How to change Tachanka just by giving him more flexibility with his gadget. Stationary mobility.

  1. Can I just say it’s fucking impossible to place a shield and a turret at the same place. I end up putting the shield further up than what I want and it never works

  2. What if he had wheels but could only move when he’s not aiming? I think that would be a good solution, and of course he should be limited to moving in small area.

  3. I agree, like he could move with his primary (the LMG) but if he wanted to, he could place down the tripod for significantly less recoil and more accuracy but the down side is immobile and you have to go through the animation to get to it. Also make it so you can place his turret in more places. I always find myself wanting to place something in a spot but it won't let me.

  4. Turn Chanka into Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2. Slow moving, carries a huge weapon, let it tear through walls easily. Trying to balance the Tripod thing is just going to continue to fail.

  5. I vote we secretly start a 'thing' where if Maestro is on your team you're required to kill him for mocking The Lord.

  6. I would like it if it was his primary and you crouch to use the tripod, or you could use windows/desks as a sort of cover to give you better accuracy.

  7. Unfortunately the 360 degree turning would make his turret really difficult to deploy, as the safe area would start clipping barricades or walls you’re trying to Istanbul behind.

  8. Or like at launch when he was scary op cause the shield was invincible and you could put a deployable under the gun barrel

  9. True. I can hardly imagine how you'd animate legs in that position. So by crouching you're trading your rotation ability and sight for cover and concealment.

  10. Make it shoot like a laser when you lay down, perfect accuracy and no recoil, the problem would come from not being able to get up as quickly or move without canceling your gadget, perhaps make it so he has less dps, or keep his shield and forgo perfect accuracy.

  11. I can definitely see that working - option one is to make it stationary which provides armor and less recoil. option 2 is for him to use his LMG while walking, which would reduce his speed but let him use those 300 rounds for mobile suppression / more aggressive defense.

  12. Too bad a rework won't happen because people meme'd him to death and is now just cringy to see all the time, especially with the lord tachanka bundle, it's just bad.

  13. Yeah, I think I've seen that confirmed officially. Something like "the Lord Tachanka is such a good meme to change him". But they'll have to get to him (and Castle) at some point in time. Hopefully. Please. Ubi?

  14. He should get some shield tips from Monty too, so that the deployable shield is wider and just better

  15. Duuude, this behind a crouch-high softwall Mira window would be awsome. It would also be great if he got iron sights similar to Bandit's smg.

  16. Holy shit my man, it's such an easy and effective fix I can't believe it didn't get popular sooner! I hope they see this and consider it.

  17. Not a bad idea, but i don't know if it's going to have a big impact on his performance. Something as simple as giving him an ACOG on his VSN would probably have a bigger impact.

  18. He's still probelamtic as shit with this change. It's a neat change that can be part of a host of changes, but it's not enough.

  19. Let his turret be able to rotate 360 degrees and give his turret circle mag things have more ammo (also more in the turrets ammo pool) and make his turret have more destructibility overall (like the deagle)

  20. My opinion on chanka is to give him the LMG as primary, make it more accurate with less recoil, make it so that nobody wants to be the guy to find out there's a chanka on the other team. His gadget would be that he takes a strong stance, cuts his movement very slow, and changes to a secondary ammo reserve that shoots harder and faster, at the exchange of turning slow and aiming slightly slower. Also if he crouches while it's active he gets a little shield. Too OP?

  21. honestly Tachanka will never be competitively viable BUT i think 3 changes can be made in order to make him playable and not just a meme.

  22. I wish the shield could deploy with the turret so I'm not spending the entire setup phase trying to get the two items to place properly.

  23. the easier thing and one that will let him be more deadly is just to let us deploy the shield be closer to the turret so that he's completely covered and he has better line of sight to shoot.

  24. My idea of a Tachanka fix is just take off the shield and replace the tripod with a bipod. Have it replace his primary weapon and then you could have him set up the bipod on a piece of cover, but also be able to quickly reposition without having to break the whole thing down

  25. Would be amazing to have the ability to crouch like this but also with the ability to lean the turret would be a very interesting touch that hasn't really been done before with mounted machine guns to my knowledge. How come Tachanka can't just unmount his LMG and use it Maestro style anyhow? The Lord would approve of all 3 Changes.

