Patch Notes: Season 3 Live

  1. On top of that shitty Rocket Pass, you can't even spam A / X anymore to relaunch the same game research Why did they remove that again ffs

  2. Isn't this the third time they've attempted this? How many times are they going to make the same damn mistake before they just put a sticky note on the fucking wall for the UI/UX people "DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE PRESS DIFFERENT BUTTONS TO QUEUE"

  3. Why do they do this every update? Every single update I come to reddit to complain and it's the same thing. Was it hurting anyone?

  4. I get why they would show premium tiers before you unlock them, but why make them the same for everyone? and why make certain special edition/color combos not available?

  5. anybody else not able to trade in? it's saying that the feature is temporarily disabled for me

  6. I don't get it. What's the point in this AND showing the next 30 tiers? Surely one or the other is sufficient to not be gambling? Or just take out the ability to buy levels and let the 99% of people who don't purchase them enjoy ranking up as much as before.

  7. I knew something was funky with S1/S2 reset. Was champ prior to the season 1 reset and the difficulty spike re: MMR was significant.

  8. This is what I want to know as well. Since they said it was under populated I think there going to lower the threshold to get into diamond. Meaning that a high rank diamond from last season should be able to slip out pretty easily. That's what I'm hoping at least

  9. Definitely easier to get in. I finished barely D1 last season. Close to 1000 MMR. Got absolutely slaughtered in my 2v2 unranked matches today. Ended up around 940ish.

  10. my alt was low d3 at the end of last season. after my first placement (in 1100 mmr, usually also low d3) there was a c1 player (same mmr still) on the other team. so i assume that this basically means all rank mmr thresholds are lowered quite a bit to meet the past rank distribution.

  11. Why does everybody have the same painted pro tiers? I understand showing them for transparency, but can it at least be different for each person?

  12. It's kinda funny how the higher the rank, the more distracting the boost is. Should be the opposite. Nobody in the high ranks is going to use a boost where a massive symbol pops out the back of your car every time you tap boost.

  13. If they made each one more discreet it would be amazing. That's one of the reasons alpha boost is so popular.

  14. This has bombed so hard. Pass is full average at best items, and taking away random painted items is an absurdly stupid decision.

  15. Basically makes the incredibly high tier items very expensive in terms of trading. Genuinely think people will buy loads of credits and tier up and get the high end stuff in case they become expensive in the future.

  16. I don’t like it as well, but it’s probably due to legal reasons involving lootboxes being associated with gambling and a general lack of transparency

  17. I don't get why we can't get extra rare drops after level 110. Might sound lame, but I really look forward to those every 10 levels.

  18. Yeah, how the hell is this the best they could come up with? They literally threw in the most useless and rehashed items they could all the way up to 70 (And probably further). Definitely passing on this one

  19. I understand why they had to show which painted items we get but it would’ve been nice for them to be randomized

  20. Yea this is gonna be the first one I skip since they started doing passes, not even because of the painted being predetermined.

  21. I've been rolling with the punches to the gut from Epic's decisions but this whole update is fucking sad. I've been playing since 2016 and the only reason I ever play anymore is with friends and because of the base game itself. All this extra content is disappointing. And the same crap for rocket pass for everyone? What moron came up with that? I'm so done with this game

  22. Good to know that trading has been restricted for many players, and the main incentive to level up has been beaten to death, since everyone knows what you will get now.

  23. I don’t normally complain about the passes but that is pass is absolutely pathetic compared to ones in the past. 10 bucks isn’t much but I’m not buying strictly off principle

  24. hey, judging by the upvote to comment ratio, you guys should tell that you did something wrong, specially regarding the rocketpass. hopefully you will notice and revert it back how it was, anyways, all we can do is hope.

  25. I'm assuming the relatively standard tyres are because the theme is racing, so racing style relatively plain tyres fit that. I know a couple of racing fans who are very excited by some of the items this season, personally I really liked the beat synced stuff last season. At the end of the day the pass is free if you're playing even very casually so expecting it to be full of top tier items isn't overly realistic.

  26. Man I've defended you guys against a lot of criticism such as blueprints etc.....but everyone gets the SAME rocket pass, and EVEN WORSE is that for some unknown reason people suddenly cant get some colors of special edition wheels, the best items in the entire pass, and since everyone has the same wheels its not like you will never be able to trade for them, they just dont exist.....AND theres only 2 instead of 3 special edition this time. That on top of the supper laggy menus and the update ruining my FPS in RL matches and menus, I can no longer defend you guys this is the worst update and changes ive ever seen, dont know what you were thinking

  27. This Rocket Pass is so bad. Even the goal celebration is uninspired. This is the best they could come up with? They've completely given up on even trying at this point. Definitely gonna skip buying this one.

  28. Man I just went through the pass and came away kind of liking it.... I like the wheels in the pass this time; many of them are a bit cleaner than what has been in before while still having some unique elements. The passes for both of the seasons since F2p have been kinda disappointing personally.

  29. Agreed. This is the first RocketPass I will be skipping. I have the credits, but I don’t even want my purchase to be a statistic for them. It’s shockingly bad.

