saw a video similar to this where they showed how far a GC could go 1 vs 3 before losing. (He went super far) but he was just aerial attacking them and they couldn’t keep up. Here’s the

  5. Musty is a very good player and I’m sure the GC chosen probably was nervous and not GC in 1s.. but they probably shoulda won that. I remember that vid triggering me / making me salty for my GC brethren

  6. And I think Rizzo did a thing on Ludwig’s channel where he 1v3’d with no something. I’m pretty sure for part of it he did no boost and no jumping, but I think it was only part of 1 match.

  7. Bro I think golds could play better than a brand new noob. Boost and jumping doesn't matter, if one side can hit the ball and the other can't, it's gg.

  8. I guess it depends on definition of “noob”. If “noob” is my girlfriend messing around, not knowing any controls, and just holding boost while driving around missing the ball, then I’m with you that just about anyone who has actually played the game could probably outplay them without boost and jump.

  9. Confirmed-ish: I am gold 3 in 1's, and I just beat an all-star bot 5 to 1 without using boost or jumping. For science, of course.

  10. Anything below when people start rotating yes, anything above if all 3 people know at least to rotate then no

  11. Ive done it. yes. Without boost or jumping i can beat around gold 2-3. Without boost but jumping allowed its about d3. Also through some private match experimenting me and my SSL buddy can win at about silver 3 without touching the ball and only demoing.

  12. I'm mid champ and I could solidly beat both of my friends 2v1 without boost when they were plats. One of those friends is now champ 1 and that is no longer the case lol.

  13. my go to handicap has always been driving in reverse. sometimes i just one hand it: so no jumping only reverse, powerslide and steering

  14. Yes, long story short, I had to make a new account a while back, and during my smurfing spell to get back up to rank, I didn't use boost at all and it was super easy to win considering noobs can barely hit the ball and don't position.

  15. I’m GC1/2 and 1v3’d a silver, a gold and a plat backwards and won pretty handily. I also beat them no jumping and no boosting (not at the same time) and that was also pretty easy. No jump and no boost would be painful I think.

  16. When i was C1, I played a 2v2 match: me with no boost with a gold player against 2 diamond 1. Match was close but we still won. The ennemy team was expecting to crush us. They were surprised. Biggest problem i had was coming back after a bad recovery or bad commit. Losing speed is the worst when you can't boost. When that happens my mate would always be on a 2v1 and since he is gold i knew it would be a free goal everytime. But i learned that diamond mostly miss opens and that even if their opponent is gold they still panic and do a bad move (like throwing the ball in the corner) which gives me time to come back

  17. Bro I beat someone by watching his perspective via a livestream. I think you underestimate the sheer amount if skill rocket league has and how fast people improve in it. Id say challenge some people you know to all kinds of crazy 1vs1's and see what happends. There will always be a new meta!

  18. 100%. I'm diamond 3 and only started to learn arials. You can definately get by on basics if you get positioning right. Beginners will not get that right away.

  19. I’m not that good when I moved to pc a year or two ago I was C2 ish me and my friend on fresh accounts (sorry we’re not Smurf’s it was a new platform) won our first 4 placement games using only reverse with accelerate unbound

  20. As a GC1 I once 1v1d my friend who was around gold level and I was not able to use boost the entire game. I won pretty easily for the most part. And if I were to 1v1 with out jumping and boost I still think I’d have a pretty decent shot. Especially if they were lower than gold

  21. What do you mean by noobs? Without boost OR jump, I could beat bronzes and maybe silvers, golds absolutely no chance. Without boost and jump it's essentially inpossible to beat anyone.

  22. On a new account solo queuing 3s I made it to diamond before I actually had to use boost, still no need for jumping until high diamond.

  23. Just the other day I won a 1v3 against some friends (two Diamond 1s and a Plat 2) and I float between C1 and C3. Honestly the win made me feel like going outside and doing something with my life 😂

  24. Oh yeah 100%. Against a true bronze first or second time player ever, the game sense alone is just enough. I’d say a plat could probably do it tbh.

  25. I've 1 vs 3 a few friends who were like silver 1 whilst I couldn't use boost of jump and I still won. So yes absolutely

  26. My gc buddy and I beat 3 diamonds repeatedly with no boost, then again with boost but no jumping. Never tried no boost and no jumping, but doubt we could. I would be confident I could beat an unlimited number of brand new players with no boost or no jumping.

  27. An average GC1 could probably 1v2 most bronze-gold with no boost and no jump. And 1v1 most med gold to low plat. I believe YouTubers have made videos on the concept using pro players.

  28. I’m GC2 and I’ve beaten c2s before not using any boost and I’ve beaten high diamonds playing in reverse. But if I couldn’t jump I’d probably only be able to beat maybe a high plat maybe low diamond

  29. I can 100% answer this. A friend of mine is SSL and plays the game regularly, I don't play the game very often at all but I've peaked diamond 1 and even at that my friend has still confidently beat me without boost or jump. It's amazing what high ranks can do

  30. Yes, I think they would, i remember i've played against friends when I was D3, They were bronze - gold and the only rule for me was no boost (But with jumping, but for a GC its easier), I beat them in a 1v2, so definitely yes

  31. i beat a diamond 2 with no boost or jump, it was a close game, 8-6, but still goes to show the skill gap is insane between grandchamp and diamond or lower

  32. I (low GC1, C3) play against my friends (Gold-ish and platin-ish) at the same time without using boost and i win most of the time. In a 1v1 i can drive backwards only and win against the gold player and loose against the Platinum player.

  33. There’s no way a gc could beat anybody over a silver 2 with no jumping or boosting, I mean think about it, that means no dodging either, you’d have to rely on god level positioning to even score goals. Also how tf would a gc not get scored on every kickoff? How would the gc even score reliably? How could the gc defend any shot that’s off the ground and even slightly center on net? If any gc genuinely thinks they could stand a chance, I’ll play you but since I’m like champ level, I’ll play backwards with no boost but are allowed to jump, trust me I tried to see how far I could get in ranked doing this and got like gold 1 max

  34. So you got to gold 1 but a GC who is better couldn't get higher than silver 2? Also I have been able to get to gold 3/plat 1 without boosting or jumping as a Champ player so a GC could definitely do it

  35. I did a brief ranked 1v1s experiment in June of last year to test this theory. I fluctuate between Champion 2 and GC1 in 1s. To be honest, I can't dribble and I can't flick. I played ranked 1s without boost convinced I could at least get to mid-diamond. I breezed through Platinum and things became competitive at the Diamond ranks. I lost twice at Diamond 2 by 1 goal in what were very much winnable games.

  36. Go look up road to gc without mechanics, not by flakes, this has been done before. Flakes vids are really good too

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