Mabel enjoying her sedatives (and mom's company)

  1. This adorable imp is Mabel. I'm very sad because she was just diagnosed with end stage cancer and has just a few weeks to live. I'm processing this news so I don't have a very specific question -- the coming days will be a lot of cleaning up after her since she's not very mobile and can't get into position to pee or poop easily -- but thought I'd reach out for advice and moral support. I'm going to try to spend as much time with her on my lap as possible, so I'll be rotating old towels out constantly (I may resort to puppy pads if I have to but I try to avoid disposable plastic -- I just use old white towels that I can bleach.)

  2. You're doing a great job to keep her content, she looks very content in the picture. Has her veggies and her Momma. I am so sorry that that's the news you've gotten. I'm sure she's very happy to have you with her.

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