Took this bunny from a family member who had him living outside in cold Midwest winter. No hay for warmth and frozen water. First time rabbit owner, have two resident cats. Took him to the vet and clean bill of health. Any tips would be appreciated.

  1. Unlimited hay, unlimited water (not frozen, WTF), enough space to hop and play, and places to hide - those are the most important first steps.

  2. Hay, veggies/meadow plants, waterbowl, big space with spaces to hide and for the future if possible a fixed partner since they're social animals.

  3. If you live in a place where it gets warm and hot. Always keep two water bottles that are frozen in the fridge and buy a single floor tile. Home Depot might sell single floor tiles if you say you are starting a home renovation project. Marble works best, since it stays cool. This helps your bunny keep cool in warm weather.

  4. 90% hay 8% fresh leaves (usually lettuce, romaine is a good choice) 2% sugary fruits and veg like carrots and banana. Get lots of carboard to tear apart. They can bw litter trained

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