Flooded RV

  1. Get a dehumidifier. I got a 50 gallon one and it’s the best investment ever. Turn it on inside the rv while the air is circulating. Empty every time it’s full. Run it for a few days. It will suck all the moisture out and prevent algae and mold growth. Try opening the cabinets closest to where the faucet was, just in case. Make sure all the windows, doors and air vents are shut. Hope this helps.

  2. Sorry this happened to you. This is part of the reason I'm an advocate for using your freshwater tank and water pump vs. A city water supply. Your freshwater tank will eventually run out while the city water keeps going until someone turns it off. In most cases the grey tank will accommodate most of the freshwater tank before spilling over

  3. How lame. I ‘fixed’ some plumbing recently. Should’ve done it right. (Pro tip, use pex and shark bites.) Anyhow it failed and blew water into my rv for hours? 3 days later, the house had not stopped dripping. We live in a very windy and dry, high altitude area. I took off the plastic skirting underneath and cut open the insulation retention layer of thin plastic. Water literally poured out of tue insulation. It was trapped within the insulation, above the plastic, below the floorboards. I removed and replaced all of it, but otherwise it would’ve never dried out because there was no airflow. Which is my caution to you. If the insulation gets wet, it needs to be removed and replaced or you could find yourself with rot.

  4. Good point, could always drill a couple small holes and press up to see if water comes out, if it doesn't just apply a small piece of eternabond tape.

  5. If this unit has batteries under the steps or near the door immediately turn it off, d disconnect the batteries, and get everything dried and checked out carefully. Anything wet will essentially self destruct if electric is applied while wet.

  6. The only place I would be concerned about is batteries and/or a power center located at floor level or below. Turn those off until dried out.

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