Game Thread: Pirates (41-70) @ Reds (60-51) - Sun, Aug 08 @ 01:10 PM EDT

  1. Good call by Bell for bringing in Givens. That was the most relaxed 1-run save I’ve seen in quite some time.

  2. Look at that, putting Givens in in the 9th with a one-run lead. (Wipes tear.) They grow up so fast.

  3. I mean, Givens has basically been low-velocity prime Chapman for them since joining. Can't say I'm terribly concerned

  4. David Bell would get arrested if he let a reliever get more than 3 outs I think. Only thing that makes sense.

  5. If a news story broke that Votto is some sort of necromancer or warlock who steals people’s youth I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. The guy is playing like he’s 22 years old.

  6. i love going from john miller stating matter of factly that he is not a hall of famer, just an award winner and then immediately hear the “mr hall of fame announcer” marty beef ad

  7. All I'm saying is that we better not lose on Joe Morgan day. This is the one game of the season that we should absolutely not lose

  8. I definitely underestimated Lorenzen. I know he struggled badly at the beginning of last season and was much better towards the end but he’s a damn good pitcher.

  9. He's a bit of an enigma. It seems like he is most effective when his fastball is a few mph lower and it has more movement. Maybe he has come back from this injury not trying to overthrow. It seems like when he's throwing 100 mph, he gets shelled.

  10. It's pretty impressive how bad the bullpen was all season, and how good it's becoming (and going to become) toward the end.

  11. Love to see lorenzon here. He could pitch the 9th inning again like he did a few days ago depending on how this inning goes

  12. I think if we're this far back at the start of September then yes. Padres have two series with both the Giants and Dodgers and they have a series with the Astros while we play the Pirates and Cubs. Even if Tatis is back that's a tough schedule

  13. I would like Cessa-Givens or Cessa-Lorenzen. Something like that to shut the door down. I would be against Sims coming into a super high leverage spot for his first outing.

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