Unboxing Travis Scott 4'S from Alice

  1. Honestly flexing with the car wasn't the most eyeroll thing in this video. It's the one sleeve rolled up to show the tattoo lmao.

  2. Lot of jealous broke ass mfers in this sub, wearing reps to look like you’ve got bread but hate on a dude that actually has it

  3. I've never seen so many hating MFs in one subreddit like this before lol let the man flaunt his stuff if he wants to. If his priorities aren't in line then that's on him, doesn't affect us at all

  4. you get 0 cool points for showing everyone , that you know someone with an audi , just to show that you bought rep sneakers

  5. He has an R8 due to the quality. He has reps due to the quality. What's so hard to understand here, ppl? 🤯

  6. Imagine putting that box in your vehicle to make this video lmfao I can't take this seriously lol. Nice car but lol

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