Harsh reality

  1. Does it though, honestly? If I'm already in a bad mood from a losing streak, winning doesn't necessarily feel good either, but more like an angry, "Finally..."

  2. I'm an old dude, ADHD. Dopamine has me hooked on this damn game. Can't escape it for anything else in my back log.

  3. I turned the game sound off and put Spotify on with headphones. it totally changed the way I play and how I feel when I’m playing, even on a massive losing streak.

  4. I just tried this today, set TV volume down to low and put lofi on Spotify, Jesus how does it work so well, feel so much calmer and can just play

  5. this is the way ive been doing my past 1000 or so hours. put on a podcast/playlist and just play on autopilot and I think it helps to kinda ignore pressure and actually can perform better. after a certain amount of hours in the game you have a feel about when demo is coming(how the opposition players last direction and distance from my screen were and how they played so far rotation/defendse-wise) so sounds are not that necessary

  6. I exclusively solo queue and honestly I don't think RL is that bad of a game to solo queue. Each player individually can make such a difference that there is always something more I felt I could've done in a loss, and conversely if I'm playing really fucking well I like my chances of my team winning. Also very rarely have teammates that manage to single handedly lose or throw games themselves, at least in champ. It's nowhere near as bad as a moba or something where the game can be lost before you ever leave your lane that you won.

  7. My youngest daughter likes to say “oh your losing again” and then point out by how many goals. In my mind I’m helping her with math…my oldest still thinks it weird I play a game her friends play. I like saying no cap and to touch grass just to piss her off knowing I’m too old to be saying that shit.

  8. I love the gaming community's ability to bridge the cultural age gap. Like, I don't normally know how these words and phrases start, but I know what they mean because of how often I run into people using them while playing something.

  9. Love how kids these days are using slang terms from a century ago as their own. I mean, all the generations do it to some degree, and I definitely laugh at my younger self for the same things now too.

  10. I don't play games that do not punish failure.. I need that sense of accomplishment when I succeed. I grew up in the 8-bit Era. That kid should be grounded to his room for a weekend with a copy of dark souls.

  11. why do we pay rent, when indigent life is free? why do we cook using twenty ingredients, when all we need to live is two? why do we exercise, when simply walking is enough for fitness? why do we struggle to continue living a good life, when death is both easier and inevitable?

  12. Because there's a difference between surviving and thriving? I get what you're going for, but those examples don't get you there.

  13. I've been GC since season 9 before f2p and never Rock GC titles, then again I'm never that proud of anything I've done

  14. This is why I stopped playing anything online alone. I always got myself worked up. When I play with friends, we laugh and don't take it so seriously.

  15. I don't remember any game that I've played a lot that didn't frustrate me from time to time. If game is too easy and it's just happy times I would get bored and quit it. If there's no challenge my interest wanes fast.

  16. The other day while my wife was doing school work I got the sideswipe crossover goal explosion and proceeded to play RL to see it in all its glory. First game in a casual, I scored three lucky goals that I couldn’t score again if I tried my best… my wife was like “you’re on a roll babe!” …. I know she knows I’m trash at this game but she cheers me on nonetheless. God bless her. 🥹

  17. Haha, my wife "banned" me from rocket league for a while a few months back for this very reason. But now I don't play it as much because I've broken the addiction. I'd bet I don't rank as high this season.

  18. Oh I'm not so mad when I get good opponents, I get mad when my teammate takes the ball from me or dives in for a save that I was clearly the one to save. It's the teammates who are the most frustrating thing in rocket league.

  19. I hate losing a lot of games sequentially because I like playing games that feel high level to me (even if it’s pretty low lvl compared to the elite players). I oscillate between mid GC2 to low GC1 and when I hit that 100-150mmr slump it just becomes frustrating to lose in games that feel underneath the level Id like to play at. You also improve the fastest playing people at a higher skill lvl than your current abilities. Not to mention C2-GC2 is literally a cesspool of alt accounts, smurfs, and perma tilted rage monster players ever since the F2P update

  20. Normally, I don't get mad in competitive games. I rather develop anxiety and am afraid of my teammates judging me for even the tiniest of mistakes. But I digress.

  21. im gonna say it, Rocket League is much more fun even if you lose or if it gets repetitive, just look at fortnite, its not fun when you lose and its as repetitive as rl

  22. I was definitely like this until I started meditating and reading Buddhist and Stoic philosophy. That has enabled this to be an extremely enjoyable game.

  23. I love Snow Day. I had to correct my 1yo and explain that I was actually saying “puck” when opponents scored. I also had to live up to that statement.

  24. I've always asked this to myself. Why do people intentionally insists on something that's clearly not beign joyful? Why torture yourself?

  25. exactly why i stopped playing ngl. became too much of a hassle and stress when it was originally just a game i played for fun and to relax

  26. I don’t get frustrated anymore when I’m losing and it’s been such a relief. I really enjoy the game now, losing or winning. I also have chat off usually so that might be helping too

  27. lol. That's one thing about competitive games. You're always against other humans with a very real chance to lose.

  28. Hey my son used to think the same till after a month of teaching him, he knows the love and hate everyone has for this game lol now we just duos and rage 🤘🏻

  29. My wife asked me the same thing. It’s not even fun anymore. It’s only fun for seconds at a time if scoring a nice goal or something…

  30. Lol my son is 9 he’s currently almost out of gold. I’m D3-C1. I played with his friend and my son during some casual. We won most of the time and I carried them a lot lol but his friend proceeded to ask me how I made it to champ last season. Included that I couldn’t even air dribble nice or flip reset! Let’s just say within two days I can now at least set up an air dribble and at least get a good pass out of it or score lol (sometimes).

  31. I actually stopped playing Rocket League almost a year ago because I was getting frustrated and it just wasn’t bringing me joy anymore. So I quit. I was Diamond I and just did my first ten matches in 3s. I’m now Plat I, first three days back. It didn’t help that all the friends I played with were higher rank than me. It just made me feel like I was always lacking in comparison. I can’t say whether I’ll keep playing, but I hope that it will be fun again.

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