how long until Elon musk runs for president?

  1. Not exactly. You must be a "Natural Born Citizen" to be eligible, meaning that you're a US citizen at birth. John McCain wasn't born in the US (he was born in Panama while his father was stationed there in the Navy) but he was able to run.

  2. Actually, it's born to US citizens. Otherwise, any woman who's 9 months pregnant wouldn't want to travel to another country or they'd risk their child's citizenship. It's not just the mother either, if your father is an American citizen at the time of your birth and you are born in another country you are still an American. This is why both Ted Cruz (born in Canada) and John McCain (born in Panama) were eligible for the presidency.

  3. How much tech did SpaceX lend to Ukraine again? If Elon actually supported Russia then he would take it back, and after being mocked by the amount of politicians he was mocked by, I'm surprised he didn't say fuck you I'm taking my technology back

  4. You do not have to be born in the US- you have to be a natural born citizen- if your parents are US citizens but you are born elsewhere, you are born a US citizen

  5. Please put those words back in your brain and never speak that into the ethos again. Humans out here just trying to end the whole damn thing for a meme, FFS. 🤣

  6. Hopefully never, dude is like the High School loser who becomes a cop and “is gonna show everyone”…. Except he’s the computer nerd version, albeit he does have qualifications being born with a silver spoon in is mouth and being a know-it-all. Fuck him and his hair plugs.

  7. "Useless" thats pretty funny, if useless people were kicked out of the US i doubt youd still be here 😂

  8. Being president is only sweet to think about until someone unravels all your policies 8 years later. Plus being president is not as sweet at a billion dollars.

  9. he idolizes batman but considering the only difference between Batman and luthor is their moral fortitude I'd say that checks out.

  10. It still wouldn't make him President as he was not born in the United States. That's why you couldn't have a foreign born V.P. He could run for lower office .But why would any sane person want to vote for him?

  11. New party affiliation: The chaos party. How to completely fuck everything over with what he perceives as good intentions, based on a whim-of-the-day picked completely at random.

  12. If you were in a position of power im sure you would fuck everything over based on what you believe to be good intentions as well. Everybody makes mistakes in that aspect and you would be ignorant to think you wouldn't make that same mistake

  13. He’s South African so I don’t think he can but if they change the rules I think he’d probably be running on the next election

  14. He can’t under the US constitution it states that the president must be a natural born US Citizen at least 35 years of age and having lived in the IS for 14 years. Elon Musk only meets 2 of the 3 qualifications therefore under Us Constitutional Law he is ineligible. Just because an individual acquires US Citizenship does not make them eligible.

  15. I was enjoying not seeing posts about Musk and now his name is creeping back. I am really tired of hearing about what he thinks.

  16. Does South Africa have a President? I’m not familiar with their political system…..cause he can’t run in the US. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a better chance than Musk.😂

  17. Oh gods, please don’t even humor that idea. Don’t put that shit out in the universe. America is already a giant dumpster fire on a sinking ship. We don’t need to accelerate our decline even faster.

  18. Like many other billionaires, that piece of sh!t can swirl the bowl until he goes down the hole. What are any of them doing for those of us keeping all this shit running for them to make their billions? Hashtag #flushthefloaters And FYI , I don't have time to officially hashtag sh!t. Take it and run for it!

  19. While the law is only people born in the US can run for president, I believe we should also have a law that no company owner can run for the government, or no one with a second income from a job they own or work at to prevent law making being controlled by capitalism. Then we can add that to the group that investigates for corruption to make sure nothing is being worked around by family relationships or under the table deals.

  20. Why would he spend his fortune to change the constitution so he can get elected president only to use the office to …… make money. Wouldn’t it be faster for him to just keep his fortune and be rich without going through the rest of the steps.

  21. How could an American not know the rules for being president? I’m Canadian snd I know it’s impossible for Elon to run for president.

  22. You make that sound easy. Why the fuck would we want South Africa as part of our country? You think it will be so "easy" to add the 51st state?

  23. Probably would need a trillion to do this. SA is worth 500 billion per year, lets say you payed 3x gdp for SA you would need 1.5 trillion.

  24. It wouldn't matter .The Constitution forbids making something retroactively legal or illegal .So would still be foreign born. In other words ,if someone got a abortion in a state where it now forbidden but it wasn't when they got it .Then they can't be prosecuted.

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