Was lying in bed waiting for Rimworld to load and had to do a double take when I looked out the window

  1. So you don't have a 30+ minute load time with confirmed not responding time? Your lack of commitment to modding disgusts me.

  2. It's loading. Just give it a sec. just give it a sec. just. just hold on. it's loading. you'll be in rimworld soon

  3. When I first played biotech I had no mods and only dlc on, the almost instant load time made my head spin!

  4. Tynan is working so fucking hard and doing such a great job on Rimwolrd that the barrier between the worlds is shattering and we are probably going to face a Dark Souls like Berserk like The Witcher like merger of realities... Don't know about you guys but I am hyped.

  5. God damn why can we all not just put our differences aside, agree to steal organs from criminals only, and advance humanity as a species damnit.

  6. Low key wallpaper material of you blacken the screen and make the planet more vivid. Hope someone does it :)

  7. After all your warcrimes, a previous colony has researched enough tech to move their Rimworld to ours to attack you. Or give you an award to 2 logs of wood.

  8. Usually I just start up rimworld and then go and have my 8 hour sleep just to wake up and wait for the last 10 minutes of loading

  9. When you're chilling in your room on the Starbase overlooking a lightly terraformed mars while waiting for rimworld to load.

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