The updated versions of R6 on console have a new background.

  1. it is like this for me aswell and I pre ordered the Game when it first was announced and played beta, and now I lost my obsidain skin and multiple black Ice skins and every skin from dust line

  2. Pretty spot on in my experience, people pick fragger role like an ash, then they hop on drone for some support role player like Thatcher to entry drag, then bitch when they die.

  3. And ever since launch IQ has been holding a 1911 in her portrait. Also for a long time Thatcher was holding a shotgun in his portrait but he didn't actually have access to it in game.

  4. Pulse knew where they’re going to breach, moved aside and didn’t tell anyone else. Classic pulse

  5. There are several things wrong with that image. E.g the Russian holo on smokes shotty and the red dot on Ash's AR. Looks great though Edit: Bandit and IQ have different pistols and Jager looks high.

  6. Also Jäger is doing absolutely nothing for the team, and rook is about to TK him for that.

  7. They should have inverted the black and white to make it look like the attackers are outside. Makes more sense.

  8. So what your telling me is jager is a German nationalist who after his acog being taken away has been forced to commit terrorist attacks all across the globe?

  9. Because Jäger went spawnpeaking before putting his ADS down and now he is doing it pointlessly in the middle of a push so Rook is TKing him for being useless.

  10. I know I saw this the other day and I love it but I prefer the old background, However this one portrays how siege actually is.

  11. that is what real SWAT teams do when they enter a room. Its so they know the person behind them is watching their side flanks/still with them/didn't get shot.

  12. And then there's IQ in the back, being disappointed that her gadget is shit and just having it up to look like she's doing something important :)

  13. It's like overwatch or just about any moba. There is a universe with lore, but in the game, they are against each other just for the sake of the gameplay. Like in the R6 universe, Ash and Pulse (Both members of the FBI) wouldn't be shooting eachother under any normal circumstances.

  14. Blitz is going to flash all 4 people, then get shot by pulse, then the attackers are going to mow down the 4 blinded defenders, on which poit pulse will start shooting and get taken down by the 4 people charging the room.

  15. Ok so pulse puts one in blitz's head, but not before he blinds the defenders except pulse. Smoke puts one in ash's chest but because shotguns suck sometimes and ash has no hitbox she lives and kills smoke. Bandit is obviously hacking or else he wouldn't have been using a pistol so he headshots ash and then trades with thermite. Jaeger is the noob still placing equipment when the other team is rushing and gets one tapped by sledge's shotgun. Rook sprays and prays to kill sledge then is killed by IQ. Lastly, attackers lose because IQ takes too long trying to find pulse with her useless wall hacks and time runs out.

  16. Anyone else notice a very nice holographic sight on smokes shotgun? Can't put my finger on what it is but it looks much better /s

  17. This is my current computer background (minutes the text at the top) and I get so many questions From friends about where I found the sick wallpaper

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