Votto could pass Pete Rose on the all time Reds RBI list this week

  1. Every time I see stats like this, I’m reminded just how good a player Johnny Bench was.

  2. Can someone explain to me why Pete Rose has such a (relatively) low number of RBIs compared to hits? I know hits don’t necessarily correlate to RBIs but damn, I would think the all-time hits leader would at least be first on his team in RBIs (or at least closer to it).

  3. Thought the same thing. Not even top 100 all time in RBI (tied with Greg Nettles at 103rd all time with 1314 total) I guess I would attribute it to the fact that he was the one getting on and scoring and BEING hit in, rather than the one hitting the runners in. He DOES rank 6th all time in total runs scored which tells me that.

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