How do you buy city owned land?

  1. I've purchased quite a few. They usually have a department/person who handles sale of city owned properties. You can get in contact with them and ask about ones currently for sale and ones that might be for sale in the future (they usually have other ones that they are just too behind to actually list, go figure). The ones I've purchased have required to see your "previous projects" and more or less your plan for the property to ensure something good will come out of the sale. However it's worth the hassle IMO as youll get lots that you won't find on the open market.

  2. give the city a reason to sell it and look good in the process. AKA putting a stupid single family house there is not a good enough reason! Putting 50 may be!

  3. this is the way. I would find out what the political agenda of the current administration is and present plans to build something that supports said agenda.

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