Biotech expansion announced! Update 1.4 on unstable branch

  1. Nice of you to assume our classification board applies its strict policies to every aspect of a game.

  2. They'll still find a way to play. Tynan should just have a Patreon for anyone who can't buy his game because of the pearl clutchers.

  3. Our government doesn't care about that,as long as you're not being rewarded for drug use or letting the player rape somebody it's fine, we can have any amount of murder or violence but one person smokes a doob and doesn't immediately drop dead and it's banned.

  4. Australians will either bug it before it gets taken down or will pirate it until it becomes available. The archaic fossils running the ratings board can't stop us from enjoying our war crimes simulator

  5. Wow, this really extends how long you can play a colony before running out of stuff to do (I mean what are we really supposed to do in the endgame, launch the ship? Pft.). I'm really glad that the mechs come with the pollution mechanic so they don't end up being too OP. There's also something to be said for the storytelling potential of creating a well-defended colony full of mechs.... and then leaving it to your colonists' children to clean up after them.

  6. That actually sounds like a cool playthrough. Play as a character who destroys a bunch of Settlements with a robot army, then have them die and leave all of their mechs and techs to genetically modified super humans to clean up their mess.

  7. This expansion more than any of the previous seems to be moving to 'fold in' the base code and infrastructure to support some of the most popular classes of mod - xeno-races, biomodding, families, mechanoid hacks, storage - these are all definitely in the core mod sets for many, many players.

  8. There’s a lot of stuff here mods have been doing for a while (or only recently), but it’s exciting to see it all brought in officially. The DLC so far has been very well integrated, so I expect this will be… and it’s all unique takes on the concepts that mods have been doing, too.

  9. while alot of mods are more or less being integrated into the base game, it does open the door for new mods to build on and expand these features much more easily now

  10. Only while using this expansion. But I would love to see modders make their own traits to add to this system. I doubt it has traits for elf ears. unless it does?

  11. Big support for Xenotypes and races in the core framework would be huge, would probably alleviate a large number of issues if done right.

  12. Damn they actually added children. I don't mind they will grow "fast" time is already kind of abstracted, seasons are lumped together in a month. Or Pawns simply are different than humans from the real world.

  13. I mean it does say in the primer that humans are generally gene modded some way or another even if its' relatively minor ways. Accelerated growth could be in there.

  14. I remember my first game where I purposely picked a male and female, cuz you know, repopulation, and then I realized no pregnancies in the vanilla game 🤷‍♂️

  15. I suddenly don't want to make a cannibal murder tribe anymore. I think ist time for my first ever good guy playthrough! Must create that safe nurturing place for all those lids!

  16. There's really no reason why a year on the random rimworld planet we inhabit should correspond to an Earth year.

  17. So for all these new types of human... will there be new pelts? Can I skin the beastpeople and make a fur coat with better cold stats than human leather?

  18. Honestly, it looks like Tynan is looking at the most common mods and giving the community what we want. Good game development there. Especially because it's usually better than the mods with no animosity to the modding community.

  19. Children, storage, heat map, robots, mod manager, colored lights... I see my mod list shrinking. Nice. The gene and mechanitor features also sound interesting. I'm wondering if they'll integrate well with Ideology, or if we'd need a mod to patch that bridge.

  20. Do you guys normally start a new game when something big like this comes out? Even if I don't get the DLC I feel like something is going to break my save removing the QoL mods that are no longer needed.

  21. Babies and children? And at the very end there is hinted to be vampires, probably a genetically modified version but immortal and bloodthirsty nonetheless. Oh Rimworld, you never disappoint. I know I'm going to grab this DLC.

  22. Yesssss! The pollution mechanic will be interesting to deal with too! Having a functioning ‘means’ to grow a colony beyond capturing/wanderers will be fantastic for story telling too. Give me my western drama on a poor but developing ranch with the romance between the farmhand and rancher’s daughter 🥹

  23. I'm really curious on them including "meat" into corpses and bile. Does meat no longer "poof" when the spoilage timer ticks over? what is "trash?"

