That right there is the tweet, now let's talk about the tweet. Can we talk about the tweet? Please, Mac. I'm dying to talk about the tweet all day with you.

  1. Children are already protected people under the Geneva Convention so they would only open up the possibility of one new war crime:

  2. Vatgrown Soldier is a background. What if we get vatgrown babies that just chill in an artificial womb or something until they're "of age?"

  3. Will we FINALLY be able to sell children for cold hard cash, or make them mine resources in areas where we don't want to risk our valuable people?

  4. rimworld players explaining why they were talking about how they could optimise child slavery to the NSA agent (they needed the plasteel)

  5. Two weeks after the patch: "So here's my baby slave farm. The mothers are all kept in comas for efficiency. I'm making 20 babies a year, pure profit."

  6. How do you get children??? I have so many colonists now and despite like 6 couples for years, no kids!

  7. finally rjw children are gonna act like real children instead of acting like incapacitated colonists with brain damage

  8. There are other mods that allow children. I had a colony that had children for a while without the forbidden mod/handholding.

  9. Rimworld truly has to be one of the games of all time. Tynan did a job developing Rimworld and the action was in the game. The game has storytelling and the art was animated. The coloniste were along with the player and the enemies were bad guys. The jokes were sentences. This game really is one of the games of all time, if not the last decade.

  10. If babies and family really become a part of the next pack, I'm gonna be excited! Half of my modlist will be in shambles. Bye bye Childhood, School and Learning!

  11. But will that mean I have to deal with actual babies, instead of setting my children to all be born at 14 years old, and age up to adulthood within a couple months?

  12. I would love a sea dlc that comes with a new sea storyteller like a pirate or something and u can build boats and ships to travel to islands and have cannons and have sea caravan fights with pirates, ports too which u can trade with and fix ur ship

  13. I kinda do hope it’s not children and if anything close to such, just some kind of acceleration device for aging for them, cause honestly it would not add any meaningful gameplay aspects that’s wouldn’t be seen as just a chore to most and will honestly just cause pointless controversies for the game again but seem like it’s gonna be endgame focus with all that fancy glitter world stuff. So maybe even spaceships like SOS with those In the background

  14. Imagine Tynan purposely picks some obscure word for it that doesn’t start with M when he could have used a word that did just to screw with us.

  15. this is the game where you can harvest people's organs while they're still alive and sell human leather, I very much doubt he's gonna pull a fallout 4 on us :P

  16. I think kids are probably gonna be one of the things not actually in the update, mostly due to this exact reason. I'd be fine with the dlc not having kids.

  17. The M stands for Modularity its going to be an expansion about incorporating the most popular mods into the game officially.

  18. Morphology! This name it keeps getting brought up. Every post I keep seeing! Morphology, morphology… THIS WHILE COMMENTS SECTION IS JUST MORPHOLOGY!!!! So I say to myself “well there’s gotta be a mod for that. I gotta show everyone there’s a mob for this because if there’s a mod for that then can’t exists as a dlc” so I go onto the steam workshop and what do I find out mac WHAT DO I FIND OUT???

  19. Some people have been saying "Mechanoids", but it doesn't seem right - I predict the overarching theme is a pact with the devil. A new faction has arrived at the symbolic, now a bit more advanced rimworld in the picture and they've come to trade (the ships look very civilian, maybe cargo freighters), to peddle strange but powerful goods. If you are willing to pay the price, that is. Could be favors or a dependency.

  20. Can confirm. I stopped playing with children, school, and learning because the miscarriage is way to triggering for me. My own miscarriage was very traumatic, nearly died and my husband has PTSD from it. So I don't like having "Jane miscarried due to X" texts pop up in my game.

  21. The first 2 DLCs are Royalty and Ideology, the first letter of each starts to spell Rimworld, so people think the next DLC has to start with M.

  22. New background. Tynan hinted at a new DLC yesterday, and gave us the character image, just like how Royalty and Ideology had a new character for the title screen.

  23. Well, you were right, but now we've managed to decode it even further. It will now spell out RIBWORLD

  24. I'm of two minds. If it goes the rimjobworld route I won't be pleased. But if it goes more the children school and learning route that can be cool. However miscarriage and children dying hit people different so it needs to be handled respectfully. The only way I see this working well is if there is a slider of sorts with how involved/realistic some aspects of pregnancy, birth, and childrearing are.

  25. I was literally just checking the release dates of the other 2 expansions yesterday thinking the next one should be out soon lol

  26. I had a friend that suggested the dlc might add the people that built the mechenoids as a playable race. Hence why there is an invasion in the background and this new alien looking dude with mechenoids all around him + baby?

  27. Here are all the possible words i collected: Modification Mechanoids Machines Mutation Morphology Moon Marines

  28. M for "Metahumans". There are some hightech xeno looking guy with a kid of his kind so he is definitely not the custom supersolder but whole humanity branch and they can reproduce. You can notice he is holding something like tiny mechanoids and he also got cybeprunk-style pattern on his face (some openings for augmentation). Ships on BG seems like on landing trajectory so we may assume they are visitors or even refugees. With all this stuff - gene manipulation, tech, ships - we may also assume they came from some advanced place, like a Glitterworld.

  29. Multiplayer would be an update not a dlc anyways, to much of a fundamental change to the code for it not to be. so no chance it's the dlc name even if multiplayer is added

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