Mint taking his medication like a champ!

  1. Oh I feel you, Mint here had to take the same meds he’s taking in the video after he was neutered 4 years ago but back then he was soooo dramatic about it 😂

  2. Mint suddenly got conjunctivitis due to a blocked tear duct so we took him to the vet and he’s been prescribed eye drops and some pain meds which he is munching on in the video (personally i think the pain meds smell awful but he seems to like it)

  3. Are the meds flavored? When one of mine had to take meds for a bit they gave us banana marshmallow flavor. She looooved it whenever I went to give her the meds before school she ran to me and climbed all over me. She would try to take the syringe and run. You would think it was some kind of bunny crack the way she was acting haha.

  4. What a cute bunny! The spots are in the best places to showcase his cute little face. I'm dying of cuteness 😍

  5. Am I the only one who has to wrestle the bunny to get the medicines inside of him? My Guinea pig needs daily painkillers for his arthritis, and this household is the MMA on the daily

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