  30. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. The game itself will always keep me playing but the way we get rewards now is pathetic. And just when I think it’s as bad as it can get they make it worst.

  31. Please give us the ability to filter items by "Non-painted" , "Non-certified", and "Non-painted & non-certified"

  32. I would like to see more strict punishments for players who leave competitive matches. Why should I take negative MMR because someone leaves after the first goal and often times right as the match starts? They should take 90% of the MMR hit if not all of it, after all they are clearly trying to de-rank so why not make it faster for them to get to where they want to be and not punish players trying to rank up. So...freaking...annoying.

  33. So basically there is nothing substantially new (e.g. 2v2 tournaments, no 120fps on ps5, no workshops on consoles, no new hoops map, etc.). I’m quite bummed honestly: i thought the season delay was due to some big changes being implemented.

  34. Why can I see now what "random" items I get after 70? Are they taking this surprise away from us too now?

  35. Thanks for the picture, just realised that we all have same items after tier 70 too. Where's the fun in that?

  36. This new rocket pass is stupid. why did you change it? Are you scared f2p dudes are gonna cry cuz they dont have the item they want? Goddammit.

  37. I'm with everyone else here on the new Rocket Pass. Its so disappointing... I keep holding out hope that they will actually put some effort into the Rocket Pass. Instead they put out another car that looks exactly the same with bland, uninspired add-ons and a bunch of filler. My brother and I at least had a good time last season seeing what random painted items we would get as we played. Now we'll be getting the exact same stuff. Please, Psyonix, put more effort into these things. I love the game, but its not worth spending money on.

  38. wow psyonix you really know how to mess up a game, you should fire the person who thought it was a good idea to give everyone the same items after tier 70

  39. I had 1050 credits and tried to purchase RP premium. Told me it had an error communicating with RL servers. Now I've only got 50 credits but no premium. Something is very wrong here.

  40. I tried to trade up 5 hand hearts to get a black market because the free cup they gave me got me the fifth one. But then it said the feature was disabled temporarily, and the fifth one is now gone :/

  41. Epic: We lost a class action lawsuit so we need to remove all gambling. Let's removed randomisation from the Rocket Pass so we can legally keep selling overpriced tiers!

  42. I feel like I'm the only one that actually quite likes this pass, but I HATE that everyone gets the same painted items, it really sucks

  43. I think have same item but keeping the colour as a surprise would have been great like we all get a wheel at level XX but the colour & certification could be random

  44. Please add 2v2 tourneys, been asking for this forever and everybody I‘ve asked would love go have them as well.

  45. Fairly certain that I didn't receive any tournament rewards and I had over 100k tournament points saved up. Not a huge deal and it's really my own fault, just wanted to check and see if anyone else had the same problem.

  46. Has anyone noticed dramatic changes in the ranks? I know they mentioned they were boosting players up a bit, but it's seeming kind of insane. A friend of mine went from D2 to D3 even though he lost most of his placements. I seem to be C2 even though I was C1 last season.

  47. Wow, just bought a 165hz monitor for this game. The slider is gone and now I can't even run gsync because I can't cap at 162.... quality

  48. This might be where I quit with in game items, only play for some games now and then. Good job getting €40 from me, I made €185 selling stuff in your game so I get the last laugh.

  49. Was expecting more interesting rewards than those boring boosts. Even season before had better rewards. (those banners look good). And new season pass lvl rewards? Since rocket league become f2p and Epic Games took a charge over, it look like they just keep it alive without creativity.

  50. This is a great update for the ranked experience, but absolutely terrible rocket pass idea. After 70 everyone gets the same thing? Why? What's the point? Also why remove the spam a/x to search for game and get into training? Changing things just to change them, this update is overall just confusing to me.

  51. Is it just me or has the new season completely boosted everyone’s ranks? I was like a low plat 3 at the end of the last season and after my 10 games I’m suddenly a high diamond 2?? And I’ve stayed there. They really went crazy with the MMR shifts. I don’t wanna be here if it feels like I didn’t deserve it.

  52. This update is dogshit from pretty much every single angle. Epic is destroying a game ive loved since the very beginning which is super depressing. As soon as I saw Epic was buying Rocketleague I knew this day would come. I didn’t realize how long the downward spiral would be. Every single rocketpass since acquisition has been shit. Items look like shit. Also the pass updates also bring in updates that are game altering garbage that is flaunted like it’s a good thing. Fuck you epic.

  53. Ok so I've got the All-Star items. I finally got a Hades Bomb but the game wouldn't let me choose it and out of nowhere my car restarted or whatever (it looked as if I created a new preset). I exited the game and when I opened it again the All-Star items disappeared.

  54. Why do you guys keep resetting casual MMR ever since going F2P? It's no fun for anyone involved when you reset everyone back to 1660 and have huge skill discrepancies between players in the same lobby, like when a 1700 casual who is a diamond/low champ and someone who was 2500+ and GC2+ to are put back to the same MMR for a few weeks until it balances back out.

  55. It appears the rocket league tournaments are messed up. Checked earlier today there was a 9 pm EST tourney. 20 mins before it is supposed to start there is no more 9 pm tournament. Same thing happened with the 6 pm tourney. Hope they fix this soon!

