I'm divorced, 40 years old, 3 arts degrees, still live with my mom near compton.

  1. It’ll make him stronger. Or at least more confident that the door nob can support his weight plus the 1.6 oz necktie from his 8th grade graduation

  2. It does seem an oddly crafted aesthetic. I think the key cherry of patheticness is the homemade Elon hat.

  3. Your mom has grown tired telling her friends "he's in college, .....art,.......he's still working on his degree,.....he's staying with me to save money for now,......ya he's back in school,......art.

  4. Based on the artifacts on the shelf, I’m guessing he’s been video taping little girls at the public pool since the early 90s.

  5. I would prefer to be frozen alive and then burned immediately afterwards than to look at your browser history.

  6. Jesus Christ, I had to scroll back to check. How in the fuck did this horror of a smoothbrained, flea infested creature from the Black Lagoon convince any woman on earth to marry him? Was she catfished?? Green card? Was it his aunt??

  7. Try not to divorce your sister next, basement dweller. There's only so many family members you can go through.

  8. Thank you, sir. You make me feel like im not the only loser in the world, and im not even 40 yet. Also u look like u escaped from the Sasquatch club