  26. This is a good wall of text, mate. I didn't main Tachanka for dozens of hours, but I like playing him from time to time. Still, I share your pain. Faster (un)deployment I'd welcome with open arms. My idea was in making Tachanka a different playstyle. You pop out, shoot, then crouch and pick up your turret to take another position, before they blow you up. If attacker don't scout your position before moving forward, they're putting themselves in danger.

  27. You can do something kinda similar. If you look straight up on Tachanka’s turret, it’s almost impossible for the enemy to see you from the front.

  28. I think he should also be able to change his mounted position in an easier way, perhaps just with WASD. Right now you have to press F, demount it, move, mount it, and press F again which takes a lot of time. If he could just carry it around he would be more mobile, but still limited to one firing position at a time.

  29. Hot take: maestro is tachanka but better in every single way. There is not a single idea I’ve seen to fix Chanka on this sub that wouldn’t just be worse-maestro.

  30. This could work and wouldn't revoke his status as a meme, if anything it'd increase tachanka's meme-ness because how hilarious would it be to suddenly poo up and headshot someone from behind a shield with tachanka's turret (like Mira on softwalls).

  31. How the fuck does that shield achieve that position? it rotates in the Y Axis.... then in the X axis to be in the lowered position?

  32. Wow, A Tachanka buff idea that didn’t make me cringe and actually made sense. Op you’ve done what I believed was impossible

  33. Also give him a special shield what has a little hole in it specially made to look thru it so when enemies come in you just stand up?

  34. First obvious buff is to lower the recoil. It’s mounted to the ground yet it has the most recoil in the whole game. I mean Jesus if his gadget is all about locking down a corridor/door and getting kills then it should be better than the average gun

  35. If you can remember its recoil before the shield addition, it was actually pretty good and easily manageable. I don't know why they changed it so drastically.

  36. Great idea, i think they should also give the turret some sort of metal base plate so people can't just drone tachanka and kill him from below, that plus this would maybe make him worth something

  37. I had this same idea but in mine you could lean left and right too, i submitted it to sunday mailbox on Matimios channel 2 weeks ago but it didnt get picked

  38. Hey remember in RS: Vegas when you could take cover while using turrets? That was pretty cool/the best way of mitigating turret gunner death I’ve ever seen in a video game

  39. It's ok but with Maestro receiving a LMG (with ACOG !) I think I prefer the idea someone else gave : 'Chanka's LMG becomes his new primary, and his "gadget" is placing a shielded tri-pod on which he can get significantly less recoil, and also has 2 of it.

  40. Maybe make it deploy faster so he can have his teammates place shields as well and he can move around and set up shop.

  41. Ubi doesn't ever intend to ever change Chanka, since they added Maestro, which is essentially an operator who is what Chanka should have been.

  42. They could also allow him to a 360° range fan. That seems something easier to program. At least until they find something else for him.

  43. Maybe if Lord assumes superhero landing position instead of crouching and yells surprise comrade upon standing to fire

  44. The recoil should also be reduced. Seriously though, how does a tripod mounted turret have the same recoil as an unmounted LMG

  45. Has anyone brought up potentially making his LMG way accurate but have less ammo? Like increase his accuracy on the LMG by 45% and decrease his ammo by 65%?

  46. I'd like to see them either increase his stationary survivability or make him viable as a mobile character. I am a Tachanka main and I have been for the past 3 seasons. The turret is great if used somewhere unexpected or with proper callouts, but is very hard to use this way. So giving him better/stronger armor would be great, or just changing up his turret entirely. Please ubi, make me viable

  47. honestly all he needs (and the game in general) is a freedom in gadget deployment. When you spend 30 or more seconds, searching for that one pixel that it allows you to deploy at, its pretty damn silly

  48. This is neat and all but Tachanka + Mira Window on a softwall would be more devasting that a normal defender doing "pop up tactics".

