Heartbroken to learn that the sweetheart Cherry Valentine has passed away 💔

  1. Oh god, what awful news 💔 I really enjoyed their programme about being LGBTQ in the travelling community, it was so insightful. Thinking of their family and friends, so devastating.

  2. Never else had I ever seen traveller representation in the LGBT community, let alone through the form of drag. Cherry was such a wonderful human being and I am so grateful to have been around at the same time as her to receive the inspiration and love she put out to so many people. RIP Cherry. Absolutely heartbroken right now

  3. What absolutely awful news. When I saw the season 2 tour Cherry's performance was easily one of mine and my friends favourites and our expectations were completely blown out of the water.

  4. I took my sister to see her at rpdruk live (sister is a born again Christian who never 'understood' drag, so it was a big bonding experience for her to let me take her to the show.) We were seeing her in Aberdeen in Scotland but we're originally from the same area as Cherry and have a very obvious accent. When she did her piece and finished everyone was being quite quiet in their cheering and me and my sister stood up from the nosebleed seats and screamed 'G'WAN CHERRY LASS, LEGEND' in our distinctly northern accents and I swear to god the smile on her face lit up the room. Hers was the performance that night that my sister was talking about for days and she even started following her socials. She was and will continue to be a pioneer and I hope her family and friends can take solace in how many peoples lives she touched.

  5. Not at all what I was expecting to hear this early in the morning. Fucks sake man what is going on this world. Thank you for bringing representation to LGBT+ travellers around the UK and just being such an inspiration and icon even though you lived under such repression for such a long time. Rest in peace you young angel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. What in the actual fuck? Gone way too soon. Love and light to their family and loved ones.Heaven gets another drag race superstar and amazing person. I know Chi Chi and Sahara will be there with open arms for them.

  7. Absolutely heartbreaking. She was such a beacon of light and brought so much love and fun to everything she did. I can't imagine how many young Irish travellers/romani she inspired, it really can't be undercut how important she was to young queers in those communities. I hope she knew how loved she was.

  8. This is awful. Look, I don't know what happened but I'll say this. In the Irish Traveller, Scottish Gypsy Traveller and Romany Gypsy communities, in the UK, there is an epidemic. Life expectancy is super low and many barriers exist for community members. Please be respectful of our communities and cultures. RIP Cherry

  9. Said similar elsewhere. What is happening to these already repressed communities these days. World is making me fell really ill. Cherry’s passing has really hit close to me and has really affected me. She was really one of the first to show me it’s ok to be gay and be loved by people who typically don’t ‘believe’ in being gay. Really made me feel better about myself as part of such a repressive community.

  10. I’m so sorry to be so blunt about this, but I’d really like to understand this comment better. Is this referring to drugs or suicide?

  11. I smiled seeing the picture of her on the BBC news app and then I read the headline... just awful news. So sad for all Cherry's family and friends and for fans of drag who will miss seeing such a talent perform 🍒💘

  12. I did a similar thing, saw her photo on Lawrence Chaney’s story and thought about how beautiful and talented she is only to then notice the 💔emoji and my heart sank

  13. The gigs she did, even if she wasn't the headliner and it was just her production company were absolutely brilliant, an exceptionally talented queen on the runway, off the runway as a producer of shows and just seemed like an all round lovely person who liked to help other people, 28 is way too young, just shocking news.

  14. What a horrible shame. A genuine sweetheart - continued as a mental health nurse all the way through the pandemic as well as competing in one of the biggest reality shows in the world? Talent. RIP

  15. She was so talented and had way more to show to the world, she died way too soon, I really hope her family and anyone else who's close to her is doing the best they can right now

  16. I am literally heartbroken... I loved Cherry sooo much :((( wanted to see her on AS... Going to miss Cherry for ever

  17. Raise a glass for this lovely soul. I can’t imagine her life was very easy at first as a Gypsy in the UK. Sad that she didn’t get an All-Stars run because she leveled up immensely after Season 2.

  18. Crying right now and I don't remember ever crying over a celebrity death. Cherry was such a beautiful soul and this is a huge loss for so many communities.

  19. Fuck. Such a positive beacon of light, with so much ahead of them/her. Rest in peace Cherry, and thanks for everything you taught us with your story and boundless empathy.

  20. I'm heartbroken. She was an amazing queen in her own right, as well as such a great representative for queer people in the traveler community. And like so many others, the work she did during covid was truly life saving.

  21. She was so talented. Her set during the Series 2 Tour was amazing and I was gutted we didn't get to see more of her in the show. RIP Cherry 🍒 ❤️

  22. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I'm watching his documentary on iPlayer now and it really drives home how difficult it was for him to be himself.

  23. That's such sad news, Cherry was such an inspirational and lovely person. My condolences to their family and close friends.

  24. I heard about this news a few days ago but today as I watched the latest episode of RPDR UK they put message at the end commemorating Cherry and I choked up again when I saw she was born in 1993. So young. Gone too soon.

  25. I’m in shock…I don’t even know what to say. I didn’t know Cherry and sadly, now I never will. However I still feel like a lost a friend regardless.

  26. Just learning of this now, this is so heartbreaking. I live in the north east of England and really wanted to meet Cherry some day. She was very special and definitely gone too soon

  27. I know you're interested and it's coming from a good place, but trust me when I say you don't need this information any more than the family need to peace of not having to disclose this. The family themselves may not even know yet.

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