Item Shop Daily Items (2021-04-17)

  1. I've been holding off on buying a white fennec for so long,been waiting for 6 months

  2. Lol I just traded in all my blueprints and used my 1000 free credits to unlock a TW fennec and a purple Ombré decal and here I thought I was hot shit.

  3. Couldn't you sell that one as it's tradeable, and then buy one from the item shop? That'd give you a TW fennec and quite a lot of credits

  4. bought one for 14k just yesterday, right after i convinced myself that i really do need it. so i feel you my friend :’)

  5. If you mean selling items for credits to buy the fennec then sure. But if you have a TW Fennec, keep it, the price will go back up over time.

  6. I got my original tw fennec from a BP so buying the item shop one and sitting on my original til price is back up sounds like a good investment

  7. I literally thought this was a troll and opened the game to check. Immediately bought the white fennec. Holy shit!!

  8. Excuse me what? White Fennec, White Air Strike AND White Illuminata? Did they accidentally fuck up or something?

  9. They always do bundles of colors to try and get people to buy multiple things that could go together.

  10. they just try to extract Credits out of the market so when the bundle with the F1/Mustang drops people have to purchase new credits for money again

  11. Dude as someone whos been rocking tw fennec and tw air strike for a few months now I feel so attacked lol.

  12. Sooo in case you don’t know the fennec is a auto cop. If you don’t buy it for 800 you’ll be paying 9-10k or more when it’s gone (yes it’s going to drop like regular fennecs boohoo). A great time to collect the set for collectors as prices are going to fall. Good luck and nice score to everyone with 800 credits!

  13. This is my fault. You see. I bought the 6000 Credit bundle, and put 3000 towards the Fennec bundle last month. So now I get a TW one to go with it, plus used some for Rocket Pass, and will have enough for RP 4, and some other shit. When retards like me spend real $$ on the store, Epic knows they can just get more of my money because I am a fool who likes to spend money on digital avatars.

  14. they don't need it desperately right now they just want it as much as any company so they now make a shitton of people give away their credit for this so that when they launch the F1/Mustang-Bundles in a few weeks those people have to buy new credits for money again.

  15. Been thinking about biting the bullet and trading for a 800cr unpainted fennec. So happy i didn’t. Never used a fennec before, only the octane.

  16. Honestly, this is the way. TW Fennec in shop is sending a ripple through the trade prices as people offload their tradeable ones for nontradeable ones.

  17. I only bought it for my free play car to be all white with christianos. I’m still playing games in my normal fennec cause I like the look of it better with colors.

  18. Just left my place to spend a week with the parents. Guess it's time to download steam and RL on their ancient ass computer to make this happen!!!

  19. FINALLY Ive been waiting for soo long, I've held on to the credits for ages in hopes it would show up, and it finally did, thx psyonix, I can finally get my

  20. I don’t think that’s possible (I’ve heard something about none of the original cars being in the shop or something like that)

  21. I am so tempted on the Titanium White Air Strike just because of how blinding it is. It looks like they blew up Tony Montana's mansion.

  22. The paint doesn’t change the decals you can use. It just a painted fennec it’s not like the Octane vs Octane ZSR.

  23. I'm happy for all the hatchback enthusiasts. I may be the only one, putting in a daily prayer for tw Octane ZSR, at this point..

  24. dude...I can't say how much I love you. Been waiting for this since forever. I had a purple one that I bought because I had no fennec at all, but I didn't really like how the color looked in combination with my skins. I probably wouldn't even have logged in today because I'm busy :o

  25. To be fair, TW Fennec has already been in the item shop and the prices dropped for a while, but eventually jumped back up. So there's no guarantee that it's going to ruin anything. But generally I agree that trading has gone downhill since the item shop existed.

  26. They also extracted a shitload of Credits out of the economy so people have to buy them for money again when they launch the F1/Mustang-Bundles

  27. As someone who doesn’t drop more than $20 at a time for anything on RL anymore, this is a godsend. I have been waiting for a TW Fennec for quite some time. Just can’t justify the price. It’s also different cause you can’t trade the shop version anyways. You should know getting into buying RL items you can always have a loss, it’s similar to the stock market, this is why I hoard. But low, sell high, and have patience

  28. If you thought it was a titanium white octane and didnt just accidently say octane instead and you are waiting for a tw octane, painted octanes will never be in the item shop since they are non crate, dlc and crate items are the only items that are in the item shop

  29. I’ve had my striker tw fennec that I held onto since it was a bp and still haven’t had the will to sell it. With the bombing of fennec prices I don’t see any reason to part with it now

  30. Thank you so much for this post. Ive been getting a break from this game but still ive been waiting so long for tw fennec in shop. And now i have it because i was randomly scrolling reddit. Thank you so much again RLGarage <3

  31. Does this mean the TW Fennec will be in the shop until Monday? I'm on vacation until tomorrow night but I need this.

  32. Is there a chance unpainted Fennec will go for 500c? I've never tried it and don't feel like spending 800c on something untradable because I might not like it

  33. The standard fennec has gone into the shop for 500 credits, but it could be awhile until it goes in again. And TW for 300 credits more is a good deal if you like the look of it. Also, the TW Fennec in the shop is cheaper than trading for a standard fennec.

  34. Your telling me I bought saffron fennec a couple months ago only for white fennec to come in item shop now:(


  36. Ugh this is annoying since I used my credits on rocket pass rn I have 150cr and there is no way I can grind like 80 levels in 2 days

  37. Yo so people now sellin normal Fennec for low prices, do u think it's good to invest and sell them afterwards when TW Fennec is gone from item shop?

  38. So they shouldn’t sell their own items in their own shop because making millions of people happy isn’t worth a handful of traders lose some credits on something that’s vastly overpriced to begin with? It’s works like a stock market. Trading has its downsides and it’s hitting hard today. Thankfully sold like a few days ago.

  39. Yeah, pretty sure this is a thing. Just pawn yours off and get it, your losses are pretty much sealed at this point.

  40. Starting with cristianos i got from a friend I did 2 months of intesive trading and proudly bought a tw fennec 3 days ago for 14K cr and now this happens. Honestly i have no words....just tears🥺

  41. i don't get why everyone jerks off to TW anything. i don't find it vastly better than any of the other colors. some items are better in some colors and it goes for all colors.

  42. What's the logic behind so rarely having in-demand items available in the item shop, not to mention such a small selection at any given time?

  43. YEAAAAAAH. All I need now in Rocket Life is TW Octane and TW Dominus and I’m all set. (And after that, a TW Scarab just for fun)

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