Why is he doing this?

  1. He just bein a goofer? He's slightly overweight and me and my girlfriend have been diet watching, just really hoping he's not too hungry. He's about 11.4 pounds and all we're looking to lose is the 1.4 lbs.

  2. Most bunnies seem to just do things because they can and/or because it amuses them. If the bowl isn’t empty then he’s probably just doing it for fun.

  3. He has an abundance of hay in his litter box and still a good amount in his bowl. He gets fed 1/3 cup of pellets in the morning periodically until 12 and i wake up at 7. Then gets a full plate of veggies at 4-5 and then sometimes a handful of pellets or vegetables again at 8-9 in between all these times he gets new hay refilled in both the litter box and food bowl all while having plenty of chew toys.

  4. Funny, he used to do it to the water dish aswell, we made it bigger and stopped using tap water and switched to giving him the bottle watered we drink, and he hasn't done it since. Other then with the food bowl ofc haha

  5. Mine did too. I had to get the kind that screw into a xpen panel. The. Attach a xpen panel to the wall so they couldn't throw them. The bowls came with inner bowls but they would throw those out, so I just use the main bowl.

  6. Bunnies and containers have been in a long and brutal war for centuries. The conflict has gone on so long that no one remembers why they're fighting anymore. There is only hatred and chaos left.

  7. i switched to big pyrex lasagna pans for water or else its immediately yeeted. not so much a concern for solids, rabbits are browsers so they want to see the food laid out 😀

  8. I’ve always wondered this. I switched to putting my rabbits’ pellets on a plate out of concern and they started throwing the plates lmao. I’ve concluded that it might be a combination of both… wanting to eat the food off the floor and also wanting chaos and destruction.

  9. Its in his way/he doesn't like your placement and is trying to move it. Try it a few more places, he might also just keep flipping it for fun. You can give him plastic baby cups for a better flip.

  10. I noticed that some of our bunnies and fosters flip their bowls because the bottom of the bowl is too slick and the pellets roll around their face while they try to eat it. They typically will eat it off the floor after that because the floor grabs the pellets a little better.

  11. I think all rabbits do thus. All of mine have anyways lol. I had to get a water bowl the kind that clamps to the side of the cage so he can't tip it over. If I didn't I would have a mess of water everywhere everyday

  12. Ours love the stacking cups. Hiding pellets under them and stacking them with pellets hidden. Sometimes we put it between two cups, one inside the other to make it harder. There’s some super cheap ones on just4rabbits. :)

  13. If I annoyed my old bun (came home late, fed him later than normal, tried to cuddle him when he was grumpy, etc) he would look me DEAD IN THE EYE and repeatedly tip over his water bowl 🙃

  14. My bunny does this with his bowl (although much more aggressively) when he doesn't like what we gave him (because he's a spoiled chonk) or it's close to mealtime for him. He also does this when he wants treats. Maybe your bun bun wants treats? That or he's just being a goof

  15. his previous owners would feed him treats all the time for anything. His diet was about 50% pellets 50% hay and they were only feeding him alfalfa hay. I know they fed vegetables but it was basically the exact same thing everyday and it was very colorful- carrots, strawberry the works-

  16. I may actually be doing this haha, a lot of people here are recommending a flatter more textured bowl so my bun can sift through what he wants and get his food better and the bowl im looking at is colorful

  17. Our Rex was doing this until we gave her a plate instead of a bowl. My wife researched it and said it could be to do with whisker fatigue and it seems to have stopped it going on 8ish weeks now.

  18. He's being a little shit :) Buns love to throw things around, try and get him some baby stackable cups and feed him his pellets from them. Entertainment for hours. Also, learn from my mistakes, and never leave your coffee cup on the floor, or a glass of red wine, specially if you have carpet.

  19. Despite being an animal that relies on stealth to avoid predators, bunnies seem to love making noise. Those plastic keys on a ring toys for babies are a bunny favorite.

  20. My rabbit tends to flip his bowl when he is not satisfied with the contents or lack thereof. That means he wants something different or it's possibly just running low.

  21. Adorable ❤️first time seeing bunnies. I had pet bunnies b4. Loved to go collect weeping willow branches good for pain and papaya enzymes tabs for digestion. Enjoy!

