Don’t go easy

  1. You are the physical manifestation of “I’m going to introduce you to my friend. She’s got a GREAT personality.”

  2. She drives a minivan to little league games and vaguely points at the field when asked which kid is hers, always with a bottle of cabernet in her purse.

  3. You look like someone so deprived of self esteem they would post a picture of themselves in full makeup with a push up bra and cleavage out on

  4. She said go hard, guys. Something she's not used to getting men to do. Go as hard as her facial acne scrub.

  5. Good lord I hope Covid hits us hard again, either you’ll have to stay in your house or still mask up, either way it’s a win.

  6. Your teeth deserve to be called out as Black & Decker pecker wreckers. But the excessive number of dots on your face, especially that fecal spot on your nose, really alarm me.

  7. Didn’t they write a song about this one?“Don’t go easy, don’t cum soft” …because. Like boners are shy around her, but she’ll still finish the job.

  8. Don’t go easy? I’m 100% certain that you have said those exact words while sitting on at least 9 different casting couches!

  9. Based on your looks I bet you make a conscious effort in your relationships to curb your crazy tendencies. You probably put in a decent amount of effort to be a good partner. Recognize and apologize for when you’re wrong and readily give praise when it is deserved. What I’m saying is that you clearly did not grow up in a hot bubble.

  10. Should have said that to the blind elf who tried to face fuck you and left all of those tiny bruises instead.

  11. I'm getting a vibe that you secretly cosplay as Princess Leia and dream of being rescued by Han and Luke.

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