29yo gym rat who installs roofs for a living. Wreck shit.

  1. I have to be honest, NoHo Hank, I’m quite a bit angry. But I’m going to put that aside for now, because rage is counterproductive.

  2. You look like somebody tried to draw Billy Corgan from memory, but that person had a traumatic brain injury and all he had to draw with was a charcoal briquette

  3. bro he said to roast him but that is just brutal....and funny it had me cracking up(i'm at a wedding..I got some looks)💃💀

  4. I wasn’t aware that Sloth from the Goonies was able to procreate. Glad to see his son was as deformed as he was!

  5. Too bad you’re too old for the Make-a-wish foundation to grant you a chance to finally meet your real dad, the lead singer from Midnight Oil

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