  56. Will there be any hope for us DX9 users ? The game inmediatly crashes when you try to play it since yesterday's update. I posted a report with the logs in the correspondent thread with no answer yet. Sadly I can't play since the update. I hope devs look into this since RL is my favorite game.

  57. I could be missing something, but this rocket pass and tournament rewards feel way less. S1/2 we got 2 goal explosions as well as 2 global animated decals where now we only get 1 of each?

  58. Gonna be LOTS of season 3 GC's (yet again lol) and it will be meaningless. Same way everyone viewed the last season 3 gcs. I just ranked c3 d4 with 1405, uhh...

  59. Psyonix, I'm sick of the fucking casual MMR reset. I have to grind back to a decent spot just to enjoy some good quality matches. Why the fuck are you doing this. Just let it be.

  60. This patch is (Epic) trash. Looks like a damn fisher price menu. And everytime I use trade in it hangs my game. The deterioration continues

  61. Yea I know it's been said to death. But removing random items after 70 just so you can milk more cash with bought tiers is beyond messed up. That's the one thing that made rocket passes fun and imo, above other battlepass equivalents. Skipping out on this season

  62. ruin the good thing about getting past 70 in the bp for the majority of players in order to give whales the ability to purchase pro tiers. Greed always trumps the love of developing games in this industry.

  63. I hope this is some kind of glitch or oversight, but everyone seems to be getting the exact same items post level 70 rocket pass. The items appear to be random order, but the same for everyone? Last pass the solution to removing paid loot box effect was to make tiers not able to be purchased. That was a great solution for us, but probably made a lot less sales of tiers.

  64. Not a glitch. Everyone receives the same items and it's no longer random. You can read about it in this post. It's likely all related to the law suits about gambling and being safe (which is dumb, tbh).

  65. Wait, so there is literally no variation in tiers after 70? Or is it just that everyone is still different, you just see what you’re getting?

  66. They did it purely out of greed as well. The post-70 items being random apparently meant they couldn't let people buy levels as that was basically like buying a loot box. The items not being random means they can squeeze a bit of extra cash out of whales.

  67. jesus Christ this game gets worse with every update that comes, one day I hope they stop updating so at least they can't carry on fucking it up

  68. The play menu used to automatically highlight "find match". now I need to move to that button manually. I used to just spam X to queue again, but now I can't :(

  69. I feel like if they ensured that the they evenly rotated through painted items for each user, that would be the best compromise - e.g. If my first painted item for this pass is burnt sienna, I'm guaranteed to get a TW painted item before I see another burnt sienna painted item. Otherwise if we all are going to get the same shit after 70, just give us the TW and Black items we want.

  70. Now it says I don’t meet min play time to trade on PC. Is this intended? Level 700+ all played on PS before...

  71. Wait... did they nerf the number of season challenges or am I just missing over half of the challenges in my game?

  72. Is it me or is the game running terribly after the update?? I thought it was my messy ping but the frame rate is also wack even in training mode and the main menu :/

  73. Is there a patch to fix being teleported every fifteen seconds in the match or are we just going to blame the internet like always 🤷‍♂️

  74. I can’t believe this is the same team that created the game in the first place... sad excuse for an update. Literally just disappointment after disappointment with less to look forward to every season.

  75. Actually cant stand the new mmr change. I have been grinding through Diamond, as a new player, finally got to D3 before season ends and now I'm a champ?!? Feels like I haven't earned it.

  76. Rocket pass was never great it was always ok, and this time it is the same ok as it was since the inception of it. Don't really see big issues there, expect for those who want to trade. Psyonix doesn't care about trading at this point.

  77. Why did i get a random exotic hand heart goal explosion i logged in got the boosts and after that i got a goal explosion?

  78. leftover tournament credits from S2, congrats on getting something decent (I got a very rare painted player banner lol)

  79. Are those Stage challenges really suppose to last approximately a month? Seems too little for the amount of time given.

  80. Forgot to include in the patch notes that the behaviour of stipple gate and other black markets changed so that if there's no secondary then it's just black and that really ruins it for me man cuz I use the rp cars with the strobes and now they turn black an I can't change it.

  81. You know, when I right click on the Rocket League icon on my desktop it has an option to 'restore previous versions'. I wonder if that works...

  82. Seeing a lot of people pressed about new mmr update. It changes nothing. Yes you’re gonna be a rank or two up from previous seasons but so is EVERYONE ELSE. And I love seeing the SSL’s talking about how gc3’s are getting a free SSL rank because of it, you do realise they’ll get SSL, play games, then de-rank back to gc3 once they start versing real SSL’s

  83. About the player trading eligibility ? Do accounts still have to pay 500 creds or is that removed ? Be a huge help if someone responds

  84. Season reward level is stuck at 1/10 at bronze even though I’ve already won like 7 or so games in 3s at GC

  85. how many people here were diamond 1,2,3 before season 3 and now champ 1,2,3? I was wondering about this because I ranked dia 3 before seasons 3 and now im champ 3 and I know I didn't get that good over night

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