  24. This was my first thought as well, i'm genuinely worried our nanny state will impact the final product and prevent me from skinning my fallen child soldiers

  25. Yea i wonder how much the game allows you to do with minors. Can they take drugs? Can they fight? Can they work? And whats the minimum age for impregnation?

  26. Better still, can we wall them up with only a nutrient paste dispenser and see how they turn out?

  27. I imagine you would not get much human leather or human meat, furthermore enslavement? I feel like you would just indoctrinate them to be a servant if you go enslave, normal colonist with a lot less needs and wants, compared to a slave.

  28. You're telling me that Tynan is adding babies and children to the game where it's a meme to... Torture prisoners to death and use their skin to make clothing and furniture for your cannibal colonists?

  29. I wanna see how the FUCK the game tries to prevent/limit harm to infants and kids... and how quickly modders circumvent it.

  30. It's funny how a few months ago I saw a lot of comments on a post I can't remember talking about why it's such a bad idea to have children in RimWorld and how Tynan will never add it because that would be going too far.

  31. Crazy, so it's EXACTLY what it looked like. I can't say I'm disappointed but I am a little surprised. I thought Tynan was fairly adamant about children in the past. I'm not saying he can't change his mind, just that was the main thing that called the teaser into question.

  32. M-Maybe we're all just being 🅱️aited and it's going to release under an "M" name like "Morphology" after all?

  33. You did, but looking back it's clear some of this was based on misinformation. I thought Tynan was against children not because of "war crimes" but because most colonies don't last long enough for it to be a useful game mechanic. It's funny looking back because I had commented it would require accelerated aging and hey, that arrived too.

  34. Oh no! I'm about to pump another 600 hours of my life into this game. That's not a problem it's just....well I don't play this game like a lot of people on the subreddit. I don't sell drugs or commit war crimes. And this looks like a really good addition to the game. Now I can roleplay families protecting their children and growing together on the rim. So as there is death from old age there to shall be life.

  35. I'm probably going to pick a day, a bit after it's come out and all the mods have been either deprecated or updated, and clear my schedule for the day, fake sick if I have to, and spend All. Day. just playing Rimworld.

  36. Ok jokes aside... that game about warcrimes, human trafficing and cannibalism now getting children in it... I am totally cool with that, but i wonder how many countries will straight-up ban this game.

  37. I'm excited for gene modding. I was trying to find mods that introduced visual differences on pawns like horns and ears without throwing the balance out the window, seems like Tynan was listening.

  38. "Some colonies will sacrifice everything to give a child the best upbringing, while others will use growth vats to pump out cheap workers and soldiers. The choice is up to you."

  39. Ah, Tube grown, mentally unterdeveloped childsoldier. Finally we get to the power level of the raiders that constantly attack us in how easy we can throw away our people.

  40. Call me crazy, but the Mechanoids creating pollution that summons and mutates violent giant insects is giving me intense Nausicaa vibes. I'm definitely going to create some colonies based around these ideas...

  41. As someone who prefers the role-playing and life sim elements of RimWorld other the resource management and base defence mechanics, this expansion annoucement made me so happy!

  42. Heck yeah, this sounds awesome I'm excited! Let the robot and cyberpunk wars begin anew! Finally, babies are in so I can drop a few mods off my endless list helping the game to load faster and smoother.

  43. Everyone talking about enslaving mechanoids or killing kids in raids and I'm just over here planning how to build my orphanage

  44. 1300 hours into this game, still haven't gone to space, haven't had any pawns even close to royalty, or explored deeply into ideologies, but I got 200 mods.

  45. I really like that they added children in this expansion, I like to play long-term colonies and I think having to raise colonists from childhood will make that kind of gameplay way more fulfilling. Plus the story implications of pawns being able to have real families.

  46. Rimworld players: "the puritans will come for you Tynan, they'll come for you in overwhelming number, there won't be a single place on the steam store you can hide from them"

  47. Hey never played the game, is this a pretty good city builder/idle game? Or is it more interactive. I'm trying to decide if I want to try this game for factorio.

  48. So, basically we're getting Genetics Expanded + What the Hack?! + Children, school and learning + an item from LWM's deep storage + Dub's Paint Job. Yeah... EDIT : The art is neat tho

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