Daily Cop Appreciation Thread #1: Brittany Angel

  1. Shame there wouldn't be an actual appreciation thread any other day. You can say loosen up, it's a joke, whatever. But that kinda speaks for itself in my eyes. Kinda tasteless IMO.

  2. Yeah on one hand it makes some sense because she (undeservadely) gets way too much hate on this sub because people don't know how Cops work. So a post mocking the undeserved hate does make sense. Although, to be fair, every single streamer gets way too much hate on this sub lmao.

  3. Let me be clear here. I don't think there was any ill will with this post. I think the way I see it will still stand tho. Might be one of those Yanni Lauren things. People see it one way or another.

  4. Imagine getting an appreciation thread only to find out it was an April fool's joke............. if you see this Kylie keep up the awesome RP your characters are the best

  5. Can’t tell if troll or not but knowing Kylie she will probably read this on stream laughing.

  6. I do not CARE what date this was posted. No Pixel PD deserves some appreciation, they are key to serve's RP and fun. One of the best on the force Sergeant Brittany Angel. She is a cop that put in 100% no matter what! FTO officers, Sergeant Duties, Consulting fellow officers, PD Mom and Much more. When High Command ask to do something, she does with pride. She dedicated to her job and Her fellow officers. When she gets on the morale of the Force goes up and you can feel it. Snow, Cooper, Tribble, and Angel are the cops that other officers look up to.

  7. This was clearly written by Weazel News reporter in the aftermath of her defamation lawsuit against the Los Santos Herald. Pretty sneaky, KP sis!

  8. All the people in here saying that why cant this be done when it's not April fools, ya'll all have the ability to post in this sub reddit if you want a post that bad make one lmao

  9. Conan Clarkson is the epitome of what it means to be a park ranger. No other officer compares to him. Brittany Angel, AJ Hunter, Stephen McClane and Sam Baas aren't even close to him. His work has not gone unnoticed and us on the mod team want to post an appreciation thread for all the good he's done for the PD.

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