What is one question that we will never find the answer to?

  1. The song is actually a commentary on men harassing women at at a party. The women are asking “who let the dogs out”, as in the men catcalling them.

  2. Do we all see colors the same way? Ex: Is what I see as "red" the same as you or is it really a different color for each of us and we both learned to call that color "red"?

  3. 'Red' is a range within the electromagnetic spectrum that can be objectively measured from its shortest to longest wavelength. Human eyes use cones to identify the colors we see. Internal associations like hot, sexy, bloody, etc may differ.

  4. My family ponders this one from time to time, because my dad is color blind (red/green). He doesn’t see the world in shades of black, gray, and white, he does see some colors, but what’s to say what he sees as blue looks the same as blue to us? For that matter, he knows when something is red or green, but the presence of one within or adjacent to the other causes him to sometimes blur things together. His classic example is that he can’t see a red or orange golf ball on the grass. So, what do colors look like to him?

  5. Nope. I have red/green colorblindness or deuteranopia. It greatly affects the way that I see colors. Often times I cannot see red apples in an apple tree until I see one and associate that specific shade of (not)red with the apple shape and look again. Then I can start seeing them throughout the tree. It is not that I can't see red, it is that it is much less vibrant for me than most normally sighted people. When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with aspergers at University of Iowa Hospital and I remember a big discussion between the doctors and my mom and dad whether is was truly colorblind or I had misassociated the wrong color with the wrong name, basically maybe I had learned my colors wrong.

  6. What if everyone's favorite color is in fact the same color, we just all call it something else we memorized as children.

  7. he'd talked about disbanding the cia, he was very popular with progressives, and they wanted more public reasons to hate the commies

  8. I can’t remember where I saw it, but there was a YouTube video explaining that Lee Harvey Oswald took the first shot, and a guard in front of JFK reacted by accidentally firing his gun, and that was the extra bullet. The big “cover up” was they didn’t want to ruin that guard’s life by exposing the fact that he also shot the president on accident since the first shot by Oswald was fatal anyway.

  9. He made promises to the mob in order to win the election, promises he broke after he won the presidency. Throw a little CIA in there, and the hit was made, certainly not by some Oswald dude. Conspiracy? Hardly. Especially when you knew someone who was in the room when the briefcase of cash for the hit was delivered in Chicago. 😬

  10. ACTUALLY, i got a funny story about this. My sister in-law watched the commericial a long time ago, she decided she wanted to find out the answer. So she sat down, and counted every. Single. Lick it took to get the center of a tootsie pop, no biting, no nothing. Only licking.

  11. They still run this commercial! At least they did like, 5 years ago, I don’t watch TV anymore so I don’t actually know but I think they still do

  12. It’s called the observable universe not because there’s nothing there, but because light from beyond hasn’t reached us yet. Obviously there is still something there. Light is incredibly fast but not THAT fast.

  13. Aliens abducted her, brought her to the delta quadrant, and made a civilization of humans on a different planet, a long with like 6 other people.

  14. I wanna let you know that I bought an 8pk of dogs and an 8pk of buns the other day. Someone out there is finally figuring it out.

  15. I can answer the pizza one. It all has to do with the manufacturing of it. A circle is the easiest, quickest, and most consistent way to toss/stretch dough. It’s cut into triangles because cutting a straight line across a circle multiple times is the fastest way to divide it so that every piece gets crust and toppings. The square box is because it’s the easiest and cheapest shape to make into a container sturdy enough to hold a circle of triangles

  16. It’s Big Hot Dog and Big Bread conspiring against us knowing we’d have to buy 8 packs of rolls and six packs of hot dogs to make things even.

  17. Pizza dough cooks more evenly without corners in it (or did in the early days), round boxes are INSANELY more expensive to craft, and it’s faster to cut a pizza radially (especially once you get a half-moon “rocker” pizza cutter).

  18. Anything to do with the past. Even though we have a very good understanding and records of what has happened, "History is written by the victors" we cannot 100% say that is what happened. There's the writers opinion included in it too.

  19. theory for me is our spirit joins the earth and our soul moves onto the next life . being pagan i essentially believe we all join mother earth at some point and our souls once their time is up they too join

  20. farts prob catch off us off guard, so in an unexpected way we find it funny. I think it’s similar to people falling, people usually laugh at that as well due to it being unexpected rather than due to the person being in pain. Sometimes unexpected/random things are funny. Although this isn’t always the case as a lot of people believe that "random doesn’t equal funny" when it’s sorta obvious that it’s a forced randomness rather then a genuine one.

  21. Why the fuck it's still 2022 and old farts are still fucking up our country's. Like you'd think since they've been in power for so long, or been around for so long, they'd know how to NOT fuck up the country, but NOPE!

  22. They gotta fuck up the country? If they dont then everybody would get along and find time to fight the unfair system, we wouldnt want that would we now?

  23. You know what I thought about the other day (disclaimer: while I was high). Voting history. At least for the old farts, people can see how they felt about certain topics over long periods of time. Younger politicians have less voting history so people are less likely to trust them. It’s like asking questions… if you ask someone 50 questions, you’re probably gonna feel like you “know” them and their values better than the person who you only asked 5 questions.

  24. We actually could know one day, one of the top 2 frameworks for quantum mechanics is the many worlds interpretation, which states that every quantum event throughout the history of the universe has caused a split in universes where each event then happens. If we could advance our technology enough, it may be possible to detect some evidence of the split by observing the behavior of the changing wave function at a close enough level

  25. We'll never know who truly invented anything, I’d assume that most if not all inventions were created before the actual credited person but were prob too niche/unknown at the time for it to have been known or it may have been just straight up stolen.

  26. Where invent does mean to create or design something that didn't exist before, I have to agree with you. One thing about humans is we're egocentric. We assume that we are, or at least the people we live with now, are the best people so far. The reality is humans are all the same species.

  27. Yes, because physically, sound is vibrations created by sine waves in the air. Vibrations produce sound at varying degrees of intensities of such waves.

  28. I’m imagining a box in my head. But I don’t know what’s in the box, only Geoff knows what’s in the box. What’s in the box?

  29. What’s ‘reality?’ Your reality is far different from mine. Is ‘reality’ consciousness? Is reality just the existence of the universe? Because then the answer is yes and it’s called the big bang

  30. Why does the United States celebrate Independence Day when we live under more tyranny now than what we did under king George?

  31. Not sure why people put so much thought into the Drake equation. Even Frank Drake didn’t expect it to actually find out a number of extraterrestrial civilizations. It was brought up as a way to start a conversation on the topic. If you look at the equation, there are parts of it that require one to already know things about alien planets and civilizations to even use the equation properly in the first place. So, we would already know about alien life definitively, making it a little pointless.

  32. The speed of light in a unit of speed. I think light is just a constant like time or gravity. It seems like you could never reach the speed of light and even if you could, you definitely couldn't exceed the speed of light.

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