  49. tachanka's primary should be the MG, which you can deploy on half-walls/windows , deployable barriers or with a bipod on the ground he should be able to slow walk, hipfire only with it

  50. I'd be worried about people spawn peaking with it. I mean people already do, but if those changes are applied then it would make it worse.

  51. Yes, Ubi please! This won't make him viable instantly but this is a huge step in the right direction. Just giving him even the sightliest mobility is a huge change for Tachanka.

  52. Make it a lot easier to place his turret into tight places, let him spin 360°, make the mounting and dismounting animation faster and do this. That's how you fix Tachanka.

  53. First thought in my head is that it sounds very broken. Something that would take alot of utility just to counter. It feels like a low skill high reward ability. Just to counter youd need a grenade, ash charge, captiao bolt, or something similar just to get the lord off his turrent, not even kill him. IDK what would make Tachanka viable but this doesnt seem to be it.

  54. And to balance this is when the turret is deployed after popping up behind the shield the Soviet Union national anthem ear rape plays on loop till you go back go crouching position

  55. You're just roaming and suddenly you hear "tripoloski tripo tripoloski" You slooowly start walking as it only gets louder and louder. You prepare your gun,ready your aim,turn around the corner was just a puny shield. You laugh out loud at your own sillyness as it was probably just your brain playing gam-BANG THE LORD EMERGES FROM HIS HOLY SHIELD,AND DEFLAGRATES YOU WITH HIS SOVIET BULLETS LIKE THE PUNY CYKA YOU ARE,AS THE RUSSIAN HARDBASS PLAYS ONLY ADDING TO YOUR DEFEAT,AS HIS SHOTS HIT YOU ONE AFTER THE OTHER,HIS AIM STEADY AND HIS ANGER TRUE. The wrath of a God strikes your mortal flesh and,as you lay down in your blood,wounded...he slowly approaches you and BLAM. His trusted SASG finished you. Everything fades to black,but it's ok...Stalin's mighty Gulag has plenty of room...

  56. I like this idea. The crouching mode would let him use barriers and deployables as cover from certain angles, which I think would do a LOT to keep him from getting shot to pieces while using his gadget. It would make the player think a lot more about the environment, too. That would of course necessitate working on his tripod placement more, but...I mean that is part of the dev's jobs.

  57. To be honest, i also don't think that Tachanka needs to be competative operator. But even as a niche pick he has so many problems, and they've made him worse.

  58. Alternatively, make the dp-28 his primary weapon. It weighs 22lbs when loaded (m249 is 25lbs loaded). Give him a bipod instead of a tripod, that will allow him to place it on cover and use it effectively. Teammates won't be able to use the turret as before, but it is a decent buff that won't break him

  59. I’ve seen so many chanka buffs/reworks come from this subbredit all of them amazing. Yet ubi are like wAt Do wE dO ?

  60. I like the idea but couldn’t this cause for some cheeky turret spots under areas that you can only acces via crouch

  61. Placing the turret at the moment is a pain. It requires a lot of space around itself. If that's not changed, you won't be able to hide with the said turret in a small corner or under the table.

  62. This is brilliant. Upvote for publicity. Great operator that is kind of useless, especially with maestro coming. It would be nice to see a buff

  63. yeah I played Tachanka yesterday and unloaded a full clip into a montague point blank, then he shot me with a pistol. IT was a very comedic moment, but being new to the game I though for sure a mounted LMG would at least do SOME damage to a handheld shield.

  64. Honestly, the best realistic Tachanka buff I’ve seen. This would definitely be a good balance change for him. Maybe give him an ACOG while we are at it though...? Pls Ubi

  65. If I might ask, what would you choose? A mounted LMG with crazy recoil, or a low recoil smg with a 4x scope? Tachanka + ACOG = less turret action. Bad change IMO.

  66. I've said this a billion times, but just make it where the turret actively stops shield operators in their tracks. They can retreat, but they can't move forward.

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