  22. I had one who found it uncomfortable to eat from the bowl, so we flipped it upside down so it was flatter and then he was happy

  23. Mine does it when she's hungry 😂 Then when I bring her a bowl of food she trys to starting eating it out of the bowl while I'm still setting it down. Lol. Ieven take longer to set it down just to watch her.

  24. My rabbits do this too. Once the dish gets nearly empty it’s hard for them to get the pellets on the bottom of a flat bottomed dish because of the shape of their mouth. If they can get them pushed into a pile on one side, it’s easier for them to access them.

  25. For fun mostly.. my bunny also moves her empty bowl sometimes because she like to lay down in that place..🤣

  26. Looks like he might be chinning on the bowl a bit to mark his scent? He also might just be playing with it though; my buns love to move their bowls around and mess with them, they've even chipped a couple of them in the process hahaha

  27. because bunnies are assholes. got mine a cute lil watermelon bowl and my one knocked it over and chipped it like it was nothing

  28. Because he is a rabbit and rabbits are arseholes. I have small ceramic lasagna dishes for my terrorists, they are really heavy, like the weight of my buns and no more problems.

  29. My bunny does this because he prefers to eat off the floor lol. Everything taste better from the floor to a bunny. Have you seen those oxbow plastic eggs that you fill with pellets and the bunny can push it around and pellets fall out? It makes eating pellets interactive lol

  30. Our bunnys do something similar with the little ramps that go into their cages. They push them up and drop them back down. My wife thinks they are "hiding" their hay underneath. I wonder if it's an instinct thing. They love to do it at like 4 in the morning bang bang bang.

  31. My bun likes to bang her metal bowl on her pen (also metallic) until I refill her bowl but she always has food available 😅 she’s dramatic

  32. We call this “redecorating” — my bun likes to switch up where his stuff is sometimes. I guess he disapproves of my decor choices!

  33. When I give my baby boy his morning allotment of pellets and tsp of oats, the first thing his does is grab the bowl and sling it around then eat it all off the floor.

  34. Ours will rattle the bars of the corn that goes around where he sleeps, even thought he door is wide open. He’ll one back to the pen just to shake things to express his wish to see the manager.

  35. We have to put our rabbits pellets into a foraging Matt or he knocks them everywhere with his water doing this and makes a mush pile he won’t eat lol

  36. My bunnies love to do this and eat the food off the floor instead. I honestly don’t know why I have bowls for them anyway. 😄 they also love to bang the bowls against each other really loud in the middle of the night. Wakes me up with heart palpitations sometimes, I think it amuses them…

  37. It's foraging behaviour, totally normal for buns. A treat ball with his pellets in can give him exercise, as someone mentioned. Unlimited hay is great! A digging box can be good exercise, too. Rabbit.org is great for bunny info. Aww little cutie 💕

  38. If it is anything it is him protesting his food. He may feel like it is not enough if he was on a pattern before, or just wrong in some way (flavor maybe).

  39. Now that I’m seeing this…anyone know where I can get a super heavy ceramic crock/bowl that my 4lb mini Rex won’t throw? It’s his favorite tantrum to have but he spills so much water

  40. They do that, rabbits are natural foragers so they just do it while feeding, nothing to be worried about. Mine will literally grab and tip her food bowl over so it spills everything out and then eat

  41. My bunny does this with his pellets, which are the only food he gets in a dish. He’ll eat some of the pellets out of the dish, then he scatters the rest before eating them. I pretty much only use the dish for my convenience to scoop out and carry his pellets.

  42. This morning my rabbits delivered their food plate to me under the door to the bunny room - I slept in by 10 minutes 😹🙀

  43. Lol I thought my bunny is only one doing it xD my bunny likes to eat the things from ground so she always tips the bowl with head or paws. By seeing all those comment they all do lol

  44. I saw you pretty much got your answer, buns gonna bun, and also that he's on a diet. I've never had to do so, but it seems to me that a wobble teaser would possibly be a good way to make pellets quite interactive and make him work just a bit for them. He's a big boy so he won't have any trouble throwing it around.

  45. Mine does that with her pellets. I always just thought she wanted to move the pellets to the other side of the bowl 🤣🤣🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  46. In my experience, my bunny didn’t like his bowl and found it easier to get to the “good parts” of his food if it was all over the hay. He may not like the bowl.

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